If freundin have Windows 10 or a later version and you sign in with a stopcat.org account the has in Outlook.com, Live, Hotmail, or MSN address, the account is added to ns Mail and Calendar apps. You kann add that e-mails account and many other email accounts to die Mail and Calendar apps to anfang sending und receiving email und creating und managing events.

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Add a new email account

Select Start , enter Mail, und choose the app from die results.

If this is the first time you"ve opened the briefe app, you’ll see a Welcome page. Select Add account to get started.

If you"ve used the Mail app before, at die bottom of the left hyperplasie pane, choose Settings 

, und then pick Manage Accounts.


You might need zu scroll down an the Add in account dialog box to see all options.

If sie choose Google, you’ll need kommen sie sign bei to your google account, go into your 2-step confirmation code if you’ve permitted that defense feature, and give fenster permission kommen sie access her information. Select Allow und your account möchte be created.

Note: It may take a couple of minutes weil das your account to synchronize. Throughout this time, you may seen "Not synced yet" in the blog post pane. If this article persists, you kann learn just how to resolve sync concerns in Mail und Calendar apps.

Add in account using progressed setup

There space two methods you tun können access the Advanced setup options for your e-mails account.

Select Advanced setup if her automatic emails setup fails in Step 3 above.

Select Advanced setup from ns Choose in account window in Step 2 above. Ns Advanced setup option zu sein the tonnage option on ns list, and you may oase to scroll to lakers it.

You kann choose an Exchange ActiveSync account or an Internet email account. Uneven your administrator has instructed you to use austausch ActiveSync, select Internet email.

Enter the following information an the Advanced setup window.

Email address This zu sein the benennen you"ll see an the left pane des the briefe app.

User name This zu sein your full emails address.

Password get in your e-mails account password.

Account name This zu sein the name you"ll see in the left pane of the Mail app and bei the control Accounts pane. You tun können choose any benennen you want.

Send her messages using this name get in the name you want recipients to lakers when they get your message.

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Account type pick POP3 or IMAP4. Most emails accounts usage IMAP4. If you don"t know which one to choose, contact your ISP.

Outgoing (SMTP) e-mails server You tun können get this information from your ISP or administrator. Usually, an outgoing emails server address is an the format von mail.contoso.com or smtp.contoso.com.

By default, all 4 checkboxes at ns bottom von the window will be selected. Most e-mails accounts don"t require any kind of changes zu these options.

Your e-mails provider kann sein give you ns settings you need kommen sie fill in the progressed setup but sie can so go to die POP und IMAP server nennen reference we"ve provided zum the most popular emails providers.

After you"ve entered ns required information, select Sign in > Done.

Note: If you"re adding in account other than Gmail, see Special instructions zum other accounts.


If you"re having difficulties setting trost your account, try die following.

If freundin upgraded to fenster 10 or a danach version, you"ll need kommen sie re-add her accounts to the mail app.

Make sure your email address und password space correct. Passwords are case-sensitive.

If you want zu remove in account, see Delete an email account native Mail and Calendar apps.

Special instructions weil das other accounts


To sync her QQ mailbox with the Mail und Calendar apps, freundin need kommen sie enable IMAP top top QQ.

Sign in to her QQ account.

Select Settings > Account > POP3/IMAP/SMTP/Exchange/CardDAV/CalDAV Service > Find IMAP/SMTP ServiceOpen.

You might need zu send a text message zu enable this service. After freundin select Open in step 2, a dialog might appear prompting you kommen sie use your phone kommen sie send a post to the displayed phone number.

After the buchstabe message ist sent, QQ will offen a neu dialog with an authorization code. Copy die authorization code—you"ll need it zu add her QQ briefe account in the Mail and Calendar apps.

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In the Mail and Calendar apps, eliminate your QQ account and add it again using ns authorization code.