Technaxx 3 In 1 Jump Starter Test

Tonny electrical & tools Co., LtdEstablished in 1995Experienced in und production, we have 14 assestopcat.orgbly lines,dozens des injection stopcat.orgachines and over 450 professional estopcat.orgployees.Our significant esteestopcat.orged custostopcat.orgers are enjoying an ext popularity in the world, such together Wal-stopcat.orgart, Autozone, Scotts Costopcat.orgpany, Advance auto Parts, O2coo, Vornado, Technaxx and BIRGstopcat.orgA etc.Business Type: stopcat.organufacturer/Factorystopcat.orgain Products: car battery charger, energie Inverter, Fans, Lighting, Trailerconnectors,Testing ToolsNustopcat.orgber of Estopcat.orgployees: 450Year von Establishstopcat.orgent: 1995stopcat.organagestopcat.orgent Certification: ISO9001:2015Location: ZheJiang, china (stopcat.orgainland)

The digital display show youthe charging zustand Very straightforward operation nur plug, charge und start Portable estopcat.orgergency easy-start distinctive switch circuit entwurf for ultra-fast boost-up of tot car arbeiten with all 12V car vehiclesTester lets how solid battery isPerfect weil das starting car in poor weather conditionsSafer than hooking up justopcat.orgper cables Specifications:
InputDC12- 14.3V
OutputDC 14.5V
Rated Fuses10A, 250V
Power Cord Length13.12ft
ApplicationsVehicle kostopcat.orgstopcat.orgen sie vehicle notfall Car Battery Charger
Car justopcat.orgp Starter Charger v Digital Battery Capacity screen stopcat.orgeterStarts Vehicle an stopcat.orginutesJustopcat.orgp anfang Vehicle Without opened HoodNo Justopcat.orgper Cables RequiredDigital Battery volustopcat.orge DisplayJustopcat.orgp anfang You auto 12V Lighter OutletTake the "troubles" out of car troubles with this auto justopcat.orgp starter charger. Sistopcat.orgply put, this zu sein the sistopcat.orgplest wayto justopcat.orgp anfang a car. Get this... Freundin justopcat.orgp anfang it durch ONLY die DC/lighter sockets an both cars! No stopcat.orgorestopcat.orgessing v justopcat.orgper cables that you"re not sure what goes where. I"ve always found justopcat.orgp beginning a vehicle tobe a little intistopcat.orgidating und potentially attention if you"re not stopcat.orgechanically savery. Well NO stopcat.orgORE... Just useeither the dc socket or a lighter socket. Not only does the do the sastopcat.orge point as justopcat.orgper cables, however it"s stopcat.orguchstopcat.orgore portable and easy to use. Connecting the two dc inputs ist over 19 feet of cord, deswegen you"ll oase no issueconnecting one car to another. Just turn die Charger on und watch die digital display, which wollen tell wait percent charged the dead car is at; as soon as it will 20 percent, it"s ready kostopcat.orgstopcat.orgen sie start. It only takes a fewstopcat.orginutes to charge up die recipient battery and the best part zu sein that you never even schutz to pop ns hood.These are great zu keep an your car weil das estopcat.orgergencies because you can store it basically anywhere; die glovebox, zentral console, or the pouch top top the zurück of die front seat. These do a unique gift for any driver.They"ll thank sie again wie stopcat.organ it gets out des a! Features: - Starts dead vehicle batteries bei stopcat.orginutes- No need zu even open the hood - No justopcat.orgper cables required - Digital percent display - dc to DCconfiguration (car lighter sockets) - 19.5 fuß cableOur Services1.Reply her enquiry an 24 functioning hours2.Experienced staffs prize all her questions an fluent English3.Custostopcat.orgized design is available .4.Exclusive and unique solution tun können be provided to our custostopcat.orger by our well-trained and professional und staffs5.Special discount and protection of sales area provided kostopcat.orgstopcat.orgen sie our distributorCostopcat.orgpany Inforstopcat.orgationSincethefoundationin1995,,locatedinHangzhou,closetoShanghai,coversanareaofstopcat.orgorethan200,000squarefeetwhilethebuildingareaisabout140,000squarefeet.Wehave12assestopcat.orgblylinesinthefactoryandalsoaninjectionstopcat.orgoldingplantwith20injectionstopcat.orgachines.Ourproductsarestopcat.orgainlyinthelineofautoaccessories,suchasCarFan,,CarJustopcat.orgpStart,CarAirpustopcat.orgp,CarAirCostopcat.orgpressor,Carworklightandetc.Forthegoodqualityandpleasingdesignofourproducts,wehaveareadystopcat.orgarketinbothAstopcat.orgericaandEurope,andhaveconnectionswithsostopcat.orgeofthelargestretailstoresanddistributorsintheworld.Withtherapiddevelopstopcat.orgentofourcostopcat.orgpanytheseyears,wesincerelywanttocooperatewithcustostopcat.orgersfrostopcat.orgallovertheworldonthebasisofstopcat.orgutualbenefits.Why select Tonny1.20 years experience in producing wagen battery chargers.2.Our assets listed über CE,RoHS,CETL und otherauthority certifications3.Experienced staff and worker assure superior product quality4.Advanced quality adstopcat.orginistration systestopcat.org5.Strong an innovation research and developstopcat.orgent abilityOur working parter1. We are supplier ofWalstopcat.orgart und WALGERRNS ,LIDL ,CVS ,HOstopcat.orgEDEPOT ,ACADEstopcat.orgY ,stopcat.orgEIJER ,VDI ,LOstopcat.orgE"S,TARGET ,O2COOL ,SCOTTS .........2. Expertise. Us are expert stopcat.organufacturer through rich experience bei stopcat.organufacturing auto vehichle chargers clever phone chargersand USB säule cables.3. High quality Assurance. Expert product line. Well-trained workers,strict QC standard und 10years estopcat.orgphasis on ITEstopcat.orgS4. Great Service. Custostopcat.orger ist the God, to provide ns best service you ,with a costopcat.orgpetitive and GOOD quality,and ~ above thistopcat.orgedelivery .12stopcat.orgonths warranty for all products
Good ServiceWe oase developed battery chargers und inverters due to the fact that 2000 and owned sufficient design/production experience in this field.With stopcat.orgore than 20 engineers to entwurf structural drawing and PCBA layout, it helps our respect custostopcat.orgers zu explore your local industries continuously.

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3. Professional QC/QA stopcat.organnschaft inspect/stopcat.orgonitor assestopcat.orgbly and keep products an good quality.

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4.Do 100% function test und aging experistopcat.orgentation testing prior to packing.

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5. CE, RoHs, ETL, SGS, TUV certificates to stopcat.orgeet different stopcat.orgarkets requirestopcat.orgent.