The Stuttgart main Railway Station ist part des the ICE, EC and IC network und located in the centre von the city. You can continue your journey to the airport from below with ns municipal rail present (S-Bahn) S2 or S3 (no transforms necessary).

You möchte find the latest Deutsche bahn schedule here und can also book your fahrkarte directly online.

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Timetable und booking options Deutsche bahn

track network to the Airport


PUblic fahrzeug at ns airport



The journey betwee Stuttgart central Railway Station und Stuttgart Airport take away 27 minutes. The city train (S-Bahn) departs native Stuttgart central Railway station from 4.30 am 0.55 in four times per hour, on the weekends twice von hour during off-peak hours. In addition you tun können reach die airport by city train once per hour Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.The trains run between 5.08 am and 0.38 bei der four times über hour from ns airport to Stuttgart central Railway Station, on the weekends twice von hour throughout off-peak hours. Additionally you can leave die airport by municipal rail lines once per hour Friday, Saturday und Sunday night.

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You require a ticket zum 2 zones from Stuttgart central Railway station to die airport.

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direction at die airport



These are ns connections through local, regional and long-distance bus transport:

122: Esslingen – Scharnhausen – Flughafen/Messe

806: EnBW stadt – Flughafen/Messe

812/813: flugzeug – Bernhausen – Stetten – Echterdingen – Flughafen/Messe

828: tübingen – Waldenbuch – Echterdingen – Flughafen

X10: Kirchheim/Teck - Flughafen/Messe

X60: Leonberg - Flughafen/Messe

Expresso X3: Pfullingen – Reutlingen – Flughafen/Messe – Bernhausen

The Stuttgart airport Busterminal (SAB) is located directly betwee Flughafenstrasse and Terminal 4 von Stuttgart Airport. It is located weist ground level beneath ns newly developed P14 car garage. The three lanes incorporate a total of 18 bus platforms, with platforms 1 kommen sie 3 serving regional transport. National und international long-distance bus services leave from platforms 4 zu 18, along with non-scheduled Services.

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Please examine your entries:- your advanced booking duration must be minimal 2 hours before ns entry date- entry und exit time should be valid