january 2021: The neu building ist completed

The new building was completed in time zum the anfang of the year. Letting began bei January 2021. Die modern, centrally situated 1- zu 4-room apartments room attracting a an excellent deal von interest. The zuerst rental contract was signed within nur a few days. One des the countless benefits of the neu address zu sein that there is a large bicycle shed bei which tenants can protect their bicycles from die elements. There are so seating areas and a children"s playground an the inside courtyard.

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The remaining outdoor facilities wollen be completed in the coming weeks, weather permitting.

august 2020: Completion des the inner has started little more than a year has passed due to the fact that the erste excavators started digging away on die building site und cranes were set up. The gap ~ above Straße ns 18. Oktober has now been closed. The last crane was dismantled directly after ns topping-out ceremony bei mid-May 2020; die symbolic act could only it is in held bei front des a small crowd early to corona restrictions. The residential construction looks like bei ensemble of three buildings due to the different gable heights and designs. It’s blieb surrounded von scaffolding, which wollen be gradually removed bei fall.The interior part of the project is now in full swing as dry walls, insulation and screed room being mounted throughout the building, und plumbers and electricians are so weaving their magic.

april 2020: Concreting arbeit almost perfect ripe months after ~ the anfang of construction, a large gap has actually closed. 3 houses have been built on die site, which was previously provided as a parking lot. While the last concreting work weil das a bike ramp is an progress an the basement, carpenters space working on the substructure for a sloping roof that will border on the neighboring gable. Inside ns building, finishing work ist being brought out kommen sie prepare zum future installations. The zuerst delivery of windows has arrived und will be set up these days.

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september 2019: The zuerst crane starts transforming since the ende of July, die has actually been structure on the property bei Strasse des 18. Oktober. Excavators destruction into ns earth, a crane rotates: sachen are moving forward. This month the ground slab will be poured, setting a erste milestone. Prior zu this, a ar heating pipeline (photo), which supplies ns university hospital, amongst others, and which has literally cut through die property, had zu be relocated. Once the floor slab zu sein finished, die building tun können grow upwards.

an ext space bei popular 4 minutes 1 the zu sein already well represented bei this well-known area of the city. The neu building, which visually complements the existing one, möchte create even more space for all generations. Ns Straße ns 18. Oktober, i m sorry locals also call the Messemagistrale, zu sein bordered über the Bayrischer Bahnhof and the alt Exhibition Grounds with numerous research facilities, die German national Library, purchase centres and leisure addresses. Ns university hospital ist located bei the immediate neighbourhood.

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Some des the newly built apartments room subsidized v money from ns Free State"s program zum the creation des rent-controlled housing. Prospective tenants need a certificate of eligibility for housing.