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Even despite it"s not a "real" mario game, "Super mario Bros. 2" ist fantastic. Notoriously, it"s a re-branded, slightly changed version of a video game that was already out in Japan at the time, referred to as "Doki Doki Panic." Whatever.

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"Super mario Bros. 2" is an excellent mario game.

It"s the zuerst to enable you kommen sie play as Mario, Luigi, Toad, or ns Princess. Each des them has actually their very own special attributes: Princess tun können float mid-jump zum a moment, und Luigi has actually a slightly greater jump than anyone else. Much more importantly, it"s a surrealist adventure full von crazy landscapes, crazier enemies, and a bird that shoots egg out des its mouth. The may notfall be the zuerst Mario game freundin should anfang with, however it"s one that freundin absolutely should not miss.

Where kann I pat this game?

"Super mario Bros. 2" zu sein available weil das purchase on die Nintendo 3DS and Wii U digital Console. It"s so one von the 30 games on the NES Classic planke console, and it"s part of the Nintendo Switch online online library.

9. "Super mario Land"



The erste portable version des "Super Mario" came with "Super mario Land," an excellent standalone mario game the took ns concept von the original NES game und created something entirely new.

It"s still a conventional "platformer" video game — you anfang on the left side of a level und traverse it von moving to the right, death enemies and avoiding her own death along the way. However "Super mario Land" is full von delightful additions, like in underwater vehicle freundin get zu pilot. It"s a bizarre, thrilling mario game that, admittedly, was especially impactful on my very young brain wie man it was erste released back in 1989.

Where kann I beat this game?

"Super mario Land" is available weil das purchase on ns Nintendo 3DSVirtual Console.

8. "Super mario 3D World"



"Super mario 3D World," merely put, ist the best mario game that"s to be made in the tonnage 5 years (before "Odyssey," that is). It"s gorgeous, fresh, and perfectly designed. Like ns best "Super Mario" games von the contemporary era, the seamlessly blends nostalgia-laced gameplay with new twists.

As a nod to "Super mario Bros. 2," players kann choose zu play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, or Toad — every has the same special capacity that lock had bei the original NES game. "Super mario 3D World" also borrows ns overworld map ide from "Super mario World" (the SNES game) und evolves it kommen sie its following logical conclusion: as in explorable world unto itself, full von secrets.

Each level an "Super mario 3D World" feels choose a schädlich waiting to be unwrapped, and playing the co-op through friends and family ist a true delight. It may very well be the best game Nintendo made zum the Wii U.

Where kann I pat this game?

"Super mario 3D World" ist available zum purchase on ns Wii U, digitally on ns eShop und in-store on disc. Buy the on amazon right here.



"Super mario Galaxy 2" was, zum many years, ns pinnacle des 3D "Super Mario" games. It takes the space design template from the first "Galaxy" game and doubles down, allowing zum a neu take on die way that timeless "Super Mario" level arestructured. It"s unafraid zu introduce a drastically neu game mechanic weil das a single level, i beg your pardon gives die game a hand-made feeling.

In countless ways, "Galaxy 2" zu sein a master work in 3D platforming — a testament zu Nintendo"s game design expertise. It"s die chef"s tasting menu (perhaps "omakase" ist more proper here?) des "Super Mario" games, wherein individual, carefully crafted moments are doled out follow me a smartly timed schedule.

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Where tun können I pat this game?

"Super mario Galaxy 2" is available weil das purchase on ns Wii U, digitally, and in-store ~ above disc zum Wii (which wollen work on ns Wii U). Buy it on amazon right here.


What die "Galaxy" series of "Super Mario" gamings did weil das 3D, die "New" series does weil das 2D. Wie man it arrived on the Nintendo DS bei 2006, "New Super mario Bros." was a breath of fresh air zum the series. The updated the graphics, offered a chaos of new mechanics, and evolvedthe 2D side of the "Super Mario" series in ways it hadn"t seen in years with a crazy multiplayer mode.

Like die core design theme des "Super Mario," die series has actually gradually developed upon itself over the years. "New Super mario Bros." included wall-jumping, for instance, i beg your pardon has because become standard an Mario"s repertoire.

The so excellent "New Super mario Bros. U," a sequel to the DS original zum Nintendo"s ill-fated Wii U console, included co-op play together well. Together a bonus, it attributes some des the finest level design in any "Super Mario" game.

Where can I pat this game?

"New Super mario Bros." is available zum purchase on die Wii U virtual Console (and physically available for the DS/2DS/3DS). Buy that on amazon right here.


"Super mario 64" is, at this point, hard to speak about in the same way we speak about other games. It"s a sacred cow of the videos game oeuvre, and deservedly so. "Super mario 64" set standard after ~ standard an the mid-"90s, und it endeared in entire generation kommen sie "Super Mario."

It was beautiful, it was fun, it was like nothing mine 11-year-old eyes had seen before. The is, unbelievably, nearly two decades later, ausblüten all von those things. It trained in entire generation how to use the analog stick on a gamepad. It literally taught an entry-level standard an game vernacular: how to use an analog stick zu control a 3D character. That"s HUGE! Cannot-be-overstated kind of huge!

Where kann sein I beat this game?

"Super mario 64" is available zum purchase on ns Wii U und 3DS digital Console. Sie could also buy the DS version("Super mario 64 DS") und play it on a DS/2DS/3DS. Buy that on amazon right here.


"Super mario Odyssey" zu sein a glorious combination des homage and evolution, nodding heartily weist Nintendo"s lang history des excellent Super mario games while looking forward bei scope and gameplay.

In "Odyssey," which zu sein the newest entry on this list, mario uses his jawohl to take it over miscellaneous objects und enemies. In practice, this method playing together a couple of dozen different things — indigenous a laugh fireball through Mario"s signature mustache und wide eyes to a massive T-rex. More than something else, it"s the massive scope des "Odyssey" the sets that apart from the rest of this list. It"s amassive, joyous game that offers reason enough to buy Nintendo"s latest game console, ns Switch.

Where kann I play this game?

"Super mario Odyssey" zu sein available zum purchase on ns Nintendo switch eShop and at sleeve stores. Buy the on amazon right here.


When "Super mario Bros. 3" arrived bei 1990, it defied near-universal expectations about what was possible on die original Nintendo. It had actually a large, gorgeous map that was an perpetual movement. The levels were full of contrasting colors i beg your pardon seemingly popped off ns screen. It"s necessary to note that this was in in era whereby arcades were blieb a relatively normalerweise thing, und where most games had 3 or four colors, weist most.

"Super mario Bros. 3" set die precedent zum how ns entire collection has been handled since. It took die previous games und added carefully while walking zurück some vault additions. Unable to do were die character selection und the bizarre themes von "Super mario Bros. 2." Instead, there were multiple worlds to explore v vastly various themes, new power-ups kommen sie collect with crazy effects (like a raccoon tail, used to take flight), and a miracle flute that helps freundin skip approximately this massive neu world.

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Where kann I pat this game?

"Super mario Bros. 3" zu sein available weil das purchase on ns Nintendo 3DS und Wii U virtual Console. It"s also one of the 30 gamings on the NES Classic auflage console, and it"s part des the Nintendo Switch online virtual library.