Safety first with the Cybex Pallas M-Fix automobile Seat

Cybex brings a new generation of adjustable child safety wie man it comes zu first klasse car seats. Ns Pallas M-Fix auto seat, a 2 an 1 seat, was prüfen winner bei the German fundament, stiftung Warentest und received a number von awards from the most famous European consumer testing institutions.

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The Pallas M-fix grows with your little rebel and therefore offers wonderful safety all die way up zu 11 years.


The advantages von the Cybex Pallas M-Fix automobile Seat listed:

Adjustable influence shield


The flexible impact shield reduces die risk von serious neck injuries without confining your little one. Die force von a head-on collision is distributed over ns impact shield und absorbed von its impact-absorbing materials. This system resembles bei inflated airbag und helps kommen sie significantly reduce die force of impact in the occasion of an accident. Ns harness does notfall injure the child, if at ns same time the sensitive head, neck shoulders and inner organs room protected. The newly designed, one-hand flexible impact shield, weil das which a patent is pending, adjusts zum highest lull perfectly to ns child's body und additionally offers much more freedom des movement von the top body and maximum safety and security especially an frontal impacts wie man compared kommen sie conventional five-point exploit systems.

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2-IN-1 Seat

This seat grows with die child and can therefore be used weil das up to 11 years. Zum children indigenous approx. 3 years and above, die seat kann sein be easily converted right into a gruppe 2/3 chair from ns Solution series.

Individually adjustable linear side-impact protection


The individually flexible Linear Side-impact defense (L.S.P. System Plus) absorbs die impact energy bei case of in accident weist a very early stage. The force von a side-impact collision ist systematically absorbed über individually flexible side protectors too as über the shoulder and head protectors. At die same time, ns body’s kinetic power caused über the impact is absorbed best away und the head zu sein actively guided into a for sure position. Die L.S.P. Protectors tun können be individually changed to rechts the interior des the car.

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Comfortable one-hand recline function


Your journey wollen be relaxed und peaceful thanks to ns comfortable recline duty that allows you kommen sie adjust ns seat single handedly.3-Position reclining headrest

Of kurse your wenig one mögen to snooze in the car and Cybex’ 3 position reclining headrest cleverly prevents the child’s head native falling front while asleep. Ns headrest assures optima protection in the case of a side-impact. This modern technology safely shifts die balance point of the child’s head slightly back und prevents the from falling front when the child zu sein asleep. An the case von a side-impact collision, ns child’s sensitive head continues to be within the safety zone des the seat, ensuring optimal protection. Energy absorbing shell & Optimized Ventilation System


Last but notfall least the seat has in energy soaking up shell; the flexibel material structure absorbs ns force of in impact. The optimized ventilation system maintains a comfortable body temperature at all times.

To check the compatibility des the seat through your vehicle you can request a test passend zu at a qualified retailer. Especially ns length des the auto belts or ISOFIX (US: LATCH) anchorage points might vary, even throughout a production run des a car manufacturer. Via the website you can deshalb find more die info regarding the compatibility with your car.