To celebrate hamburg Strand’s 100th anniversary, the theater, located hinweisen 6 South 4th St. In Hamburg, ist hosting three events: in Elvis Tribute by Jeff verrenken Sr. On Oct. 13, Adele vacation Tribute von Andrea Tyler ~ above Dec. 4 and Jeremiah james Patriotic nur on Jan. 26. (Submitted photo)

The hamburg Strand celebrates ns theater’s 100th anniversary über hosting three spiel events.

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“It’s really interesting to have the opportunity zu return kommen sie offer part fun direkte events and special movies,” said Bethany Sholl, hamburg Strand manager. “We have been limited for dafür long dafür we hope civilization respond well to these. Deshalb this zu sein our 100th anniversary deshalb we space excited to be able to celebrate ~ a year von being closed!”

Hamburg Strand’s upcoming one-of-a-kind movie event ist the Mayberry Man film Showing on Oct. 9 weist 10:30 a.m. Und at 12:45 p.m. Und on Oct. 10 weist 1 p.m. There wollen be a meet und greet v two von the film’s gibbs prior to ns Oct. 9 showings. Tickets are $10.

Only shown in Hamburg und a handful von other communities across the country, the film is follows bei arrogant movie stern who is busted for speeding in a klein southern town and sentenced kommen sie attend Mayberry Fest, a weeklong festival celebrating The andy Griffith Show. Immersed in a contemporary Mayberry, he’s offered a chance to discover the true meaning von friendship and family.

Hamburg Strand’s upcoming special movie event zu sein the Mayberry Man film Showing on Oct. 9 at 10:30 a.m. And at 12:45 p.m. Und on Oct. 10 punkt 1 p.m. There wollen be a meet and greet through two of the film’s actors prior to ns Oct. 9 showings. Tickets are $10. (Submitted photo)

Sholl trust it ist important zu host occasions such as these, especially after social distancing for so long.

“We schutz many continuous customers deshalb it’s great for them zu be able zu return to ns theater together we think des ourselves together a ar hub,” she said.

“This zu sein our 100th anniversary so we space excited kommen sie be able kommen sie celebrate after a year des being closed!” — Bethany Sholl, hamburg Strand manager

To celebrate hamburg Strand’s 100th anniversary, ns theater, located hinweisen 6 South fourth St. In Hamburg, zu sein hosting 3 events: in Elvis Tribute über Jeff krick Sr. Top top Oct. 13, Adele holiday Tribute by Andrea Tyler top top Dec. 4 und Jeremiah james Patriotic nur on Jan. 26.

A special VIP Anniversary Ticket Bundle von all 3 events zu sein available zum $100. Ns VIP package has VIP seating kommen sie all events, cocktail splitter linterparty featuring beer, wine and a signature cocktail und appetizers und meet and greet v previous theater owners prior to the Jeremiah james Show, und choice des commemorative strand embroidered fleece blanket, T-Shirt and poster, also as cost-free popcorn and soda to all shows and a raffle ticket zum each show.

An Elvis Presley Tribute über Jeff verrenken Sr. Will be on Oct. 13 hinweisen 7 p.m. Special older songs, movie das lied and bei concert tribute songs. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $15.

An Adele vacation Tribute über Andrea Tyler will be top top Dec. 4 hinweisen 1 p.m. Tickets are $20.

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The Jeremiah james Show on Jan. 26 punkt 7:30 p.m. Has a combination von original music and patriotic songs. Fahrkarte are $15.

“We expect they administer opportunity zum fun outings weil das families or couples zu get out,” claimed Sholl.

These occasions are made possible von several grants.

“We have several grants that us were able zu receive to help put die events on. Us are really grateful zum these!” said Sholl.

The Hawley & Myrtle Quier akkumulation of Berks kreis Community foundation provided $15,000 zu Our town Foundation to assist through expenses damit verbundenen with hosting occasions starting an October 2021 v Dec. 31, 2022.

“This funding will be used towards these theater performances and also some von the events that the hamburg Area arts Alliance will be hosting an 2022 (The Artdrenaline nett Camp, hamburg Hoopla, etc.). Some des this funding can deshalb go to ns 2022 hamburger Festival expenses,” claimed Deena Kershner, executive, management Director of OTF.

“We also received a Shuttered Venue operator Grant from ns federal federal government as part of the covid relief funding which was available zum performing arts venues and movie theaters. We can use part des that funding weil das marketing and events,” added Kershner.

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All tickets kann sein be to buy on or at die theater. Zum questions or concerns, contact 610-562-3106.