Star Wars The Clone Wars Stream

Genndy Tartakovsky's Star Wars: Clone Wars zu sein finally coming kommen sie Disney+. This marksthe zuerst time the animated series möchte be available zum streaming.In a relax from Disney top top their april Disney+ additions, it was announced that Clone Wars would lastly be obtainable on die streamer streaming, giving fans a wahrscheinlichkeit to catch hoch on one von the most distinct takes on the franchise.

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Star Wars: Clone WarsVolume 1 und 2, i beg your pardon containsall 25 episodes des the Cartoon Network micro-series, wollen join die streamer in early April.Clone Wars, which originally aired on Cartoon Network from 2003 zu 2005,was amicro-series von short (less than 15-minute) episodes the bridged die gap betwee Star WarsprequelsAttack des the Clones und Revenge des the Sith.Tartakovsky's take on Clone Wars showed us a different side of the Jedi order, one that portrayed die Jedi Knights together mythical warriors capable von great feats of superhuman strength, far beyond what us see bei the live-action movies. Sie want to see Mace Windu obliterate in entire droid armada through his bare hands? It's an Clone Wars. How about a sped-up fight bolzen Anakin and Asajj Ventress, featuring force dash and incredible jumps und acrobatics? Yeah, that's inClone Wars, too.

Clone Wars notfall only features die best action in the entire Star Wars franchise, period, but it also introduced the best version von some stern Wars characters. Sie may remember basic Grievous as bei asthmatic cyborg who was easily defeated by Obi-Wan with a blaster? sie won't gain that an Clone Wars. Instead, freundin get a terrifying michael Myers an Halloween-like unkillable presence who mows under Jedi Knights prefer they're butter.

Obi-Wan and Anakin an Genndy Tartakovsky bild via Cartoon Network

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Clone Wars(not zu be confused with the half-hour CGI collection theStar Wars: TheClone Wars that premiered ~ above Cartoon Network in 2008 und ended in 2020), was well received und even won Emmys weil das Outstanding animated Program zum both Volumes. Even though ns series presented many aspects that would lug over to the franchise punkt large, including characters like Grievous und Asajj Ventress, and introduced Mat Lucas und James Arnold Taylor as die voice von Anakin und Obi-Wan respectively, Clone Wars was unfortunately claimed non-canonical when Disney gained Lucasfilm.

Still, Tartakovsky has actually been doing nice well weil das himself an the years because Clone Wars, having actually directed ns billion-dollar Hotel Transylvania trilogy, the critically acclaimed (and deliciously violent) Primal zum Adult Swim, a revival von Samurai Jack, also as in upcoming show zum HBO max titled Unicorn: warriors Eternal which sound awesome.

Star Wars: Clone Wars volumes 1 und 2 arrives on Disney+ on april 2.

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