Star wars episode 7 darth vader

Take a momente to breathe, together you"re probably as psyched as we room that stern Wars: die Force Awakens has actually released it"s final, fabulous trailer into our love arms. It was all punkt once a buchstabe window right into the neu film"s plot, and a sweetheart trove of information zum those hungry zum knowledge. Most des all, it ultimately gave united state our greatest clue into exactly how Darth Vader will factor into ns plot.

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During the events von the trailer, we seen Kylo Ren on ns bridge des what"s, presumably, Starkiller base – if not, one of the neu Star Destroyers the are currently docked there. Sure enough, we"re allowed to feast our eyes once much more on the melted helmet von Darth Vader, snatched indigenous his funeral pyre. Together we gaze upon this symbol, Kylo has the following dialogue:

Nothing wollen stand in our way. I will end up what sie started.

From the sounds von it, Kylo Ren zu sein the ultimate Darth Vader fanboy that die rumors have been painting ihm to be, und judging von the fact that Starkiller base exists, we"re going zu assume that he"s notfall the only one. Bei fact, the formation of The zuerst Order is probably centered about Vader as a sort of deity/legendary figure zu those who follow it. Keep bei mind, ns history von Return von The Jedi zu sein now 30 years past, und Han Solo spoke von the fight betwee the Dark Side und the Light as if Rey believed they to be mere rumor. 3 decades zu sein enough zum the remnants of the Galactic realm to maßband together und start plan a 2nd wave von attack versus all who oppose them.

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Of course, there"s one thing that bugs us nur a wenig bit about Kylo Ren, und that"s the fact that we don"t know who the is. We understand he"s notfall a Sith, and we recognize that Kylo Ren isn"t even his echt name. So who exactly zu sein he? ns biggest theory deshalb far ist that he"s Han Solo"s son, and will be responsible zum killing his would-be father once and for all. Des course, given that Luke Skywalker hasn"t appeared an any trailers zum Star Wars: ns Force Awakens - or, at least he hasn"t zeigen his face in any, we"re wondering if the isolation after the events des the original Trilogy have him turning to a darker fate 보다 we would think. One of two people way, a misguided relation to die Skywalker household may oase picked hoch on family traditions that should have stayed buried.

All these theories room valid till proven false, but ns one thing we carry out know zum certain zu sein that Darth Vader"s history with ns Galactic Empire zu sein coming zurück to haunt die galaxy. This time, it"s going zu take a lot more than a princess, a farm boy, und a scoundrel zu save ns day; and while that may have redeemed himself in his death, the followers des the erste Order are beleuchten bent ~ above following bei Vader"s footsteps des conquest.

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