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Over the last decade und a half, Kevin James und his wife, Steffiana außerdem la Cruz, schutz shown the world true love blieb exists. Die King des Queens actor und his longtime spouse schutz enjoyed plenty of incredible moments together, and when fans are lucky, kevin even shares a photo or two von their adventures.

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“Enjoying life with my better half … be good y’all,” die Paul Blart: shopping mall Cop gushed together a photo of the couple durch Instagram bei July 2019. Kevin, who was sporting a long beard at die time, boasted a big smile when Steffiana posed an the back.


In addition to their adorable society media snapshots, Kevin und the Zookeeper actress have deshalb attended numerous A-list events together throughout the years. An October 2012, the hollywood star und his lover looked better than ever at die premiere of Here Comes die Boom. 2 years earlier, they rocked ns red carpet at the Iron man 2 premiere an April 2010.

Kevin und Steffiana oase been going strong since die early 2000s. Ns lovebirds first met through the Emmy nominee’s then-interior designer, who set them hoch on a eine remote date in 2001. Kevin und the brunette beauty, beauty had an instant connection, and by 2003, they to be engaged.


The Grown Ups alum and Steffiana wed one year later an June 2004, exchanging vows during a romantic wedding ceremony in Dana Point, California. According to reports, ns two to be surrounded von a large number von friends and family wie they claimed “I do.”

Considering Kevin and the Stealing Harvard actress completely hit the off, the no surprise they no wait lang to start a family. The twosome’s erste child, Sienna-Marie, arrived bei September 2005, followed von their 2nd daughter, Shea, bei June 2007, und son Kannon an April 2001. Castle completed your family wie daughter Sistine arrived bei January 2015.


Though kevin has accomplished a gewächs as an entertainer, including his long-running starring function on The king of Queens, his work as a comedian and his gigs together a TV producer, naught compares to ns happiness the feels wie man he’s surrounded von Steffiana und his kids.

“I nur love gift a dad und spending time v my wife und ,” die sitcom legend when gushed kommen sie People. “It’s incredible.”

Scroll through die gallery below to see Kevin and Steffiana’s cutest picture through ns years!


February 2021

“Had bei amazing time holding purses and watching ns stroller due to the fact that I’m very afraid of deshalb many rides,” kevin jokingly captioned a pic von him, Steffiana, their kids and other family members members during a visit to Disney in February 2021.

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November 2016

The happy pair looked so bei love at die premiere von True Memoirs of an International Assassin an November 2016.

July 2011

The previous Kevin kann sein Wait star supported his leading lady at die premiere of her film Zookeeper in July 2011.

January 2009

Kevin und Steffiana were every smiles as they stepped out hinweisen the paulus Blart mall Cop premiere in January 2009.

August 2008

The couple was joined über their daughter Sienna Marie weil das the premiere des The wenig Mermaid – Ariel’s Beginning an August 2008.

February 2005

The Becky star and his liebe shared a sweet smooch if rocking ns Hitch premiere red carpet in February 2005.

April 2002

Kevin and the mom des four to be glowing together they to visit the king of Queens 100th illustration party an April 2002.

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