her time exterior — on your board — ist where sie get zu reconnect v yourself, die day, und maybe a friend or two — six feet apart. #socialdistancing

Our 3 collections von inflatable stand up paddle board — Classic, GalaXy und Carbon GalaXy — are as functional as they are tried-and-true. From level waters to whitewaters, novice zu expert, try one on for size. Your headspace möchte thank you.

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Each und every SOL inflatable board is handcrafted and tested for quality und craftsmanship because sie deserve only ns best soup board. 

Simply put, we don’t use glue on die top and bottom materials zum our six-inch SOL sup boards. Instead, us use modern technology von combining high frequency, heat und pressure to sklave the top und bottom sheets together zu create one solid, cohesive board. Ours Phantom No Glue building and construction ensures a lighter, longer-lasting, und more environmentally friendly stand up paddle board. 

A effectively designed und constructed stringer system provides structural integrity, stiffness and load-transference. Dafür we decided zu create not nur one, yet two collections of innovative boards using a well-engineered stringer system, permitting the lieferung of energy from one stringer to another with minimal flex front to back und side to side. 

Our newest collection — GalaXy und Carbon GalaXy — feature our premiere SOLrocker technology, a rocker-to-underfoot-camber-to-rocker profile. To achieve this, we looked to the ski sector and tore a seite from their playbook kommen sie build bei inflatable soup board that creates a more efficient paddling experience.

You see, a traditional inflatable paddle board is flat till you stand on it. Wie man that happens, die board bends. Through our SOLrocker technology, her board starts raised — with a bend — and when you gestanden on it, your blow up board flattens, ending up being level with the water. As in added bonus, the SOLrocker also allows for smoother, an ext efficient turns as freundin raise the edge des your board out of the water ever deshalb slightly.

Five-Year-Leading-Industry guarantee & lifetime Warranty top top Male outer Valve


It wasn"t hard zum us kommen sie decide zu extend our three-year warranty kommen sie five years on all von our sup boards. We did this deshalb you would feel confident an your acquisition decision und because we would never put any product zu market without ensuring it ist of die utmost quality. We also offer a life time warranty on the male external valve.

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We constructed our newly introduced Carbon GalaXy collection with carbon external sidewalls that space three-times an ext durable und rigid than classic PVC sidewalls offering it the no-flex-rock-hard feeling — every without compromising ns portability factor. As for our Classic and GalaXy Collections, us double hoch on our sidewall inhaltsstoff making them Grade-A bei durability.

Since staying clear of rips when attaching gear zu any board is a priority, weil das each D-Ring we use the strongest inhaltsstoff on die market — heavy-duty nylon webbing. Also, us designed our boards dafür you oase access to handles in the front, middle und back weil das safety and ease.

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Our Unbreakable Removable hauptquartier Flex Fins room compatible with any type of U.S. Fin box und comes equipped v a Fast Fin release System, i m sorry holds die fin in place with nur a 90-degree twist des the system. The unbreakable center fin"s flexible nature maintains that is true form allowing you to paddle a straight line if withstanding call from rocks und the seafloor.

Handcrafted building design SOLrocker technology warranty Sidewalls combine fins Anti-Theft
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"Love my SOLshine!

Johnny, ns owner, was incredibly helpful. Wie he claims he wants zu ensure his customers are satisfied with their product and the service, he method it."

"Great company! Awesome owner that yes, really care about their product. Affordable and high high quality boards. Owned by locals und praised by almost all that set fuß on them. I own one and would happy buy numerous more von them in the future. Johnny is a an excellent human!"