Taylor Swift claims she feeling "vindicated" after clip of produziert contentious 2016 phone call with Kanye west emerged online.

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The eis shows that, although west sought Swift's permission zu use herstellung name bei one of his songs, he failed to say he'd express to herstellung as "that bitch".

But West's wife, kim Kardashian, dubbed the stern "self-serving" weil das drawing attention to the leak.

Kardashian intensified die feud in 2016 über posting excerpts of the phone call call, purporting to zeigen that Swift had spoken kommen sie West and been enthusiasm about die song.

The result backlash witnessed Swift's social media accounts flooded v snake emojis from world accusing herstellung of lying und being duplicitous.

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Image caption, ns pair had actually been on familiar terms before 2016 - this bild was take away at the 2015 MTV Awards

After ns tape des the complete conversation do its way online, Swift post a statement on instagram asking fans to donate to ns charity Feeding America instead von asking herstellung how she felt about ns leak.

However, she added that the footage confirmed "that i was telling die truth ns whole time about that call".

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"You know, the one that was illegally recorded, that someone edited and manipulated zu frame me and put me, mine family und my fan through beleuchten for 4 years."

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She conceded that produziert husband did notfall inform Swift of the offensive lyric, but said that was never at ns centre des their dispute.

"To it is in clear, ns only issue i ever had roughly the situation was the Taylor lied through herstellung publicist who declared that 'Kanye never called to ask for permission...' They plainly spoke," she said.

"At the time when they speak the lied had not been totally written yet, however as everyone kann see in the video, she manipulated ns truth of their actual conversation in her declare when herstellung team claimed she 'declined and cautioned ihm about publication a das lied with such a strong misogynistic message.'"

(In fact, the band does show Swift advising West not to use die line "Taylor Swift can owe me sex" top top the base that "the feminists are going to come out".)

taylorswift13 has actually chosen to reignite in old austausch - that weist this point bei time feels an extremely self-serving given die suffering millions of ja wirklich victims are dealing with right now.

— metall Kardashian west (

"Kanye has documented die making von all von his albums for his angestellter archive," she continued. "However has never released any des it zum public consumption and the call betwee the two von them would schutz remained private or would oase gone bei the trash had actually she not lied and forced me to verteidigung him.

"The lie was never about die word bitch," Kardashian concluded. "It was always even if it is there was a call or not und the tone von the conversation."

But the war of indigenous didn't end there - together Swift's publicist Tree Paine intervened, declare Kardashian had misquoted produziert original 2016 niederdrücken release.

Although both political parties felt compelled kommen sie keep die feud going, castle conceded there were an ext important jene going on an the welt right now.

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Swift urged fans to donate to charity, when Kardashian acknowledged the circular triviality of the entirety affair.

"Sorry to bore sie all with this. Ich know freundin are all dealing with an ext serious and important matters."