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The Administrative service Division provides oversight, training and guidance zum the record Management Program bei record-keeping, addresses, post preparation, office symbols, official mail and distribution, forms und Freedom of information Act/Privacy action requests.

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The ALERT! fixed warning notification system sends registered users notfall warnings und other an important information, such together hazardous road conditions, report delays und base closures due zu severe weather.
The aufgabe of Community Service is to facilitate die commander's ability to provide comprehensive, standardized, coordinated und responsive dienstleistungen that support Soldiers, Department des the military civilians and families, and to maximize technology and resources, eliminate duplication bei service delivery and measure leistungen effectiveness.
The Continuing education and learning Services' aufgabe is zu create and lead the's premier education company that is committed to excellence, innovation und deployability.
The military Substance Abuse avoidance program provides education and early beteiligung to assist commanders, civilian supervisors und the installation community reduce way of life risk factors kommen sie increase gesund outcomes.
U.S. Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz Casualty routine Services, as in extension of the Europe and Africa Casualty assistance Center, assists and supports families in an emotionally stressful time of bereavement, und provides training and resources to all Soldiers serving in casualty notification or assistance und dedicated specialists assisting family members members in their best time von need.
Child and Youth dienstleistungen programs room designed zu foster and develop children's physical, intellectual und socio-emotional capabilities.
The Civilian Misconduct program ensures die safety, great order and discipline von the Kaiserslautern and Baumholder armed forces communities.
The Civilian Personnel Advisory Center is made up des a team of human resources professionals dedicated kommen sie supporting und empowering dienstleistungen members, civilian employees, families and veterans worldwide. Die CPAC recruits, retains und sustains a high top quality volunteer pressure through innovative and effective enterprise solutions und ensures human resources readiness des the total across the full spectrum of operations.
U.S. Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz dining facilities fall under die Logistics Readiness Center, 405th Field support Brigade und are supported von active duty dining facility attendants and contracted cooks.
Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, or Family and MWR, gives a source von balance that ensures bei environment an which leistungen members und families can thrive, a structure that support unit readiness in in era of persistent conflict und a foundation for building the future. Family und MWR's pflicht is kommen sie provide dienstleistungen members und their families ns same quality of life given to the die gesellschaft they schutz pledged to defend.
Information top top how to obtain a U.S. in Europe driver's license and in international driver's license.
The emergency Management program ist responsible for all activities and operations related zu preparing for, mitigating die potential results of, preventing, responding to and recovering from any hazard.
The equal Employment chance program provides affirmative employed planning, complaints processing, EEO-related training und advice und assistance to the U.S. Military Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz and serviced organizations kommen sie assist in creating and sustaining a discrimination-free workplace.
The Equal chance program formulates, directs und sustains a substantial effort to maximize person potential und to ensure fair treatment zum all based solely on merit, fitness und capability which all assistance readiness. EO ist a responsibility von leadership and a function des command. This philosophy ist based top top fairness, justice and equity. Leaders are responsible zum sustaining a positive EO climate within their units.
The exchange provides Soldiers and Airmen with ns services and merchandise castle need kommen sie make their lebt more comfortable. Ns Exchange deshalb maintains services und support to family members und troops rückseitig
The household Advocacy Program ist designed to strengthen and improve the quality des life for military families by increasing self-sufficiency, resiliency and community cohesion for active duty, household members, civilians und retirees. Die program zu sein part von ar Service.
The Fire department safeguards the health, safety und welfare of the community through code enforcement, ns prevention und effective fire prevention und public education programs.
The liberty of die info Act is a federal legislation that establishes die public's right zu request existing documents from federal government agencies. The FOIA provides weil das prompt, preferably release des Department des Defense records to die public uneven such requested records are especially exempt from mandatory publicly disclosure under ns FOIA. Die Privacy Act des 1974, develops a Code of Fair information Practice the governs ns collection, maintenance, use and dissemination von personally identifiable die info about individuals that is maintained in systems des records von federal agencies.
The Housing service Office provides a vast array von housing-related services weil das Soldiers, their families and Department von Defense civilians.
The pflicht of the ID Cards und DEERS section ist to ensure enrollment of all default Department des Defense beneficiaries into the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting system (DEERS) and to concern Common access Cards (CAC) und Uniformed service ID (USID) Cards to eligible stakeholders.
The central Processing Facility zu sein responsible weil das performing die functions of in-processing, und out-processing Soldiers within ns U.S. Military Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz footprint.
The installation Access Control system offices provide IACS registration service to Department des Defense ID card holders, contractors, vendors and visitors requesting access zu U.S. Military installations.
Volunteers v KMC armed Forces against Drunk Driving stand ready to take members bei case die designated treiber leaves the splitterpartei early or ist otherwise unable to drive.

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Military polizei patrols room responsible zum enforcing every laws, regulations and policies; deterring crime through alert patrolling; and responding zu calls zum assistance.
21st theatre Sustainment Command Legal help Offices offer complimentary legal advice in Kaiserslautern and Baumholder. Certified armed forces and/or military civilian attorneys advise on most areas des civil law, including consumer law issues, contract disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, contract review, creditor problems, nonsupport, immigration, motor vehicle laws, merchant scams, wills, powers of attorney, bankruptcy und indebtedness, separation/divorce, notarizations and taxation.
Lodging ist available through die an Baumholder und through the Air Force in the Kaiserslautern military Community.
The military Personnel Division's aufgabe is zu deliver friendly, diverse dienstleistungen to Soldiers, your families, retired military, federal government civilians und government contractors. Furthermore, die office gives sustainment dienstleistungen to maintain aufgabe readiness des military personnel, family members members und commanders of the community.
The neu Parent support Program zu sein a voluntary routine that assists military households who are pregnant or have children birth through period three understand ns process of delivering a baby overseas and adapt to parenthood in healthy and resilient ways. This is in Community leistungen program.
The Office of the Inspector General ist the eyes, ears, voice und conscience von the across die spectrum von operations. The conducts thorough, objective and impartial inspections, assessments und investigations. It provides assistance und training. The Office of the Inspector basic advises und assists military leaders zu maintain military values, readiness and effectiveness an the promotion of well-being, an excellent order and discipline.
The Operations department directs, coordinates and synchronizes fasst garrison operations, maintain support, protection, mobilization und demobilization, force modernization und operational planning an order kommen sie support the Soldiers, families and civilians von the U.S. Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz community.
Department des Defense Affiliated personnel in Germany have to apply weil das passports and Consular Reports des Birth Abroad through a Passport accept Facility (PAF) located weist their regional U.S. installation. This office so issues Status of Forces agreement (SOFA) cards kommen sie eligible stakeholders.
The transport Office's personal Property and Privately Owned automobile sections help coordinate und set hoch household great shipments, long-term-storage, short-term-storage und POV shipments und delivery within U.S. Military Europe locations.
The U.S. Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz Retirement services Program keeps retirement Soldiers and their household members update on their benefits und entitlements after retirement with ns goal des ensuring retiring und retired Soldiers remain Soldiers zum Life and support ns wherever they live.
The U.S. Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz Postal dienstleistungen operates as in extension of the U.S. Postal leistungen to lug authorized members von the Baumholder und Kaiserslautern communities ns most expeditious und efficient, personal und official e-mail services possible, comparable to that appreciated domestically.
The windy Affairs Office supports U.S. Military Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz über communicating ~ above behalf of the installation and its leadership providing clear, accurate, timely info to internal und external audiences. Public Affairs employs a variety des communication strategies including internal news und information products, media engagement und public outreach.

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