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Du schaust: Suzuki grand vitara 20 probleme

Hi all,I schutz a belästigung with my suzuki cool vitara 2005 model. Ns 4wd indicator irradiate comes out 1-2 secs every single time when ich accelerating . For example, wie man i anfang accelerating when traffic light rotate green, or everytime when i want zu overtake cars . über the time when the indicator light kommen sie out, ich heard a tik tak sound come from ns passenger side.What"s the problem and what should ich doPlease aid this newbee :crying:Hope kann sein get the answer from right here soon~
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Thanks scoopgrate1200. Thanks for the reply!I currently checked all the grounding, there"s no problem with die grounding.But die 4WD module makes ns tik tak sound when ns indicator light come out.Is it over there are short circuit?
Thanks Fordem zum the reply.The 05 used the switch for the 4WD.When normal ride. Die indicator light didn"t come out. Its all normal.The light kommen sie out when just want kommen sie overtaking a car or accelerating.Gear oil, grounding all bei good conditions. Except ns 4WD module, it will makes tik tak sound when die indicator light kommen sie out, yet there"s nothing occur with the car and it"s still so powerfull.
Hi lazychildren, mine "05 Vitara does die same and is control me up ns wall. What was ns solution? Do i need kommen sie replace die 4wd module? Please aid if sie can. Thanks!
We schutz a 2005 cool Vitara here too with exactly ns same fault,the lights flash top top under acceleration.Have confirm power and earth gives to the ecu and does not loose them.Also oase a scan tool and it looses interaction with die 4WD ecu wie man it happens.It zu sein almost like die ECU transforms off then restarts und does the light me check.
Dx20vt. Mate, I am not certain if this wollen work for you but it did zum me. I changed die plugs kommen sie iridium, cleaned die plug boots und it stopped.

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Hi there innerhalb having the same belästigt aswell, has anyone uncovered a solution yet. In dem nearly heading in the direction of a faulty module und that it more than likely needs replacing.
Has anyone discovered a solution to this problem? I have a 2005 XL7 the when ns electronic 4wd taste is pushed, the 4WD zu sein not engaging.It möchte beep, it does seem kommen sie cause a down shift,and I kann hear a tik tak sound that zu sein coming indigenous a solenoid or some type of actuator that ist located ~ above top des the lieferung case. This would be the same area the my 2002 had a lever to engage the 4WD. Also, after the switch has finished cycling, and the 4WD indicator light goes off, und is notfall engaged, if ich get tough on ns accelerator the 4WD light come on und I hear ns beep, and tik tak sound, together if i"m pushing die button.
I wanted to post about 2005 xl7 4WD light/ auslieferung case notfall engaging, ~ tracing under this problem, i think it may be the push button actuation move on the dashboard. It appears ns micro switch had lost its feather back and not operating properly, I"m trying kommen sie locate a new switch mechanism, or new micro switches zu repair the existing one.It ist obvious that the switch has no feather back, and hope this repair takes care of the problem.

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