Start button windows 10 geht nicht mehr

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Start failures tun können be organized right into these categories:

Deployment/Install issues - Easiest zu identify but difficult kommen sie recover. This failure is consistent und usually permanent. Reset, gain back from backup, or rollback to recover.Performance issues - an ext common v older hardware, low-powered machines. Symptom include: High CPU utilization, disc contention, storage resources. This makes anfang very slow to respond. Behavior zu sein intermittent depending on easily accessible resources.Hangs - in Shell Experience organize or related. This are the hardest issues to identify as there are few events logged, however behavior zu sein typically intermittent or recovers with a reboot. If a background application or leistungen hangs, start will not oase resources kommen sie respond an time. Clean boot may assist identify if die issue is related kommen sie additional software. Procmon is so useful in this scenario.Other issues - Customization, domain policies, deployment issues.

Basic troubleshooting

When troubleshooting basic start issues (and for the most part, every other windows apps), there space a few dinge to check if castle are notfall working together expected. For issues whereby the start menu or subcomponent isn"t working, you kann do some quick prüfung to narrow under where the issue might reside.

Check die OS and update version

Is the system running ns latest Feature und Cumulative Monthly update?Did die issue anfang immediately after in update? Ways kommen sie check:PowerShell:::OSVersion.VersionWinVer native CMD.exe

Check if start is installed

If anfang fails automatically after a feature update, on thing to check ist if the app package failed zu install successfully.

If start was working und just stops working intermittently, it"s likely that start is set up correctly, but the issue occurs downstream. Ns way to check weil das this problem is kommen sie look zum output native these 2 PS commands:

get-AppXPackage -Name

get-AppXPackage -Name


Failure messages möchte appear if castle aren"t installed

If anfang is not installed, then die fastest resolution ist to revert to a known good configuration. This tun können be rolling back the update, resetting the PC zu defaults (where there ist a choice zu save kommen sie delete user data), or restoring native backup. No method is supported kommen sie install anfang Appx files. Ns results are regularly problematic und unreliable.

Check if anfang is running

If one of two people component is failing to start on boot, reviewing die event logs zum errors or crashes during boot may pen point ns problem. Booting v MSCONFIG and using a selective or diagnostic startup möglichkeit will get rid of and/or identify possible interference from added applications.

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get-process -name shellexperiencehostget-process -name searchui

If it zu sein installed but notfall running, prüfen booting into safe mode or use MSCONFIG to eliminate third-party or additional drivers und applications.

Check whether the system a clean download or upgrade

Is this system in upgrade or clean install?Run test-path "$env:windirpanthermiglog.xml"If that record does not exist, ns system zu sein a clean install.Upgrade issues can be found über running test-path "$env:windirpanthermiglog.xml"

Check if anfang is registered or activated

Export die following event log kommen sie CSV und do a keyword search bei a text redaktion or zum or"Package was not found""Invalid value for registry""Element not found""Package could not be registered"

If these events are found, anfang is not activated correctly. Each occasion will schutz more detail an the description and should it is in investigated further. Event messages kann vary.

Other jene to consider

When walk the belästigt start?

Top worries for start menu failure room triggeredAfter in updateAfter montage of in applicationAfter involvement a domain or using a domain policyMany des those concerns are found zu bePermission changes on Registry secrets or foldersStart or connected component crashes or hangsCustomization failure

To narrow under the belästigung further, it"s good to note:

What ist the install background?

Was this a deployment, download from media, otherUsing customizations?DISMGroup plan or MDMcopyprofileSysprepOther


Group policy settings that restrict access or permissions kommen sie folders or registry keys can cause problems with anfang performance.Some gruppe Policies to plan for fenstern 7 or older oase been known kommen sie cause concerns with StartUntested anfang Menu customizations tun können cause unanticipated behavior über typically not complete anfang failures.

Is die environment virtualized?


Check event logs that record anfang Issues:

System occasion log

Application event log******

Check weil das crashes that may be connected to anfang (explorer.exe, taskbar, und so on)

Application log occasion 1000, 1001Check deren reportsC:ProgramDatastopcat.orgWindowsWERReportArchiveC:ProgramDataMicrtWindowsosofWERReportQueue

If there ist a component of start that zu sein consistently crashing, capture a recording that kann sein be reviewed by Support.

Common errors and mitigation

The following list provides die info about common errors sie might run into with start Menu, as well as steps kommen sie help sie mitigate them.

Symptom: start Menu doesn"t answer on fenster 2012 R2, fenstern 10, or windows 2016

Cause: Background jobs Infrastructure service (BrokerInfrastructure) service ist not started.

Resolution: Ensure the Background Tasks framework Service zu sein set to automatic startup an Services MMC.

If Background work Infrastructure leistungen fails zu start, verify the the stärke Dependency Coordinator driver (PDC) driver and registry vital are not disabled or deleted. If either are missing, restore from backup or the montage media.

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To verify ns PDC Service, operation C:>sc questions pdc in a command prompt. The results wollen be similar to die following:

The PDC leistungen uses pdc.sys located in the %WinDir%system32drivers.

The PDC registry key is:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicespdcDescription="