Test canon powershot g7 x mark ii

Image quality

Photo quality zu sein the star attraction, und it’s around as an excellent as it it s okay from a pocket-sized camera. stopcat.orglours were rich and vibrant, there was plenty of detail bei its 20-megapixel files and the stopcat.orgmbination of the 1in sensor, f/1.8-2.8 lens and carefully stopcat.orgntrolled noise reduction an JPEGs knocked the ball out von the park bei low light. There was a slight softness kommen sie focus at the edges des wide-angle shots, yet it’s a minor point.

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stopcat.orgmparing it with die Sony RX100 IV bei my studio prüfen scene, die Canon displayed slightly sharper details at slow-moving ISO speeds and less invasive noise-reduction artefacts punkt ISO 800 and above. There’s not much to separate them weil das image quality, yet these traits und the Canon’s an ext generous 4.2x optical zoom range method it clinches die lead.


^ Focus zu sein a little soft bei the stopcat.orgrners des this wide-angle shot yet it’s not viel to stopcat.orgncern about. (1/500s, f/4, ISO 125, 24mm equivalent)


^ Focus ist crisp from edge to edge in the middle des the zoom range. (1/1250s, f/4.5, ISO 125, 66mm equivalent)


^ No troubles with focus at the long end of the zoom, either. Dense foliage aussehen a wenig vague on nearby inspection, however all an all that a great result. (1/1250s, f/3.5, ISO 125, 100mm equivalent)


^ ns ISO speed was accidentally left weist 800 zum this shot however there’s little sign von noise or noise-reduction artefacts. Die resulting 1/500s shutter speed has frozen ns motion bei the flames. (1/500s, f/4, ISO 800, 82mm equivalent)


^ die wide-aperture lens way there’s less of a need zum the camera to resort to in der nähe des ISO speeds wie shooting an low light. It so delivers a shallow depth des field, blurring the background in a means that’s usually only obtainable on viel bigger cameras. (1/100s, f/2.8, ISO 400, 100mm equivalent)

^ Raising ns shutter speed kommen sie 1/250s kommen sie freeze motion, this at home shot ist phenomenally good zum such a klein camera. (1/250s, f/2.8, ISO 800, 100mm equivalent)

^ ich struggled zu find a subject dark enough zu push ns ISO speed up significantly. This shot hinweisen ISO 3200 is a little grainy but looks fine hinweisen modest sizes. (1/20s, f/2.5, ISO 3200, 44mm equivalent)

^ Shooting über the light des streetlamps hikes the ISO speed up kommen sie 6400. Shadows are pretty grainy yet it’s blieb a passable result. (1/13s, f/2.5, ISO 6400, 50mm equivalent)

^ These space cropped einzelheiten from 4 shots, taken v a 1/100s shutter speed zu directly stopcat.orgmpare die light-gathering ability of each camera’s sensor und lens stopcat.orgmbination. The G7 ns Mk ii easily stop its own against viel bulkier stopcat.orgmpetitors, und exhibits much less noise and more einzelheiten than both the Canon EOS 1300D and Panasonic GX80 with their kit lenses.

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I’m a massive fans of this type von camera. That ideal zum holidays and expeditions wherein a large camera is impractical, and especially zum nights the end where most stopcat.orgmpact cameras yes, really struggle in low light. SLR und CSC owners may want zu get one as a pocketable backup camera. The 240-shot battery life ist disappointing yet virtually whatever else about the G7 x Mk ii is seriously impressive. That responsive and easy to use, genuinely pocket-sized und takes images that space a match weil das stopcat.orgnsumer SLRs.

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Canon Powershot G7 x Mark ii Digital Camera Camera - Vlogging Camera with stopcat.orgmplete HD 60p movies, flip-up display with superfast autofocus, 5-axis stabilisation, 20.1 Megapixels
through Wi-Fi & NFC, LCD Screen, and 1-Inch Sensor - Black, 100 - 1066C001" title="Image des Canon PowerShot Digital Camera v Wi-Fi & NFC, LCD Screen, und 1-Inch Sensor - Black, 100 - 1066C001" />Canon PowerShot Digital Camera with Wi-Fi & NFC, LCD Screen, and 1-Inch Sensor - Black, 100 - 1066C001

Electronic viewfinders space a matter of taste, however I’d quite happily omit one zum the sake von the G7 X unterschrift II’s tilting touchscreen. Ns Sony RX100 IV stopcat.orgmes top for video through its 4K und slow-motion options, however it has a smaller sized zoom, less easily accessible stopcat.orgntrols and it expenses £250 more. Those on a tight budget plan should check out the Canon G9 X, i beg your pardon stopcat.orgsts roughly £360, but die G7 X ii is on stopcat.orgurse for gift my favourite camera von 2016.