Routers are computer systems without a keyboard or screen. But it"s easy to forget the they need kommen sie be protected versus attacks from the network too. For those bei a hurry, this video summarizes everything. Yet if sie want more detailed information, you wollen find sechs important tips listed below on how kommen sie protect your Wi-Fi router.

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To lug out die tips below, freundin must speak to up the configuration settings von your router.

Router configuration settings und login

How that works v Speedport-Routers

Enter http://speedport.ip in the address bar of her browser. > constantly close every other internet pages that are offen on your computer. > (1) Enter ns router"s password. You kann find it on the zurück or underside von your device. > (2) click on Login.


Login to your router.

How it works through Fritzbox-Routers

Enter an the address gittern of your browser. Always close all other internet pages the are offen on her computer. > Enter the router"s password (not the Wi-Fi password), if you oase assigned one. > click on Login.


Login zu your router.

1. Change ns router password

Many manufacturers ship their routers v pre-configured passwords zum administration through their routers bei order to enable quick und easy plug and play. Ns Speedport routers from deutsch are also equipped with device-specific, secure passwords weil das the webseite on which sie make the router settings. Nevertheless, this passwords should be changed immediately throughout commissioning. It is deshalb advisable to change the password indigenous time kommen sie time. Zum a great password, usage upper and lower case letters an combination v numbers and special characters. Read much more about passwords in our guide publication “Digitally secure”

2. Perform software updates

Enable your devices whenever automatic software updates room possible. This function is called "Easy Support" at die Speedport routers. It ist already caused from the start for all Speedport routers. Ns updates not only resolve errors an the an equipment software, but so close security gaps.

Log bei (see above) > Settings > Firmware update > Check weil das updates

and watch die video for einzelheiten on how kommen sie set nach oben EasySupport.

Login (see above) > Wizards > upgrade > start Update Now 

Video instructions

Update router automatically

System > upgrade > Auto-Update > pick Level III

You kann find additional instructions zum other routers here.

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3. Set up encryption

The most necessary measure zu protect her Wi-Fi zu sein encryption. Most Wi-Fi systems use the secure WPA2-PSK encryption method. The latest models even support the new and more secure WPA3 mode. There you kann often choose a so-called shift mode “WPA2 / WPA3”. Sound complicated, however it protects - und we"ll nur you how kommen sie set the up. If freundin only use your WLAN password yourself and choose a an especially long and therefore secure password wie setting hoch your router, you will not usually need zu change it frequently. Read much more about passwords in our "Secure digital" guide.

How it works v Speedport Routers

Log in (see above) > (1) netzwerk (“Network“) > (2) WLAN-Einstellungen (“Wi-Fi-Settings“) > nennen und Verschlüsselung (”Name and encryption“) > Verschlüsselungsart (“Encryption type“) > (3) select WPA2 or if possible WPA2/WPA3 > (4) WLAN-Schlüssel verändern (“Change Wi-Fi key“) > (5) gerettet („Save“)


Set hoch encryption

How it works with Fritz!Box Routers

The WI-FI radio network des your Fritz!Box ist already protected from unauthorized access an the manufacturing facility settings von the secure WPA2 + WPA3 encryption and in individual Wi-Fi network key. Bei order zu be able zu establish a Wi-Fi link to ns Fritz!Box, this network key must be gone into manually on the Wi-Fi maker (e.g. Computer, smartphone, game console).

Log in> (1) WLAN (“Wi-Fi”) > (2) sicherheit (“Security”) > Verschlüsselung (“Encryption”) > (3) WPA Modus (“WPA mode”) > WPA2 + WPA3> (4) Enter any type of password betwee 8 and 63 characters in the input ar WLAN Netzwerkschlüssel ("WI-FI network key") > Übernehmen schlagen (“Apply und press enter”).


Log in. AVM devices, which were acquired in Germany, do not offer ns possibility kommen sie change ns menu language.


Set nach oben encryption. AVM devices, which to be acquired in Germany, do notfall offer ns possibility to change the menu language.

4. Control energetic functions des the router

Enable security features: depending on the model and manufacturer, tools offer a number of security features. Examine your device"s documentation und turn on such features. This includes die built-in firewall or functions to protect versus denial of service (DoS) attacks.

Disable features you don"t need: current routers frequently offer a variety of features (e.g., far access, media player, UPnP) that can serve together a gateway zum attackers. If freundin do notfall use such services, then sie should disable them. Bei particular, the Universal Plug and Play dienstleistungen (UPnP) enables devices top top your house network zu change her router"s configuration without your intervention. This standard ist a little older, and it doesn"t provide much security. Devices an the house network can, weil das example, reveal themselves to ns Internet bei this way and are then available worldwide und thus vulnerable to attack. Therefore, sie should absolutely disable a UPnP function von your router if this function ist available. Some manufacturers allow you kommen sie restrict die use von the UPnP leistungen at least to individual devices an the home network. If freundin absolutely need UPnP, then make sure kommen sie enable this added protection if it ist available on her device.

5. Specify which gadgets are enabled to oase access kommen sie your Wi-Fi

In order to protect your house network as best as possible, you can set nach oben access restrictions in addition kommen sie WPA2 encryption. This means: You kann sein determine which Wi-Fi-enabled devices are allowed to access your Wi-Fi network. V this function, you can so see which devices already have access to your Wi-Fi and deny individual accessibility if necessary.

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How the works through Speedport Routers

View connected devices

Log bei > (1) netzwerk (“Network) > (2) Verbundene geräte (“Connected devices”) > (3) nett der darstellung auswählen (“Select die type of display”) > (4) + (5) die Liste zu sein nach Anschlussart sortiert (“List zu sein sorted über type des connection”). 

Set hoch access restriction

Log in > (1) netzwerk (“Network”) > (2) WLAN Einstellungen (“Wi-Fi Settings“) > (3) WLAN-Zugriff regel („Manage Wi-Fi access“) > (4) Zugangsbeschränkungen („Access restriction“) > (5) zeigen bestimmte geräte im WLAN erlauben („Allow only certain devices bei the Wi-Fi“) > (6) bekannte und erwünschte WLAN geräte auswählen („Select known und the wanted devices“) > (7) speichern („Save“).

Log in> (1) Network> (2) WLAN settings> (3) control WLAN access> (4) access restriction> (5) just allow details devices bei the WLAN> (6) choose known und desired WLAN devices> (7) kommen sie save