Tablet Auf Fire Tv Stick Streamen

Then, role down zu Enable display screen Mirroring.
Choose Enable display Mirroring.

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Once mirroring has been activated, your Fire TV Stick möchte go right into a receptive setting where it zu sein awaiting input indigenous the android device. It will display a display screen like this one:


The following step ist to allow Miracast on her phone or tablet. An order to mirror your maker to ns Fire TV Stick, die device wollen need zu support Miracast. If you schutz a tablet, phone, or even a desktop computer make after 2012 or so, it should support Miracast natively. Miracast is a wireless protocol that enables sharing von audio und video information betwee WiFi-enabled devices. However, since every phone maker tends kommen sie fork its very own versions des the android operating system, this use doesn’t always have the same name on every phone.

Open your device’s setups page und search zum one des the adhering to phrases:

MiracastScreen mirroringAllShareCastCast screenWireless displayWireless mirroringQuick ConnectSmart ViewScreen Sharing

If you aren’t able zu find this functionality, then you might check with WiFi Alliance’s machine list to make sure that your phone has it. When you’ve found die settings page weil das the display screen mirroring functionality, enable ns service und your Fire TV pole should begin mirroring whatever zu sein on your android device’s screen.

If your phone has a ausführung of android prior zu 4.2, climate it more than likely doesn’t assistance Miracast natively. You’re not out des luck, however; there space apps zum your Fire TV stick that will let you spiegel from your device.

Mirroring durch Third-Party Apps

There room third-party apps that will allow you to mirror from devices that don’t support Miracast. There are a number von apps zu choose from, but weil das this article i will zeigen you how kommen sie work with AllCast, as it is one des the most popular and reliable apps and supports numerous devices.

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Download die AllCast app on Fire TV

From die Home screen, move left to die search bar und use ns onscreen keyboard kommen sie enter “Allcast”. Find the AllCast app and install that on her device.


Search the Play Store zum the AllCast app und install that on your device.

Choose ns Media freundin Want to Mirror

Launch AllCast on your device und on her Fire TV Stick, und it möchte give freundin the möglichkeit to choose die media that freundin wish to spiegel with her Fire TV Stick. You will then have full control over the playback options.

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Mirroring the content of your android device zu sein quite easy, also if your machine isn’t Miracast compatible. In addition to die built-in support zum Miracast, third-party apps like AllCast wollen let you cast kommen sie your Fire TV stick from practically any device.