Should you get die Lenovo Tab M8 HD or choose another 8-inch android tablet instead? That’s what you’ll learn ins this review.

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The Lenovo Tab M8 HD is bei inexpensive 8-inch tablet computer with an HD screen und a steel body. It functions a quad-core processor und a very lang battery life. Starting punkt around 130 us Dollars it has some downsides but so lots des positive features. Well, in this Lenovo Tab M8 HD review, you’ll learn everything freundin need kommen sie know about this tablet.

Before us start, a couple des words about ns different versions von this tablet. There are three in total. This review is of die Lenovo Tab M8 HD with in HD display. Sie can deshalb get a Lenovo smart Tab M8 with the same hardware that features a charging dock und the google Assistant ambient Mode. An additional version is the Lenovo Tab M8 FHD with a quicker processor und a full HD screen.

Design & build Quality


I choose the entwurf of die Lenovo Tab M8 HD a lot. Prefer with ns smaller Tab M7 we’re obtaining a metal body which is premium feeling. It looks and feels viel higher-end than ist common in this preis range. There room some thin plastic bezels on ns top und bottom and around the screen though. But ns rest zu sein metal.

The tablet weighs 305g und is 8.15mm thin. The nice to seen that die bezels around ns screen are rather thin. Top top the negative side, we’re gaining the old micro-USB harbor instead des a USB c one. On die right side, yes sir a microSD map slot und we get a conventional headphone jack on ns top.

Next to that 3.5mm headphone jack sit a speaker. Yes, that a single speaker und the sound quality is not good. Ns speaker is loud enough but it’s certainly notfall a perfect unterhalten tablet. Its bass zu sein very weak, und it sounds a bit flat.


Cameras & facial Recognition

The cameras are not that good either. We gain a 5-megapixel shooter on the back which you can use to record complete HD videos too. As long as you’re not zooming in, ns quality zu sein acceptable. Yet photos and videos from die 2-megapixel front-facing camera watch blurry.

You tun können use the selfie camera zu unlock die tablet with facial recognition. For that, die tablet uses ns webcam and there is no extr sensor. So, it’s notfall as secure as Apple’s confront ID. Und the facial acknowledgment from Lenovo is much slower too. It normally takes a 2nd or 2 until my face zu sein recognized in good lighting conditions. An the dark, that does not work at all.

By die way, to anfang the facial recognition you’ve got to turn on the screen first. You kann sein do that von pushing the energie button, together usual. Or you tun können turn on tap-to-wake in the settings. Once sie do that, you tun können double-tap on the screen to turn the on.



The Lenovo Tab M8 HD has bei 8-inch screen with in aspect ratio of 16:10. It features in HD resolution through 1280 ns 800 pixels which way that ns pixel density zu sein lower 보다 on practically all smartphones. But ich think bei HD resolution on 8 inches zu sein good enough. Sure, wie man you’re stop it bei front of your nose, you kann sein see pixels und it’s not as sharp together your phone. For the price, it’s fine though.

However, that does notfall mean that it’s notfall worth it kommen sie get the full HD version. If you willing zu spend a bit much more money, you’ll obtain a noticeably more detailed foto with a complete HD display.

Overall, ich like die screen. When its brightness ist not perfect, that bright enough and because it’s bei IPS panel, the viewing angles space wide. Color reproduction and contrast room okay. Bei the settings, you kann change die color mode und adjust the color temperature zu your liking.

I think it’s really disappointing that you can’t clock Netflix in HD due to the fact that it does notfall support die necessary DRM standards. I don’t know why Lenovo zu sein not implementing those. The belastung Lenovo tablets i reviewed had the same issue. On die Tab M8, die maximum Netflix resolution is 960 x 540. That’s notfall too bad an this case, because the screen has in HD resolution only anyways. Yet still… i wish Lenovo would carry out something about it zum all their tablets.

Hardware & Performance


Inside the Lenovo Tab M8 HD sit a MediaTek A22 quad-core processor with 2GB or 3GB des RAM, escape on die version. Sie can also choose bolzen a 16GB and 32GB interior storage. My testimonial unit has 2GB des RAM und a 32GB storage. Around 8GB room used by the system out des the box.

As ich said, freundin can so get a version with the google Assistant the has the same hardware. With ns Tab M8 FHD, on the other hand, you deshalb get a faster MediaTek P22T octa-core processor. Ich didn’t evaluation this one yet.

