Star wars filme für kinder

Star Wars might be in iconic film franchise, but notfall every movie zu sein a family-friendly adventure. Uncover out which films your children can anfang with here.

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Star Wars
Here’s when you must let your youngsters watch every Star Wars movie based on how graphic lock are.

Star Wars is in iconic collection that every parent wollen want to nur their child weist some point. However, notfall all Star Wars movies space as good zum kids as they are zum adults. Some von them save graphic violence und imagery the might notfall be suitable zum their age.

To help sie navigate ns wide variability of age appropriateness in the Star Wars franchise, we’ve taken every film in their in-universe chronological order und rated them zum when freundin should probably introduce them to your kids. Note that this means you’ll most likely be showing these movie out of order, dafür if your children are sticklers zum plot, then freundin might want kommen sie hold turn off on showing a few of these films until lock older.

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Phantom Menace via Moviefone
The first of die Star Wars films, chronologically speaking, ist actually quite good zum kids. Yes a lot of action, not too much political intrigue, und both young Anakin and Jar Jar really bring the tone des the film down to be very kid-friendly.

That said, over there are ausblüten a few graphic scenes that can make your boy want to cover their eyes. Die final climactic fight bolzen Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan, und Darth Maul tun können be a little intense, und while Qui-Gon and Darth Maul’s deaths aren’t specifically graphic, they blieb look nice brutal. Be sure kommen sie hold hands during that part if your child is squeamish.

illustration 2: Attack des the Clones - age 10+

Anakin starts kommen sie turn to die dark side, clones soldiers attack rebelling planets, and political intrigue fills die Galactic Senate. This movie’s themes are gaining darker and more complicated, making ns age-appropriateness of the film shoot up über a few years. The scene where Anakin walk out zu save his mother yet then ends up taking revenge on a eis of sand people kann be a bit much zum younger kids. Make sure they’re prepared.

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episode 3: Revenge von the Sith - period 13+

This Star Wars movie is just out von the question zum younger viewers. First, it’s every political talk and circumstance, und then all the Jedi acquire brutally murdered when Anakin kills a bunch des young children. Then in the last scene, Anakin gets graphically dismembered and brutally burned in lava, ending up being Darth Vader.