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"Desirability" no a word the looms large wie you purchase a family hatchback–practicality and reliability space usually die only qualities you kann fairly expect. The zuerst twoAudi A3swere indeed practical und reliable, yet this third-generation modell added die driving pleasure und comfort levels that make this a premium vehicle that"s highly desirable too.

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It was a lighter, stronger and more effective carthan the predecessors, und a viel better one in nearly every area. Shortly after its launch in 2013, it winner What Car?"s all at once Car des the Year Awardand in its belastung full year on sale (2020), it was our all at once Used Car des the Year.


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There waseven a plug-in hybrid, theA3 Sportback e-tron, which mixeda smooth 1.4-litre petrol engine with electrical power. Sie could also choosethe sporty 296bhp 2.0-litre S3 model orthe fire-breathing, range-topping, super-sporting 394bhp 2.5-litre turbo version, theAudi RS3.

In 2016 die A3 was facelifted, v a refreshed look, part engine updates and the option des a new digital werkzeug display. It also received a number of neu safety systems, including a semi-autonomous traffic jam aid function. Asweet and lively 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine was added to the range, successfully replacing die earlier 1.2-litre unit.The facelift so meant die popular 1.4 TFSI 150 petrol engine was replaced von a more efficient 1.5-litre TFSI unit, and theturbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine in the Audi S3gained an extra 10bhp, taking it zu 306bhp.

At its original launch, the A3 was available an a choice des three trims: SE, Sport und S line. In SE technologie trim was added to die range soon afterwards, and an later version itreplaced SE as die entry-level trim. Over die years, there have been a number von limited editions und special trims with miscellaneous cosmetic and equipment upgrades,most especially the schwarze farbe Edition.

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If you opt for bei earlier SE A3, you"ll acquire 16in alloys, xenon headlights, cruise control, behind parking sensors und auto lights und wipers fitted together standard. Inside, there"sair conditioning, in auto-dimming rear watch mirrorand Audi"s MMI infotainment system with a 7.0in display, a DAB radio, Bluetooth und USB connectivity, plus assmartphone integration. Upgrading to ns SE technik trimaddedsat-nav and a three-month trial kommen sie Audi"s online connected services.

You still have zu be careful wie man choosing i beg your pardon one to buy, though, since the ns line models oase larger wheels and firmer suspension that tun können make die ride auch fidgety (although part will oase been mentioned with ns regular Dynamic suspension, which zu sein the more forgiving set-up).The firmer suspension go help ns A3stay even much more upright with tight twists und turns, but die handling services are small and, due to the fact that ofthe degradation in ride quality, we"d pole with ns softerDynamicsuspension zum the sweetest ride andhandling compromise.

Overall, though, this is in impressively refined vehicle that’s so supremely agile and a pleasure to drive, with specific steering and surefooted handling. It"ll adjust direction with an ext zeal than, say, a golf or Skoda Octavia, yes buckets of grip und body roll is kept neatly an check. It"s really onlytheFord focus that supplies keen drivers an ext fun, especially an its latest version. There space alsofour-wheel-drive variants (badged quattro) for added traction an slippery conditions.

Inside, die A3 zu sein spacious und practical, either in three-door or five-door Sportback guise, andit hasa beautifully made internal that’s more than practical enough zum the needs des most families. The driving position zu sein spot on. There’s more than sufficient leg and shoulder room weil das a couple des tall adults up front, and even six-footers must be reasonably glücklich with die amount of leg and head room available.

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The Audi A3’s boot has almost exactly ns same amount des space as theMercedes A-Class, and both kann sein fit trost to six carry-on suitcases. While it is pretty decent zum the class,it"s miles away from the klasse champion, theSkoda Octavia,which kann take11. It’s also worth notingthat quattro four-wheel-drive models suffer a 40-litre reduction an boot room because des the extra oily bits underneath.

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