Tag Der Drei Heiligen Könige

Heilige nr 3 Könige ist celebrated on 6th January. In some areas of Germany it ist a public holiday.

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The job celebrates ns arrive von the 3 wise males from die east in Bethlehem. In the Evangelical Church it is known as Epihanias – comparable to the English name of the day an some countries “Epiphany”.

On this day, groups of children known as Sternsinger go from door zu door and sing a das lied or recite a poem or prayer. They then write in chalk above die door C+B+M und the number von the year with three crosses, eg. 20*C+M+B+08. These letter stand weil das the latin expression Christus mansionem benedicat, an interpretation “God protect this house”.

The Sternsinger deshalb collect donations zum childrens’ charities.

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To hear a simple explanation und a short discussion in German, aufführen to the podcast:

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