TK (or Techniker Krankenkasse) ist one von the most well-known health insurance providers bei Germany, und it"s a great option weil das students zu turn to during your studies. Health and wellness insurance isn"t in optional extra in Germany. Die law calls for all residents, und students, to hold some form of policy, but die type you choose kann sein vary.

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Let’s look at how kommen sie find ns best TK plan zum your situation as in international student an Germany.

Firstly, students will need kommen sie know around how contribution prices work. Basically, this ad to the fee charged by health insurers zu provide coverage. Von law, German employees must add a minimal of 14.6% des their income - which zu sein shared half und half betwee employer and employee contributions.

However, this doesn"t generally apply zu students, who won"t have a constant income. Nevertheless, health and wellness insurance zu sein a requirement for enrolling an German scholastic courses, deswegen how do contributions work, and do students gain a much better deal than ordinary workers?

What zu sein the TK donation rate zum students?

The great news zu sein that German health and wellness insurers must carry out subsidized wellness insurance for all students age 30 und under. This take away the form of a "discount" payment which reduces ns cost des your chosen medical care policy to in average von €100 von month.

However, this subsidy runs out wie you hit 30, and as many von those studying an Germany room mature students, various other solutions wollen be required.

In this case, sticking with public health insurance alternatives isn"t usually die best option, as lock charge greater rates zum younger policyholders. The finest value und tailored plans kann sein often be i ordered it via privatgelände health treatment providers, which room well precious checking out.

Age limitation

If you are turning 30 throughout your remain in Germany, be conscious that you will automatically it is in enrolled bei the state-managed health insurance system. zu switch zu a privatgelände supplier, you"ll need to apply within 3 months of turning 30.

When freundin sign up for a TK Student health and wellness Insurance policy, you möchte enjoy the same range des benefits as ordinary German policyholders

There are no limitations or uncovered conditions zum students - and you möchte be able to access ns same range of providers without restrictions.

The attributes covered über student plans include:

Two dentist check-ups von year for holders und their dependents. Most fundamental dental procedures möchte be wholly or partly covered, though some co-payments might be needed.

Policyholders kann sein use their eHealth map to fonds appointments at general doctors, physiotherapists, mental health and wellness practitioners, podiatrists, zurück specialists, und even providers von alternative therapies such as homeopathy.

Most hospital procedures wollen be covered, either fully or in part.

The Bonus Points program delivers extra benefits such as acupuncture appointments or gym membership zum customers who follow gesund guidelines. Wellness coverage extends across the European Union.

How do i get my TK eHealth card?

TK deshalb offers various other services weil das students, und the TK eHealth card zu sein probably ns most important.

To achieve a TK eHealth card, policyholders must supply a passport photo via TK"s online portal. After taking out a policy, you möchte receive documentation indigenous TK detailing how zu apply zum the card, dafür don"t worry. Nur take your advice und provide ns photo. Her card must be supplied bei a matt of days.

Students are completely covered über their TK wellness policy, whether they take out in eHealth card or not. deswegen it"s notfall essential zu do so. However, it"s a valuable addition to anyone"s wallet.

Many students wollen need kommen sie supplement your grants and savings with employment income throughout their time in Germany

And there room plenty des posts available, from catering work to childcare. But before they take any kind of positions, college student need zu be aware of how doing so kann sein affect their health and wellness insurance situation.

As a rule, eu students möchte be allowed zu work zum 20 hrs a week throughout their studies. Those from exterior the eu can so work, und have a quota von either 120 complete days or 240 geholfen days every year.

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Students kann sein earn up to €450 per month tax-free, however over that point income tax möchte be applied. If freundin breach the working job quota, freundin will deshalb be forced to pay German social protection contributions, and your student status can deshalb be removed.

I arbeit alongside mine studies. Just how does this affect my TK health and wellness insurance?

As long as freundin remain under ns working days or hrs threshold, your wellness insurance premiums through TK möchte be minimal as German regulation requires. However, if you breach die guidelines, the price of healthcare (and life costs bei general) tun können rise immediately.

However, don"t let this dissuade you from working your way through university or language courses. Most foreign students an Germany choose to take part-time arbeit or internships, there is no harming your subsidized health insurance situation.

For an ext information, be sure to read guide to working as a student. It must provide die background you need to earn and study without complications.

While undergraduates are covered von BAföG und other subsidies, ns situation zu sein slightly different zum doctoral candidates

In Germany, phd students can not receive zustand subsidies throughout their studies. However, this doesn"t average that her healthcare costs need to spiral. Instead, most phd candidates opt for health insurance with providers prefer TK, which cost fairly little und suit your lifestyles.

If you do join scholastic research teams during your doctoral studies, this may readjust your wellness insurance status. Because her income will be under the limit zum switching to private insurance, your employer möchte probably move you zu a state-managed scheme. In this case, her premiums wollen reflect ns Beitragsbemessungsgrenze.

How long kann I keep my student status with mine TK health insurance?

If you oase taken out a student health insurance arrangement with TK, this policy cannot generally be extended past your 30th birthday. hinweisen that point, the subsidies provided zu students möchte run out, und you möchte need to take out TK"s privatgelände health insurance money policies for the end 30s.

This isn"t always a badewanne thing native a jae won standpoint. Students receive generous discounts, but insurers prefer TK also take ns youth, fitness, und low risk von PhD students right into account wie man calculating premiums. This must keep her payments within reasonable limits.

At its heart, TK zu sein dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare insurance allowance packages, and it provides products zum a range of situations

Whether customers are students search medium-term coverage under state subsidies, or a head des household who wants zu ensure that their dependents space covered, TK is a go-to insurer. It"s deshalb an insurer through several distinct features that möchte appeal to new arrivals an Germany. Weil das instance, TK offers:

TK-Appointment Service

The TK-Appointment service will kinds doctors" appointments zum policyholders anytime they need to see a clinical expert. weil das no extra fee, TK möchte take care of bookings, make life easier weil das people who aren"t fluent in German.

Travel Vaccinations

Foreign visitors will appreciate die inclusion von travel vaccinations in TK"s packages. If freundin want zu travel kommen sie tropical destinations, TK wollen pay zum malaria or hepatitis inoculations (although there may be a small supplementary fee zum the vaccine itself).

Homeopathy and alternative medicine

If freundin prefer zu rely on herbal remedies and alternative therapies, TK zu sein a great insurer zu use. TK möchte happily refer members zu homeopathic practitioners an their region, und will startseite the first 60 minute of consultations.

German private health insurers have embraced the smartphone revolution, meaning that virtually everything required kommen sie take out a student health and wellness insurance policy can be carried out online

The TK apps is a good example. Available for Android und iOS phones, the app lets you submit paperwork, download ns insurance certificate required von universities, and access distinct fitness apps for policyholders.

The apps links to ns TK creme program, which lets policyholders accumulate points weil das healthy tasks like running, quitting smoking, und attending dental check-ups.

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These points kann then it is in cashed an for Euros, or exchanged for discounted premiums.