Stranger things season 3 start

Stranger Things Season 3 ist here and boy has it to be a lang time coming. Check out our episode recaps as we delve into season three

Episode recaps

Chapter One: ‘The first Day’

Chapter Two: ‘The shopping mall Rats’

Chapter Three: ‘The Case von the lacking Lifeguard’

Chapter Four: ‘The Sauna Test’ 

Chapter Five: ‘The Flayed’

See below for everything we knew about the series before its release.

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Is there a release date for Stranger Things Season 3?

Wondering when Season 3 of Stranger Things ist coming out? Netflix schutz now confirmed that Stranger things 3 möchte debut top top July 4. Nur after midnight on january 1, die streaming leistungen unveiled a brand new poster announcing die premiere date.

The poster itself watch Eleven und Mike holding hand while ns entire gang watch a 4th des July firework display. Eleven and Will are die only people looking back, while Dustin, Lucas und Max seem zu be looking nach oben at fireworks. You tun können see the poster below.


— Stranger sachen (
Stranger_Things) january 1, 2019

Following ns unveiling of the poster, fan soon spotted a number of rats scurrying about bei the foreground, leading kommen sie speculation the the neu season might introduce a new menace von “demo-rats” (rat-like demogorgons) entering die town. Given that one of the upcoming episodes has actually been revealed zu be title ‘The shopping mall Rats’, the theory might hold weight.

Looks choose we’re getting demo-rats this season… #StrangerThings

— Zach Goins (
zach_goins) januar 2, 2019

More posters schutz then followed. Check out ns latest offerings, which show Eleven using herstellung telekenetic powers once more. Zu sein a big role in the cards?


— Stranger things (
Stranger_Things) June 4, 2019

give a further look at the kids – who schutz grown up an front von our eyes.

OUR BOYS kann sein CHANGE every little thing

— Stranger sachen (
Stranger_Things) might 20, 2019

one billy can change every little thing

— Stranger dinge (
Stranger_Things) might 20, 2019

one jancy can change whatever

— Stranger jene (
Stranger_Things) might 20, 2019

one jopper kann sein change everything

— Stranger dinge (
Stranger_Things) may 20, 2019

one scoop kann sein change every little thing

— Stranger dinge (
Stranger_Things) may 20, 2019

one friendship tun können change whatever

— Stranger dinge (
Stranger_Things) might 20, 2019

Why the long wait weil das Season 3?

The wait time betwee Seasons 2 und 3 is bigger than that des Seasons 1 und 2, top some fans to wonder if the zeigen had to be cancelled altogether. But no, the has notfall – Stranger Things zu sein definitely returning weil das Season 3.

Speaking during die Television critics Association’s summer niederdrücken tour in Beverly Hills belastung July, Cindy Holland, VP des Netflix’s initial content, explained: “It’s a handcrafted show. The stierkämpfer brothers and Shawn Levy schutz worked yes, really hard, und they understand die stakes space high. Lock want kommen sie deliver something bigger and better 보다 what they did tonnage year. And so they really want to take ns time zu get that right.”

Do we understand episode titles for Stranger Things 3?

Yes, there will be eight episodes in Season 3 und below are the titles…

Suzie, Do sie Copy?The shopping mall RatsThe Case des the missing LifeguardThe Sauna TestThe SourceThe BirthdayThe BiteThe Battle von Starcourt

Has a trailer zum Season 3 to be released yet?

The first full trailer was released on in march 20. Die trailer opens up with the gang surprising Dustin zu welcome er home from summer camp (which doesn’t end well…) It’s summer in Hawkins and the empfangshalle are growing nach oben but, indigenous the aussehen of it, there wollen be plenty of action, and some whole neu baddies. Watch below.

one summer can change everything. #StrangerThings3

— Stranger things (
Stranger_Things) march 20, 2019

So what does the tell us about ns upcoming episodes?

The trailers letztere scenes check that neu locations wollen prove kommen sie be main to ns gang’s woes. First, you’ve got the Starcourt Mall, whereby Steve and Dustin show up to schutz acquired jobs, being inhabited über another gory-looking creature.

Meanwhile, a horde von rats race through ns July 4 funny fair placed on über the town’s market Kline – with Hopper feather concerned and what appears zu be an assassin an a hall von mirrors.

Trouble appears zu be brewing zum Natalie and Jonathan, that look glum with each other in bei undisclosed building.

As promised, it looks like the group – und specifically möchte – oase some issues kommen sie address. As will reminisces, a voiceover indigenous Mike says, “did freundin think, we were nur going kommen sie sit in my basement? playing games zum the rest of our lives?”

A quick teaser was so released a work prior on in march 19. The featured a horde of rats scurrying v what looked like in abandoned warehouse, every heading towards the same shadowy spot. “It’s nearly feeding time,” the caption read. Clock it below now.

it's virtually feeding time ?

— Stranger things (
Stranger_Things) march 19, 2019

A teaser clip mutual on may 20 mirrors Hawkins’ lifeguard, Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery), gift oggled hinweisen as he starts his change at die local swimming pool.

Mike und Nancy’s mother, karen Wheeler (Cara Buono) ist especially taken von Billy in his swim shorts.

SUMMER zu sein COMING ??? #StrangerThings3

— Stranger sachen (
Stranger_Things) may 20, 2019

More new einzelheiten have arised about ns plot, with the show’s co-creator und co-showrunner matte Duffer that has talked to EW about what fans kann sein expect. He’s confirmed the action will take place in the summer before die kids get in high school, and that the new season wollen focus mainly on change.

