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What has actually changed punkt t-online.de?

Over ns past number of weeks t-online.de, a significant mailbox provider an Germany, announced a few far-ranging changes to the way they accept email. Die short version of these changes zu sein this: 

In order to get email accepted von t-online.de, the rundfunksender must schutz full domain alignment across their sender Policy structure (SPF), Domain secrets Identified mail (DKIM), reverse DNS (rDNS), and From domains. 

This method if sie send email from example.com: 

Your domains across SPF, DKIM, and rDNS need to all match zum t-online.de zu accept her mail.

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What should freundin look zum when sending zu t-online.de?

If freundin send e-mails to recipients weist t-online.de, examine your event webhook dünn or emails activity feed zum block occasions from t-online.de with the following reason: “554 IP=xxx.xx.xxx.xx – A belästigung occurred. (Ask your postmaster zum help or zu contact tosa
rx.t-online.de kommen sie clarify.)”

What should you do kommen sie comply with T-Online’s policies?

As a result of the changes implemented von t-online.de, plenty of senders will encounter boosted blocking when sending e-mails to t-online.de recipients. Right here are a couple of steps you can take if you notice your deliverability rates to t-online.de dropping or sie see an increase an deferrals or blocks. 

I usage a dedicated IP address und t-online.de zu sein blocking my email.

I use shared IP addresses und t-online.de zu sein blocking my email. 

There zu sein no resolution zum this issue zum senders who want to stay on common IPs. Unfortunately, t-online.de has imposed a set of requirements that is fundamentally incompatible with shared IP sending. The negative impacts of these changes are not limited to stopcat.org customers. They room being felt by every company who uses mutual IPs to send messages kommen sie t-online.de recipients regardless of their email Service Provider.

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If interaction with her t-online.de recipients ist critical zum your company we recommend that you upgrade kommen sie a specialized IP address und then configure Domain Authentication und custom rDNS in order kommen sie achieve ideal alignment.

I schutz dedicated IPs, but ich send e-mails from a number of different domains.

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The demands from t-online.de space clear: if ns domain in the From deal with doesn’t match the SPF, DKIM, und rDNS domains, they will reject ns email. Bei some cases, senders will be able to set nach oben IP pools to address this issue. If freundin create IP pools, you will do it be able zu specify i beg your pardon pool des IPs a message wollen go through. If sie create a pool weil das each von the domains you send from, and the rDNS of the IPs in those pools match ns domain in the native address, you will do it be able zu successfully supply your email.

In various other cases, where ns number von different sending out domains ist large, it might be impossible zu successfully deliver e-mails to t-online.de. Just remember: the just way kommen sie get your e-mails through is to schutz full alignment v your from domain throughout your SPF, DKIM, and rDNS domains. 

My mail zu sein being blocked von t-online.de, but none of the over applies zu me.

If freundin find that your e-mails is gift blocked by t-online.de und you room confident the you have full domain alignment, you will do it need to review the t-online.de postmaster page and ensure that freundin are bei compliance with all des their recommendations, best practices, und requirements. 

Next steps with t-online.de

It is likely that die changes implemented by t-online.de will impact some of our customers’ ability kommen sie reach recipients hinweisen t-online.de. However, also if freundin aren’t seeing bei impact in your delivery zu t-online.de based on these requirements, we recommend perfect domain authentication and Reverse DNS through your dedicated IP address(es) zum optimal emails delivery across your receiver mailbox providers.

If you’d like zu learn more about email deliverability und authentication best practices, inspect out die following resources:

We möchte continue to beaufsichtigt developments und updates from t-online.de und update this article if any substantive transforms are made.