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Microsoft co-founder bill Gates was caught off guard with die launch und structure von Apple"s iTunes Store bei 2003, with sich entschuldigen co-founder Steve arbeit once again putting Gates bei catch-up mode, according to bei internal email that surfaced this week.

Dug up by Internal tech Emails and posted zu Twitter, Gates" correspondence was made public bei the Comes v. Microsoft klasse action sue from 2000.

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In ns letter zu Microsoft executives, gates vented around Apple"s — an ext specifically Jobs" — ability to beat ns industry in obtaining advantageous licensing deals zum the then-new iTunes Store.

"Steve Jobs<"> ability zu focus bei on a few jene that count, get human being who get user interface right and market dinge as revolutionary are amazing things," gates wrote. "This time in which method he has used his talents an getting a better licensing deal than anyone else has actually gotten zum music."

At die time, Microsoft was working zu field its own music distribution leistungen through limited partnerships and joint ventures.

As gateways notes, no one, consisting of music companies, had nailed a user-friendly digital purchasing experience. Apfel was primed to lead die segment through its iTunes and iPod.

"This ist very strange zu me. The music companies<"> very own operations sell a service that ist truly it is not kind to ns user und has to be reviewed that means consistently. In which method they decide kommen sie give apple the ability zu do something quite good," entrances wrote.

Apple"s iTunes library was already a mainstay zum digital music enthusiasts, with an intuitive user interface und clever functions like automatically generated track listings weil das ripped CDs, sound processing und content sharing. Adding a storefront to ns software was in many ways the next reasonable step.

Gates an the emails expresses a sense of urgency zum Microsoft kommen sie create its very own music distribution product jetzt that its — at die time — much smaller competitor had a winning solution.

"Now that arbeit has done it us need zu move schon fast to get something where ns UI and Rights space as good," gateways wrote. "I am not sure whether we need to do this with one des these JVs or not. I am not sure what die problems are. However ich think we require some plan to prove that even though jobs has us a bit level footed again we move quick and both match and do stuff better."

Microsoft at some point launched MSN Music in 2004. The leistungen shuttered an 2008 zu make way zum the ill-fated Zune Marketplace und other likewise abysmal inhalt delivery products.

Interestingly, it appears that Microsoft was at one allude considering a subscription service rather than the content licensing system adopted by iTunes.

"With the subscription who can promise sie that the kühl new stuff you want (or alt stuff) möchte be there?" entrances asked.

After much more than a decade von dominating digital music sales, apfel introduced its very own subscription service bei Apple Music kommen sie follow a industry that had largely transitioned zu streaming.

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said around 3 months back

So predictable. One couldnt’ve written a much better script if they’d tried.



said around 3 months back

It wasn"t predictable. That"s why Microsoft was caught flat footed. Remember that Apple"s sector valuation was decidedly klein compared kommen sie Microsoft, yes, really a david vs. Goliath situation at ns time.Time und time again job surprised. The iPod itself was widely doubted wie man it debuted (2002 ich think); nur do bei Internet search for "cmdrtaco ipod" to seen what a well-known technologist thought.Apple stunned again with ns iPhone in 2007 and many predicted fail due to the lack of a physics keyboard. Mental that die RIM BlackBerry was ns smartphone gelb standard at ns time und Windows smart phones were ausblüten a far-reaching player.Apple again caught the industry turn off guard wie man it exit its own silicon in the form of die A-series SoCs and a couple of years letztere left ns entire semiconductor market speechless when die A-series jumped kommen sie 64-bit architecture, years before it was expected to zeigen up in a tendency product.Apple crushed that again with the iPad and then killed it with apfel Watch, die latter despite long-standing rumors that apple had been testing "wearables" on its corporate campus weil das years. Remember that each time, apfel was not zuerst to industry MP3 players, online media stores, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, custom arm silicon.About die only point predictable native Apple an the past five years was the apple Silicon Mac. Savvy industry watchers presumed that sich entschuldigen had been to run macOS on prototype ARM-powered Macs in their labs for years, possibly as early on as that first 64-bit A7 SoC. Over there were hints all along: die deprecation of OpenGL, the ende of support for 32-bit apps. Ns inclusion of specialized chips like ns T2 defense Chip which was clearly in interim solution zu be paired v Intel CPUs until apple could delivery their very own SoC with that functionality built in.One kann sein see whereby this is headed weil das the Macs. MacOS Monterey zu sein leveraging the Neural Engine bei the M1 SoC, die machine finding out silicon. My guess zu sein that die M2 and future designs möchte vastly boost on the Neural Engine"s ability which will take on tasks that it is better suited zum than die CPU cores: bild recognition, text recognition, voice recognition, signal processing (both audio and video). Together mentioned in the WWDC keynote, more an equipment learning tasks will be tackled on machine rather 보다 being sent kommen sie Apple"s servers.Nvidia"s GeForce RTX GPUs carry out audio und video processing with your Tensor cores (machine learning); if you have in GeForce 20 or 30 collection graphics card, you tun können use ns Nvidia transfer software kommen sie clean hoch audiocasting and videocasting.

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said around 3 months ago

I really appreciate die sincerity des bill’s emails. It’s nice to seen the genuine appreciation von a competitor’s capabilities.



said about 3 months ago

Apple’s experience over die years (Motorola, IBM, Intel) taught it, if freundin want miscellaneous done freundin are going kommen sie need, kommen sie roll nach oben your selves und do it yourself, next hoch modems (Qualcomm Sushi).



said around 3 months earlier

I"m sure there"s a Ballmer teilen somewhere along the lines of: "What? in online store where you can just buy any song you want zum 99 cents? Haha yes right, like that"d work!"

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