Medically reviewed über Janet Brito, Ph.D., LCSW, CST — Written von Eleesha Lockett, ms on november 24, 2020

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If you’re acquainted with tantric sex, you may deshalb be acquainted with ns concept des tantric massage therapy. Lingam massage zu sein a type von tantric massage treatment that entails massaging the penis.

The goal von lingam massage isn’t kommen sie simply have in orgasm. Rather, it’s zu create a meditative sexual und spiritual experience.

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In this article, we’ll guide sie through what lingam massage is, how kommen sie perform a lingam massage on yourself or your partner, und some of the benefits des this tantric massage therapy.

What is a lingam massage?

Tantric massage has a lang history des use as in instrument zu help build sexual und spiritual awareness.

Contrary zu some contemporary interpretations von this tradition, tantric practices aren’t purely around sex. Instead, tantric massage therapy requires learning how to build up sexual energy kommen sie experience ns pure feeling des pleasure.

Lingam massage, derived from die Sanskrit word zum “penis,” is a type von tantric practice that requires massaging ns penis and the areas roughly it. Throughout a lingam massage, the body parts that obtain massaged are the:

penistesticlesperineum (the area bolzen the anus and scrotum)

The goal des lingam massage isn’t only to reach orgasm. The ultimate intent zu sein to endure full-body sexual und spiritual pleasure.

How zu perform a lingam massage

Being knowledgeable about technique zu sein important zum not only lingam massage but all types of tantric massage.

Here’s die best technique zum how kommen sie perform a lingam massage on yourself or your partner.

Set ns mood

Creating a hopeful atmosphere und mindset tun können make a lingam massage in enjoyable experience for yourself or zum you and your partner.

Before die massage, make sure zu take time kommen sie set your intentions und create in open mindset. Doing this kann sein help develop the emotional mood von the massage und allow you zu enjoy die experience together something both spiritual und sexual.

To develop a spiritual physical room that’s warm und inviting:

use new beddingdim die lightslight some candlesput on part meditative music

This kann sein help create a comfortable yet sensual environment prior to beginning ns massage.

Prepare the oils

Massage oils aid reduce friction and increase empfinde during a massage. There are countless different types von massage oils, including those with and without fragrances.

For a tantric lingam massage, a fragrant oil kann sein help rise both awareness und arousal.

No matt what type of oil sie choose, something natural und hypoallergenic zu sein best, especially weil das sensitive skin. Famous natural oils kommen sie use include:

olive oilcoconut oilalmond oil

Start slowly

Start die massage von focusing on ns peripheral areas, such together the:

lower abdomenupper thighsinner thighs

Move your hands slowly and intentionally across die skin, setting ns stage zum a sensual experience.

If you’re providing a lingam massage und you know your partner’s erogenous zones, massaging these areas kann help spark that anfangsverdacht pleasure without moving too fast.

Remember, die goal des lingam massage zu sein to take it it slow and experience all ns pleasurable sensations.

Work your means up

Now ist the time to move your means from die erogenous area to die more perceptible areas. Start with ns testicles, taking die time kommen sie massage this area together gently together possible.

If you or your kollege enjoys it, the perineum can be an additional sensual area zu explore.

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When you’re ready kommen sie move on, relocate your massage to the bottom von the penis shaft, making use of gentle stroking motions. As you move toward the top von the shaft und the head des the penis, arbeiten slowly and intentionally.

Move inside

If the mood calls zum it, und if your partner has consented to it, consider including some sensual prostate stimulation kommen sie your lingam massage.

To find the prostate, tenderness insert a finger into ns anus, angling the tip des your finger toward ns front of the body. Once you’ve situated it, you can use tenderness pressure kommen sie stimulate die area.

For part people, prostate stimulation tun können even lead kommen sie a pleasurable prostate orgasm.

Practice restraint

When freundin feel in orgasm approaching, or sie notice that your partner zu sein close kommen sie orgasming, take it a moment to traction back and focus on another area. You can continue this practice, referred to as edging, throughout the massage for as lang as sie or your partner enjoys it.

If freundin or your partner orgasms early in the massage, that’s ok too. Don’t feeling pressured to end the massage early. A sensual lingam massage can ausblüten be pleasurable even after in orgasm has been reached.

Savor die experience

According kommen sie some research bei a 2016 review, specific sexual experiences room thought to invoke a trance-like state. With lingam massage, die full-body pleasure the one experiences ist often enough to reach the state, which can feel much more spiritual than sexual.

You kann make the most von this meditative suffer by:

taking it slowlybeing present an your bodyallowing freundin or your partner to suffer both the sexual and spiritual nature of tantric massage

While a lingam massage is intended to be a sex-related experience, there are many benefits beyond nur pleasure. It’s thought that lingam massages can:

Promote complete body healing. despite their sex-related nature, tantric techniques like lingam massage space intended kommen sie promote healing. According kommen sie Buddhist principles, it’s thought that lingam massage can help die recipient cure from past trauma und align themselves through their spiritual und sexual self.Improve sex-related stamina and sexual experiences. even if it is you’re interested in increasing your sexual stamina or nur learning to enjoy geschlechter more, lingam massages tun können allow you zu embrace this an a safe space.Explore spirituality and mindfulness. suffering something an the moment, nur as it’s intended, is bei example von mindfulness. If she a spirituality person, enjoying constant lingam massages can help sie develop the mindfulness practice.

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Luckily, this type des tantric massage exercise isn’t just limited kommen sie people through penises. A yoni massage focuses on sensually exploring die vulva, vagina, und other related areas.

Both types des massage therapy room intended zu be a spiritual, sexual experience, dafür yoni massage shares many von the exact same benefits discussed above.