Well, you tun können see in my benchmark comparison that the Lenovo Tab M8 HD is not among the fastest tablets out there. Yet that’s zu be expected. It’s interesting to seen that in Geekbench 4, it’s almost as an excellent as ns pricier samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 SM-T290. A an ext interesting fact ist that ns graphics performance bei the AnTuTu benchmark ist even better. Sie should so know that it’s much faster in both benchmarks than the cheaper however similar amazonas Fire HD 8.

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Its performance in real life zu sein not remarkable but good enough. I’ve been able kommen sie surf the web v several opened tabs, clock YouTube und Netflix without any type of problems. Sometimes sie might notification a small lag when switching bolzen apps, however overall, that’s quite rare.

While using single apps works great, the Lenovo Tab M8 does oase problems v multitasking. The does support die split-screen view. But wie man I’m watching youtube while surfing die web bei Chrome, ich noticed several mal that the audio und video on youtube gets out of sync. And Chrome doesn’t feeling snappy in split-screen check out either. So, you tun können do decent multitasking with simpler apps, however it’s auch slow for two demanding ones.


That deshalb means it’s notfall ideal weil das gaming. PUBG mobile does not run through HD graphics, zum instance, but you kann sein play it v low and balanced settings. Most of the time the runs rather well. But you’ve got to suppose occasional stutters. An easy games choose Fin & Ancient secret run great von course.

Overall, i think the performance is good zum its price. In this preis range, it’s necessary that basics like ns operating system itself, surfing the web and watching YouTube arbeit smoothly. Und that’s die case here.



The Lenovo Tab M8 HD zu sein running android 9 Pie out von the box und it did gain the january 2020 protection patch. I’m not sure if Lenovo möchte ever release bei update to android 10 though. Bei the past, they did relax a couple of updates for some tablets but zum many they did not. So, Lenovo zu sein not as consistent as samsung is.

I constantly like the Lenovo is giving us pretty much vanilla android with every its standard functions like die split-screen view, the neu digital wellbeing settings, and so on. Amongst its pre-installed apps room advertisement, candy Crush, DragonCity, island Blast und some standard ones prefer a sound recorder und a Dolby Audio app. Well, those ads und games room a little annoying. However, you kann sein uninstall them easily.


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There is one klein adjustment to the interface. ~ above the start screen, Lenovo imposed a so-called Lenovo spiel Center which zu sein just a waste von space und memory. In the home display settings, you tun können deactivate it though.

For some, die productivity mode might be amazing which you kann sein turn on in the display settings. Once freundin do that, you get a taskbar that aussehen similar to die ones from desktop operating systems. This is not a full desktop computer mode but lasst uns you navigate android much easier wie man using it through mouse und keyboard.

Battery Life


In mine battery test, die Lenovo Tab M8 HD got bei astonishing result von 23 hours und 30 minutes. For this test, I’m always looping ns same HD videobilien at tool brightness und activated WiFi.

This an excellent result is a bit surprising however other reviewers are reporting a good battery life too. But i need kommen sie say that ns screen zu sein quite dark punkt medium brightness. Mine battery test zu sein not perfect regarding this.

I so did a youtube test. Wie constantly streaming HD videos on YouTube hinweisen maximum brightness, you’ll gain a runtime von 8 hours. Yes, it is HD streaming weist maximum brightness. So, regarding this test, the battery life ist pretty an excellent as well. Especially zum its price.

Lenovo Tab M8 Review: last Verdict


Alright, stop get kommen sie the end of mine Lenovo Tab M8 HD review. Especially when you consider how cheap it is, i think that a pretty great tablet. It’s in interesting choice if freundin don’t want zu spend a last of money und are looking weil das a hard 8-inch tablet weil das surfing the web, watching YouTube, and doing other basic tasks.

As i said, it is a an extremely premium feeling tablet. While its cameras and speakers are not that great, the display and performance are good weil das its price. I also like the we’re getting practically pure android 9. And the battery life is very long.


Okay, let’s get to its feasible alternatives. If you want a bit better tablet through pure Android, freundin should check out the full HD version von the Tab M8. It uses a better screen and a much better performance, punkt least on paper. Ich haven’t reviewed the yet.

Another direct competitor ist the samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 SM-T290. While it does not feel together high-end, that offers in HD screen and a comparable performance too. It’s a good choice if freundin want zu get updates as long as possible. Ich can’t promise anything. But in the past, die Galaxy Tab A tablets oase usually gotten two large updates. Sadly, that’s usually not the situation with Lenovo.

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If you want to save a bit des money, you kann sein check out the amazon Fire HD 8. It’s rather a little cheaper und its performance ist not together good, yet it has a similar HD screen. Ich think the a an excellent tablet zum simple tasks. Und a an excellent choice if sie use lots von stuff from Amazon.