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Use an adapter if needed. Marissa Perino/Business innerhalb

2. Plug the other end of the HDMI cord right into your TV. Many TVs have multiple ports located on the back, sides, or bottom von the screen.

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3. Turn ~ above or wake hoch your Chromebook. A pop-up may appear confirming her Chromebook zu sein connected.

4. Make sure you"ve adjusted your TV entry to die appropriate channel. Weil das many TVs, this have to be labeled together "HDMI 3" or "HDMI 4."


Select ns correct HDMI. Marissa Perino/Business insider

5. After selecting the correct HDMI input, your desktop background should show up on the TV screen.

6. To ensure every items top top your computer system are properly displayed on die TV, you"ll deshalb need zu turn ~ above "Mirror interior Imaging" an your settings. Access your Chromebook setups from die Launcher or von clicking die time bei the bottom-right hand corner des your desktop.

7. Click "Advanced" on die left hand side des the pop-up.

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8. Select "Device" followed von "Displays."

9. Scroll under to ns "Arrangement" section.

10. Check the "Mirror inner Display" box. This wollen turn ns white boxen to a blue checkmark.


examine "Mirror interior Display." Marissa Perino/Business insider

You have to now seen your entire computer screen now mirrored (instead of just the desktop computer background). Sie are free to open apps together as youtube or Microsoft Office, as well as browse Chrome or your google Drive to display internet pages and other documents.

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