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He said: “We wanted to explore ns theme des change…The season take away place during the last summer before high school. Die kids are growing up, and that transition zu sein going zu be messy and awkward und painful. Room they able to grow hoch without growing apart?

“Eleven closed ns Gate, but the psychic Flayer is blieb alive in ns Upside Down…It möchte find another method into Hawkins…It’s just a matter of time.”

On June 20 the final trailer was shared. An it, we find out that Eleven closing die gate to the Upside under once und for all punkt the ende of season 2 didn’t fairly work.

“You allow us bei and now you space going to have to let us stay,” states a mental voice as die camera cuts to nightmarish scenes. Weist one point möchte says: “What if he never ever left? What if us locked him out right here with us? he’d want zu attach himself kommen sie someone again. A new host.”

Intriguing indeed….

When wollen Stranger sachen 3 be set?

Producer Shawn Levy stated that ns next instalment of the show ist likely zu be set a year ~ season two’s conclusion – so, during die summer von 1985.

Are there any kind of plot einzelheiten for Stranger Things 3?

We had a last of questions about Stranger Things 3 after ns Season 2 finale but one point we know weil das sure ist that the zeigen will prolong past Hawkins in its dritter season. “They’re walk to schutz to get ns fuck out of this town,” co-creator Ross stierkämpfer told Vulture in in extensive interview back in summer 2017.

We’ve currently seen that occur occasionally before: ns divisive episode ‘The shed Sister’ from Season 2 witnessed Eleven branch out and hang the end with other telekinetic wonder Kali – AKA Eight. Opportunities are this was an important step zu establishing a storyline outside the show’s usual setting von Hawkins, Indiana.

But as ns ominous final scene des Season 2 suggested, die Mind Flayer could blieb cause castle hassle. According kommen sie The duffer Brothers,”they’ve schließe die tür the door on the Mind Flayer, but not only ist it blieb there an the Upside Down, it’s very much aware des the kids, und particularly Eleven. The had notfall encountered her und her powers till that last episode. Now, it knows that she’s out there. We want to ende on a little bit of bei ominous note.” arbeit done, then.

The creators have so revealed the the new season zu sein influenced by Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park. Speaking to Entertaistopcat.orgnt Weekly, Ross said: “We would certainly say that this zu sein our most unapologetically fun season. Yet at the same time, that is so our many horrifying und intense season…It’s this brutal mix des tones that us think yes, really sets this season apart.”

Meanwhile, david Harbour has actually teased that the final episode des Season Three möchte take sachen to in extremely emotional level.

According zu Digital Spy, ns 44-year-old actor said: “You gain to lakers a lot of that throughout the season and it’s very unexpected what happens in the end and it’s very, really moving.

“I think episode eight is the most moving thing we’ve ever before shot.”

Hopper has previously said Digital Spy that he knows how the season ends, saying: “I recognize the end of the story, und I think it’s beautiful.”

In an interview with Good Morning America, Mille Bobbie Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, young name Schnapp, Finn Wolfhard and Sadie Sink gave some an ext clues around what fan could intend from Season 3. Matarazzo probably gave the most revealing response, saying: “It’s absolutely gorier, which ist pretty cool. ‘If sie don’t choose gore stuff, i mean, clock it anyway. That not for the faint of heart, as some would certainly say.”

Stranger Things‘ Eleven, played von Millie Bobby Brown

What wollen happen kommen sie Eleven bei Season 3?

Speaking zu Variety, Millie Bobbie Brown offered us some understanding into what wollen happen kommen sie Eleven. “It’s yes, really a coming von age weil das her and understanding what gift a normal teenage mädchen is,” she said. “It’s a beautiful storyline zum Eleven this season.” N’aww.

Eleven’s controlling father Papa reared his head briefly an season two, hinting the he can return in 3 as ns show’s large baddie. Eight, meanwhile, so looks favor she’s set herself trost as a baddie together she uses her power zum some not-so-wholesome endeavours.

Millie Bobby Brown also revealed in a may 2019 interview with Entertaistopcat.orgnt Weekly the Eleven’s personality “evolves greatly”.

“And I can say zu sein it’s spreading fast. And that’s every I can tell you,” Brown said.

The statement sounds ominous. Und the expression “spreading fast” doesn’t sound good in the world des Stranger Things….

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Will Hopper’s daughter beat a role an Season 3?

Star david Harbour – that plays Jim Hopper – suggested kommen sie Insider the a long-held fan theory about his daughter Sara (it’s believed she died bei Hawkins Lab) could be true. When ns similarity between where Hopper was seen slumped in a stairwell in season one und where Dr. Owens was found hiding an Season 2 was pointed out to him, Harbour responded: “It is the same location. Deshalb that’s interesting. Or it’s a comparable location.”

Could we find out an ext about Hopper’s daughter bei season three?

Harbour has deshalb said the Hopper’s fatherly connection with Eleven will become more complex as ns season unfolds.

“Their relationship zu sein going zu get far more complex, because, sie know, jene happen kommen sie girls and boys when they’re 13 und 14… a gewächs of changes go on in the body and bei your social life, and I don’t think walk to handle watching her become a woman in front von his eyes really well. That’s horrifying zum him – maybe even more so than fighting inter-dimensional monsters.”

Will we see more von Steve und Dustin in Season 3?

Executive producer Shawn Levy has actually said the we’ll see more of Steve und Dustin together in the neu season, that’s zum sure. “In season two, it was all very cute und there was a funny factor kommen sie it because it was unexpected, but now that it zu sein expected, i want to seen them attach more und be an ext familiar with each other,” Levy told Glamour. “I desire them to have a link like they’ve really had a connection zum a year – favor they’re brothers.”