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"My Man is a average Man" zu sein a song von Swiss recording artist Stefanie Heinzmann, die winner des the TV gesamt television vain SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD. It was written by Tommy Tysper, marcus Sepehrmanesh, and Pauline Olofsson, while production was helmed von the former together with Gustav "Grizzly" Jonsson. Heinzmann"s recording was picked as her coronation song und debut single. Top top its release, it debuted punkt number-one on die Swiss Singles Chart and became a oberteil ten hit in Austria and Germany. The song was danach included on her debut album, Masterplan (2008).more »

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Na, na, na-naNa, na, na-naI swear zu tell the truthAnd nothing but die truthLoving him ain"t easyHe"s bad, bad news, yeahMama say, "Use your head, freundin don"t need himLook hinweisen all die shit that put sie through"Papa curse, "Baby girl, if you don"t leaving himThere"s nothing I tun können do for youThere"s nothing I can do"He"s a average man, yet it"s my einer (my man)My einer aloneHe"s a mean, mean oneA son des a gunHe keeps me über the telephoneHe"s a mean man (mean man)My einer (my man)My man aloneNa, na, na-na (he"s my man)Na, na, na-na (my typical man)Na, na, na-naHe mögen to mess aroundHe"s always in the messLikes to have a drink or twoBefore the downs ns rest, yeahKnock, knock, sechs o"clock an the morningBaby, I"ve been missing youHe comes and goes without a warningDoing what that do, mh-hmDoing what the doHe"s a average man, however it"s my man (my man)My einer aloneHe"s a mean, mean oneA son von a gunAnd keeps me von the telephoneHe"s a mean einer (mean man)My einer (my man)My einer alone, yeahNa, na, na-na (he"s my man)Na, na, na-na (my typical man)He lies und he cheatsHe loves and he leavesThat"s nur the means it goesBut ich do what ich canI stand by my mani think he loves meI think he to know (na, na, na-na)And i think he knows (na, na, na-na), woo-hoo-hoo, yeahHe"s a median man, yet it"s my man (my man)My einer alone (and he knows that)He"s a mean, average oneA son von a gunAnd keeps me von the telephoneHe"s a mean man (mean man)My man (my man)My man aloneHe"s a average man, my manMy man, my einer alone, yeahNa, na, na-naNa, na, na-na

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Stefanie Heinzmann Stefanie Fabienne Heinzmann (born 10 in march 1989) is a Swiss soul and pop singer. She obtained public interest in early 2008 when she winner SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD, a talent dispute hosted an Stefan Raab"s late-night-show TV total on ns German ProSieben network. More »

Written by: Pauline Kamusewu Olofsson, Gustav Jonsson, Tommy Tysper, marcus Sepehrmanesh