Steffi Graf Und Andre Agassi Neuigkeiten

Love Stories: Andre Agassi considers Steffi Graf his hardest-fought 'win'By Kahla Preston| 6 month ago

In 1992, Andre Agassi go shopping for a tuxedo in anticipation of his first dance with Steffi Graf.

Du schaust: Steffi graf und andre agassi neuigkeiten

'Now, ich can't wait zu twirl produziert across a sprung floor, never mind that ich don't know how to dance...' die American athlete recalls reasoning at the time.

Despite how it sounds, die two tennis champion weren't preparing zum their wedding — the wouldn't happen zum another ripe years.

Instead, Agassi was gearing up zum the Wimbledon Ball, in event traditionally organized at the close von the reputation English tournament.

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Steffi Graf und Andre Agassi met ~ their respective victories hinweisen Wimbledon 1992. (PA bildern via getty Images)

When the went fit shopping on die eve von the men's final, accompanied von his then-partner, he was determined kommen sie win — und not only kommen sie secure his zuerst Grand Slam singles title.

In his auto-biography Open, Agassi recalls he was "dying" to attend ns ball, knowing the male and female winners traditionally danced together.

That year, ns women's champion was Stefani Graf. He'd had a like on die German athlete, currently a grand Slam winner, since he saw her doing in interview on French television.

"I was thunderstruck, dazzled über her understated grace, produziert effortless beauty, beauty ... Ich tried kommen sie get a post to herstellung after <1991's> French Open, but she didn't respond," the writes.

Agassi was "dazzled" by Graf, recalling the tried to contact her after die 1991 French Open. (The Age)

After defeating Goran Ivanišević ns next day, Agassi come at die ball, giddy weil das his revolve about the dancefloor through Graf. He was promptly informed the champion's dance had to be cancelled for the erste time, together players had taken issue with it an previous years.

"I functioned them ja wirklich hard zu cancel it," Graf joked during in interview v BBC's Inside Sports. "I've never learned how to dance the proper way ... I wasn't feather forward kommen sie it bei that sense."

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Agassi was disappointed, however he und Graf to be formally presented at ns event, posing weil das photos with their trophies an their tuxedo und white dress.

"I say, 'I'd really love to speak with sie some time'. She doesn't respond. She merely smiles, an enigmatic smile, und I can't phone call if she's glücklich about what I've nur said, or nervous," Agassi recalls an his book.

Tuxedo, white dress... But no, it wasn't a wedding. (PA images via getty Images)

It would be numerous years before die two champion struck nach oben a romance.

Graf was in a relationship with racing treiber Michael Bartels from 1992 kommen sie 1999, when Agassi began dating actress Brooke Shields in 1993.

In a curious coincidence, Shields stuck a photo of Graf to her fridge front of her wedding zu Agassi bei 1997, motivated by the sight von the athlete's "perfect" legs.

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The pair reconnected in 1999, not long after Agassi und Shields finished their marriage.

Agassi was married kommen sie actress Brooke Shields native 1997 zu 1999. (WireImage)

At his request, Agassi's coach coordinated with Graf's coach zu line trost a practice session zum the pair during ns Key Biscayne tournament in Florida.

"I was talking kommen sie my coach und … it's like, 'Why does he want kommen sie practice through me?' He's like, 'What do you think?'" Graf recalls kommen sie ABC News.

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From there, an enamoured Agassi began "plotting" to win Graf over, sending huge bouquets von roses and even practicing a conversation with his trainer before calling zu ask produziert out. However, Graf was ausblüten with Bartels and Agassi's divorce from Shields hadn't however been made public.

It was the French Open and Wimbledon months letztere that would ultimately carry them together.

Agassi pictured at ns men's final des Wimbledon 1999. (Bongarts/Getty Images)

While flying to London bolzen the two tournaments, Agassi fashioned an airline menu into a birthday card weil das Graf. ~ he presented it to her she called him, und Agassi recalls make one belastung attempt at courting:

"So ich need zu tell you, ich just need kommen sie say prior to we go any further, that i think sie are beautiful. Ich respect you, ich admire you, and I would certainly absolutely liebe to get kommen sie know sie better. That's my goal. That's my only agenda."

That started spending time through each various other throughout that summer, und as Graf recalls zu Inside Sports, "It went really quick from there."

She ended produziert relationship with Bartels, then announced her retirement indigenous tennis; Wimbledon had actually been the last win of herstellung career.

Graf and Agassi's relationship ended up being public knowledge bei September 1999. (WireImage)

In September, quickly after their partnership hit ns headlines, Graf moved right into Agassi's lesen Vegas home.

The couple married in the courtyard von the property in October 22, 2001, "barefoot und wearing jeans" in front of a judge through their mother their just witnesses.

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Agassi told Forbes India Graf agreeing kommen sie marry ihm was the 'highest point' of his life, adding, "She was ns hardest kommen sie win… wie man Steffi Graf says yes, it's together close zu arriving."

Four days after trading vows, ns duo opened one more chapter von their life together, welcoming a son called Jaden. Bei 2003, they invited a daughter, Jaz.

"She was die hardest zu win… wie man Steffi Graf claims yes, it's as close to arriving." (Gamma-Rapho via getty Images)

Three year later, Agassi brought ns curtain down on his own tennis career, retiring after die 2006 us Open.

In die years since, he and Graf have dedicated themselves to nonprofit work through their particular foundations, deshalb playing die occasional exhibition match und charity tournament. They've so embarked on unternehmen ventures.

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They otherwise direkt a fairly quiet, privatgelände life; Agassi describes the experience of raising Jaden und Jaz together "our greatest joy und our best worry in many ways".

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This year, tennis' ultimate energie couple will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.