Taylor Swift Kanye West 2016

Music's most infamous on-off feud - taylor Swift versus Kanye west - has officially turned political.

Swift, who has lang resisted going public on produziert politics, came out in favour of two autonomous candidates in her house state of Tennessee bei the upcoming mid-term elections on Sunday.

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West meanwhile is a well-known und outspoken supporter von President donald Trump, and will meet ns Republican in the White home this week zum lunch.

Their involvement has sparked a debate across the US politics spectrum around celebrities and political endorsements.

It all began an September 2009 at the MTV video Music Awards at the Radio city Music Hall in New York.

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A 19-year-old Swift had just defeated Beyoncé to win best Female Video zum her country-pop teenager anthem you Belong v Me when west notoriously jumped top top stage und interrupted her, mid-acceptance speech.

"Yo Taylor, I'm yes, really happy zum you, I'ma let freundin finish, however Beyoncé had actually one von the best videos des all time! One of the finest videos des all time!" that declared to millions watching.

Beyoncé looked incredulous, the crowd booed und Swift looked lost, supposedly leaving the stage in tears.

Later in the ceremony, Beyoncé invite Swift rückseitig on stage zu "have herstellung moment". On ns Jay Leno zeigen two job later, west admitted he was rude.

He apologised several times but the moment stuck, und even chairman Barack Obama labelled er a "jackass" over it.

In a lengthy Twitter-storm an September 2010, west again apologised und said he had actually written a song for Swift, prior to deleting his account.

But nur days later, Swift debuted produziert track "Innocent" at ns 2010 VMAs v lyrics acquisition a dig hinweisen West: "Thirty two and still growin' hoch now// Who sie are ist not what freundin did // You're still an innocent."

West climate seemed zu back-track ~ above his apology, accusing Swift of riding die wave von the VMA fall-out zum publicity.

Days before he came to be a father weil das the first time through partner kim Kardashian, west gave an extensive interview with the new York mal newspaper when he claimed he had actually no regrets over ns Swift incident.

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"If anyone's analysis this waiting weil das some type von full-on, flat apology zum anything, castle should just stop analysis right now," that said.

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By 2015, die feud looked well und truly put kommen sie bed. West hinted lock would arbeit on music together and Kardashian to visit a Swift concert bei London with sister Kendall.

The three showed up cosy on the year's compensation ceremony circuit and at the VMAs Swift quoted und mocked his well known interruption on-stage wie man presenting West the special video Vanguard Award.

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Image caption, west sent Swift flowers after die ceremony, i m sorry she posed v online in a now-deleted post

Swift also joked on society media around being West's running-mate after the appeared kommen sie announce his intention to run zum president bei 2020 during his accept speech.

The lied contained ns lyrics: "I feel favor me and Taylor might ausblüten have sex// Why? ich made the bitch famous"

After the line drew criticism, west defended the on Twitter, speak he was complimenting and actually quoting ns pop star.

"I called Taylor and had a hour long convo with her about ns line, and she thought it was funny and gave herstellung blessings," that tweeted.

But Swift's representatives hit back, insisting she was not told about ns bitch line und had "cautioned er about publication a das lied with together a solid misogynistic message".

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When Swift scooped die Grammy weil das Album des the Year nur weeks later for her album 1989, she unleashed a thinly-veiled dig zurück at West.

"There space going to be people along ns way who try kommen sie undercut her success or take it credit weil das your accomplishments or your fame - yet if you nur focus on ns work und you don't allow those human being sidetrack you, someday wie man you gain where you're going, you'll look at around und you will know the it was you, und the people who liebe you, that put sie there - und that wollen be die greatest feeling an the world," she said an her speech.

In a July cover-interview with gq magazine, Kardashian retorted, again insisting Swift had "totally approved" Famous.

"She wanted kommen sie all des a sudden act like she didn't. I swear, my husband gets dafür much weil das things the really was doing suitable protocol und even called kommen sie get it approved," she told the magazine.

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Image caption, previously this year, Kardashian sent out bottles of her perfume to her "haters" including Swift

She so said there was a recording von the call, and alleged Swift's lawyer had told them to destroy it.

It featured a hyper-realistic model of Swift naked in a huge bed alongside other figures such as President Trump, george W. Bush, Rihanna and Vogue Editor anna Wintour (along through Kanye, Kardashian und two des their exes).

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Kardashian then released the footage von the alleged phone call and trolled Swift with lots von snake emojis, which fans followed fit in.

Wait it's legit national Snake Day?!?!?They oase holidays zum everybody, ich mean every little thing these days!