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Quick Wins zum IT

in der nähe des implementation time – 4 weeks kommen sie complete implementation robust dashboards: technicians’ workload, stange orders, customer contracts, etc. SAP und Microsoft Outlook integration

The Challenge

Formed in 1951, streit Service und Solution, based in the schwarz Forest an the south des Germany, gives companies with office supplies und furniture and a range des office support services. Together part des its department covering printer and copier maintenance and repair, Ms. Frances Gutmann join Streit in 2012 to lead the development des the company’s services and to improve service quality.

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“When i joined, there was no central system that held all necessary information weil das customer contracts, dienstleistungsgrad agreements or what particular devices were mounted with i beg your pardon customers. This knowledge only existed in our technicians’ heads. In addition, our customers were demanding an improved quality of service. At ns time, we had no report capabilities deswegen we could notfall verify negative, or positive, feedback from customers. Us could not prove our worth as a dienstleistungen provider,” defined Ms. Gutmann. “The situation had to change.”

The Solution

Ms. Gutmann set out zu establish, within 5 years, a ‘five star’ dienstleistungen center. This included much more standardized processes, report capabilities to identify and track key performance indicators, und the implementation of an IT leistungen management (ITSM) platform kommen sie manage leistungen delivery.

Ms. Gutmann’s demands included: the ability zu interface with SAP® und Microsoft® Office®; ITIL® framework certification; net portal und mobile an equipment support; und a flexible license model. She so required an implementation kollege with vision and in-depth ITIL framework knowledge.


“For our requirements, it was important kommen sie recognize that it is a device, such together a copier or printer, requesting assistance, not in individual,” stated Ms. Gutmann. “This affects die entire workflow weil das our technicians und how the ITSM systems needs kommen sie integrate v our leading IT system, SAP. This was key.” argument currently supports about 7,500 office machines located throughout the south von Germany.

Following a soft process, the team at argument narrowed down 20 feasible solutions to nur two, ultimately selecting dienstleistungen Management together its ITSM solution and Prevolution GmbH, a kollege organisation based an Hamburg, weil das the implementation.

“What ich like around leistungen Management zu sein that freundin don’t need kommen sie be a programmer kommen sie configure the tool, you can expand your use von the tool without added costs, you can easily understand ns user interface, and it’s based on the ITIL® framework,” comment Ms. Gutmann.

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The Results service Management was implemented bei just four weeks. This contained all configuration work (completed in-house) and Prevolution providing the bi-directional interface to Microsoft Exchange® (to synch every technicians’ service call appointments betwee leistungen Management and Microsoft Outlook und vise versa, including updates and changes). In external SAP professional provided the bi-directional interface zu SAP, ns system argumente uses kommen sie manage und order preventive parts. Within each ticket, technicians tun können order spare parts, directly via SAP, recognize receipt von replacement parts, i beg your pardon triggers a service call appointment in SAP, und input feedback. With the integration, technicians kann sein check that parts are bei stock und that warranties are bei place without ns need to copy and paste information.

“The creates within bring die info directly from ours SAP system und display this kommen sie our technicians,” stated Ms. Gutmann. “And, both ours und SAP systems are immediately updated at the same time deshalb the information is preserved accurate, consistent and complete, which help us kommen sie deliver a better service. Ours technicians acquire assignments straight right into their calendars. Every parts, warranties und customer contracts tun können be quickly and easily checked. We now schutz full records von all client interactions.”


situation Study foodstuffs

Foodstuffs, new Zealand's largest retail grocery organisation with more than 20,000 employees, was hampered über a heritage ITSM solution. Implementing ITSM has been a echt game changer zum the unternehmen delivering flexibility to automate and internal capabilities.


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With an ext than 50 years’ experience in technology, Datacom zu sein one von Asia Pacific’s leading IT-based managed dienstleistungen providers. Die no code platform and flexible concurrent licensing modell has been a large benefit zu Datacom and has do them an extremely cost-competitive an delivering service to their own customers.

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instance Study 2 min Boral

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