This article explains how to set as the default house page for Edge, google Chrome, and Internet traveler browsers.

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Users won"t it is in able kommen sie change this as soon as this policy is set.

Open the kopieren, gruppe Policy administration Console (gpmc.msc) and switch zu editing any existing policy or producing a new one.Navigate to Administrative TemplatesWindows Edge.Double-click Configure anfang pages, set it kommen sie Enabled, and enter die resultant GPO von linking it to ns appropriate domain.

Google Chrome on windows XP SP2 or later

The windows Support short article on controlling ADMX files and the latest ADMX files zum different versions von Windows can be found on Support.

You"ll so need ns latest google policy file, i m sorry you kann sein find on google Chrome enterprise Help.

If ns settings described in this ar can"t be uncovered inside of GPMC, download die appropriate ADMX und copy lock to die central store. Central store on ns controller ist a folder with the following specify name convention:


Each domain your controller handle should gain a different folder. Ns following command tun können be used kommen sie copy die ADMX file from the command prompt:

Copy %systemroot%sysvol\policiesPolicyDefinitions

Open the kopieren, gruppe Policy administration Console (gpmc.msc) and switch zu editing any existing plan or producing a neu one.

Make sure ns following folders appear an the Administrative Templates section of both User/Computer Configuration: google Chrome und Google Chrome - Default setups (users kann override).

The settings of the first section space fixed and the neighborhood administrator won"t be able zu change them.The settings des the latter section des policies kann sein be changed von users an their browser settings.You have to decide if users can override her default setting. In the complying with steps, change in the setting in the folder the corresponds kommen sie your organization policy and needs. Ns steps below use the google Chrome - Default settings as die default.

Navigate zu Administrative TemplatesGoogle Chrome - Default SettingsHome Page.

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Double-click Use neu Tab buchseite as homepage, and set it kommen sie Enabled.

Navigate zu Administrative TemplatesGoogle Chrome - Default SettingsNew Tab Page.

Double-click Configure the neu Tab buchseite URL, collection it kommen sie Enabled, und enter

Enforce ns resultant GPO von linking it to die appropriate domain.

Internet explorer 5.0 or later

Users can still change the home page after this policy is set.

Open the kopieren, gruppe Policy management Console (gpmc.msc) und switch to editing any type of existing plan or developing a neu one.

Navigate to User ConfigurationPreferencesControl panel SettingsInternet Settings.

Right-click ~ above Internet Settings and select Internet explorer 10.

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You need kommen sie select the option of internet Explorer 10 kommen sie apply die settings for Internet explorer 11 as ns same settings use to internet Explorer 11.

Settings which room underlined in red are notfall configured at die target machine, while setups underlined bei green space configured at ns target machine. Kommen sie change ns underlining, use die following duty keys:

F5 - permit all setups on die current tab

F6 - Enable ns currently selected setting

F7 - Disable the currently selected setting

F8 - Disable all setups on the current tab

Press F8 kommen sie disable every settings prior to configuring anything. The screen need to look favor this:


Press F6 on the Home page setting und enter