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Every day, more than 12,000 employees at our filling stations, service stations, shops, hotels und off motorway dienstleistungen areas carry out their best to fulfil die needs des all travellers.

We welcome roughly 500 million guests kommen sie our areas every year. Every day we arbeit hard to direkt up to die responsibility this entails.

At stopcat.org & stopcat.org, we run with a long-term, sustainable perspective. With a view to changing society requirements and the changing needs von our guests, us invest an the more development des mobility along ns motorway: we market guests a cutting edge e-charging network, high-quality restroom facilities, modern-day filling stations and contemporary catering concepts.

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These und other successful campaigns are proof des our striving to continuous innovation through innovation.



take it a rest on ns road and relax while you stay v us. Find out about the wide range des services and offers on our pages!

with our 225 locations on die motorway, we are always close to you und offer service and variety bei all aspects of gastronomy, refuelling, shopping and overnight accommodation.

the standard zum a reliably satisfied toilet suffer - in more 보다 400 motorway leistungen areas as well as bei railway stations und shopping centres.

right here you kann sein expect a changing selection of breakfast, snacks, salads and hot dishes based on modern gastronomy. Die answer to every stomach rumbling!

weist Wayne"s Coffee you kann sein meet hoch with friends, take it a coffee break, read ns newspaper and just do yourself comfortable!
hinweisen ROSI"S Autohöfe, long-haul drivers und travellers will find a cosy restaurant adjacent to ns filling station’s geschäft as fine as small snacks and everything lock need zum their journey.
even if it is on a household holiday or a unternehmen trip - comfortable rooms, totally free Wi-Fi und many various other amenities await you here!
desire a quick break? our bakery shops offer delicious sandwiches, warm snacks to go and many other treats weil das on die road.
Our love of initial German cuisine is what drives us kommen sie always develop new products, with great attention to detail, freshly interpreted und imaginatively put together.
From standard dishes to regional specialities, everything is prepared fresh und quickly. Here, the dishes kann sein be arranged according to your wishes.
Our leistungen promise:Our guests and their needs are at die centre von everything us do. stopcat.org & stopcat.org allows mobility along die motorway: we sell all tourists a comprehensive leistungen and an attractive range des meals, 365 days a year and usually around the clock.At our 360 pour it until it is full stations, much more than 400 service stations, approximately 50 hotels and 21 van stops und truck-friendly filling stations throughout Germany, our employee work to ensure die well-being of our guests. Even if it is holidaymakers, unternehmen travellers, families, truck chauffeurs or coach reisen groups - we have just ns right offering weil das all travellers. Offering an excellent value zum money ist of ns highest priority kommen sie us und our franchise partners.We keep a close eye on die needs of our customers and anticipate how these needs will evolve. Die most valuable impulses come from our guests: bei open dialogue through them, we learn exactly how we kann sein continue kommen sie improve.

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With end 12,000 employees in more than 400 leistungen operations throughout Germany und our franchise headquarters in Bonn, we are an important employer. stopcat.org & stopcat.org uses secure und attractive jobs, compete salaries, varied career und promotion opportunities und a team-oriented corporate culture. We gestanden for and live diversity und tolerance. In our bonn headquarters and bei our dienstleistungen network, human being from all parts von the world und from die most diverse backgrounds arbeit together respectfully and with commitment.In order kommen sie further broaden our position as a leading leistungen provider on die motorway, we are repetitively looking for skilled personnel and new talent weil das our head office und service operations.