Step By Step Light 2 Unicorn

Step #1: How zu Draw A Unicorn Step-By-Step: Draw die Head and Torso

Credit: Hesham Shehata

In this step, you möchte be drawing two present – one weil das the unicorn face, die other zum the unicorn upper body. Zum the face, attract a form that looks like a bottle on its side or a bowling pin on its side. You can deshalb see this step on “How to Draw A Unicorn Head zum Kids.“

Now draw a bent line weil das the unicorn’s chest. Notice how the lines vary bei thickness. This adds attention to ns shapes.


 Step 2: Draw the Unicorn Legs


Though you möchte be illustration two legs, only one will be completely visible. Draw the leg closest in the drawing first, climate draw die second foot slightly above it, hiding die hoof behind the first leg.

Step 3: Draw the Rear Leg



You möchte be illustration only ns leg closest kommen sie you for right now. Next to being a leg, it deshalb forms the back of the unicorn’s body. Begin with a sweeping arc kommen sie represent die unicorn’s rear end and thigh. Begin a second line at the joint at the rear des the leg. This joint ist called ns “hock.” attract down to ns ankle und hoof des the unicorn, und draw rückseitig up kommen sie create die rest des the leg and thigh.

Step 4: Draw die Unicorn Horn


You can draw the unicorn’s horn as a pointy cone filled v diagonal lines, or by drawing individual segments. For a closer look at die segment drawing technique, seen “How kommen sie Draw A Unicorn Face for Kids,” or “How to Draw A Unicorn Head weil das Kids.” 

 Step 5: Draw the Unicorn Mane, Tail, und Remaining Leg


The next parts of the unicorn illustration are expected to show movement. Begin über drawing the unicorn’s tail. If die unicorn to be rearing up even higher, die tail would point an ext directly toward die ground. If ns unicorn to be simply standing or running froward, ns tail would point an ext behind.

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Draw die second behind leg alongside the erste one, however make the shorter. This möchte make ns unicorn appear zu be standing in 2D ~ above a piece von ground (see this cool video ~ above drawing bei 2D and 3D).

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Now draw ns unicorn’s mane. You can copy die lines above, trace them, or lakers “How zu Draw A Unicorn Head for Kids,” i m sorry has ns steps damaged down . 

Step 6: Draw the Unicorn Eyes, Nostrils, und Hair und Hoof Details


First draw die unicorn eye and nostrils. Ns closed eye above wollen be easy kommen sie draw, but bei open eye möchte work too.

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Now draw ns nostrils, making them a wenig narrow, near together, und placed toward ns very front of the nose. This wollen help the face zu appear a wenig angled.

Next, draw curvy present near ns bottom of the legs zu create hoofs.

Finally, attract flowing lines an the mane and tail. This will bring a 2D appearance kommen sie these areas.

How to Draw A Unicorn Step-by-Step: Coloring and Highlights


Our step-by-step unicorn tun können be colored any way you want. Zum a final touch, try experimenting with ns way that light would reflect off ns face, legs, horn, body, and tail. Kommen sie do this, try drawing streaks and slivers des light shaded colors over her already-colored drawing, or just leave locations uncolored as sie color an the rest of your outlines.