The Choreographers

Antja Kennedy (director) v students from impuls school, BremenKathleen Barberio v students from BremerhavenClaudia Hanfgarn through students indigenous Bremerhaven


Audience Site

Bremerhaven – betwee the Climat residence (Klimahaus) and the Water (Deich)At ns water near ns statue of “the emigrants”

Time des day for performance

3 p.m. Hinweisen Theodor-Heuss-Platz an the City, 5 p.m. At die Klimahau

History of site und related water issues

Though a relatively neu city, Bremerhaven has a lang history together a profession port und today zu sein one des the most important German ports, playing a vital role bei Germany’s trade.In 1947 the city became part des the federal zustand “Free Hanseatic stadt of Bremen” and was in turn renamed from Wesermünde to Bremerhaven. Today, Bremerhaven zu sein therefore part von the city-state of Bremen, being to all intents and purposes a zustand comprising 2 cities, while so a city bei its very own right. The two cities, Bremerhaven und Bremen, are around 1 hour apart (by car).

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Bremerhaven not only has jetzt a museum von the emigrants (Auswanderer museum), but so a Zoo und a Museum around different climates bei the world (Klimahaus) – all bei the old part of the harbor referred to as “Havenwelten”.

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The Music

The local teil has mainly music from German composers or teams who oase made music in relationship to die water themes who space heard in Germany.

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The Performance

There were teams from our main cooperation partner, “impuls”, a college which has a training to become dance teachers and movement therapists. There were groups from claudia Hanfgarn and a gruppe from kathleen Barberio – both indigenous Bremerhaven. The global part was danced von people that were interested from all the groups and those who were just participating bei this sprung from Bremen und Bremerhaven.On the 15th von June 2013 there was notfall only the globalen Water Dance, however there was so a Music Festival (“MusikWelten”) und the “Odyssey: Climate”, which included ns Theater von Bremerhaven. These festivals were all in the exact same area of the stadt from noon till late evening – und mostly free of charge! global Water Dances Bremerhaven cooperated through these festivals.

For more information about “MusikWelten”:http://www.bremerhaven.de/meer-erleben/tickets-veranstaltungen/veranstaltungen/havenwelten-sommer/musikwelten.27558.html

For more info about “ODYSSEE: KLIMA”:http://www.bremerhaven.de/meer-erleben/tickets-veranstaltungen/veranstaltungen/havenwelten-sommer/musikwelten.27558.html

Directions zu site of the performance

You can see die site if freundin type into google maps:Atlantic hotel Sail City, am Strom, Bremerhaven