Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos has teased Stranger things spinoffs – with Millie Bobby Brown"s character Eleven rumored kommen sie be leading produziert own project.

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Deadline reports that, at ns Code Conference, Sarandos defined Stranger jene as "a franchise gift born," und hinted at "spinoffs." the publication adds that there"s "talk" of Millie Bobby Brown leading her own project an the Stranger things universe.

It"s notfall surprising that Stranger sachen spinoffs room on ns table – an the streamer"s newly released ranking von its most renowned series und films, all three seasons des the nur made it into die top 10 von view hours, and season 3 come fifth über number des accounts the watched weist least two minutes in its zuerst 28 work streaming.

Brown also already leads another franchise on Netflix, playing die titular character in Enola holmes (which also ranked an Netflix"s top 10) and returning weil das the upcoming sequel.

Stranger dinge season 4 ist due out bei 2022, despite a certain release date has yet kommen sie be announced. A neu teaser weil das the series was released weist Netflix"s Tudum fans event, which proved the empfangshalle investigating a creepy house. There"s also the Rebel Robin: Überleben Hawkins audiodatei streaming now, which is a prequel concentrating on Maya Hawke"s Robin.

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"Season 4 won"t be ns end," co-showrunner Ross stierkämpfer recently toldTHR. "We recognize what the ende is, und we know when it is. has provided us time to look ahead, number out what is best for the show. Starting to fill that out provided us a better idea of how lang we need zu tell the story."

While we wait for more updates on potential Stranger things spinoffs, inspect out our guide to ns best Netflix shows kommen sie fill out your watchlist.

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