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UPDATE: A new model, the Garmin nuvi 3490LMT, has actually superseded this one (despite die lower model number!).

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Hands on with the best nuvi yet

The Garmin nüvi 3790T

, presented this summer, ist Garmin’s latest and greatest navigator. V its 4.3” glass screen and minimalist 0.35” thickness, it resembles bei iPhone more than past nuvis. An addition to most von the goodies found on ahead models, ns 3790T permits you to add a customizable wake trost phrase zum voice command, provides a gorgeous 3D topographisch view, and is the first nuvi zu use historic road speeds in calculating ns fastest route.

Before we get into an ext details, lets look punkt some closely…

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What’s neu on ns 3790T

Form factor and display

One von the first things freundin notice with the 3700 series is just how dünn they are. You kann sein see this in the bild below, to compare it kommen sie my nuvi 765T. Also note ns standard micro-USB link (a cable is included to allow freundin connect it to ns USB port on her computer). Micro-USB relations are becoming quite usual as PNDs und mobile phones acquire thinner und thinner.


The capacitive glass display is beautiful, but is quite ns fingerprint magnet; of course, this don’t really show viel unless die unit ist off. It ist very bright, even in full sun. I’ve always found ns nuvi collection to oase the brightest screens von any portable navigators, but hinweisen certain angles this model makes my 765T looked washed out.

Also new ist the integrated accelerometer, allowing die display kommen sie rotate und be viewed an portrait or see mode, as seen below. Punkt left you lakers junction view, which come up bei split display mode when in portrait orientation. To die right ist the map view, giving sie a peek weist 3D terrain on the 3790T.

The screen ist much more responsive than previous nuvis; tapping takes less pressure and dragging / panning ns map is much easier. Die multi-touch display permits you zu zoom an by pinching or double-tapping. Here’s a video demo showing fairly a couple of additional multi-touch tips:


The 3700 series ist the zuerst to use historic road speed data an calculating routes, which should result in improved routing, especially bei areas with routine traffic problems. I saw definite improvements in routing habits over my nuvi 765T, with ns 3790T sending out me on locally recognized shortcuts and alternative routes, routing me ~ above freeways whereby my 765T would save me ~ above a parallel road, etc. While i occasionally saw some wonky choices, weil das the most teil the trafficTrends feature selected faster routes.


This feature enables routine routing (home zu work, work kommen sie home) to be instantly set hinweisen that time von day. This feature tun können be enabled/disabled under tools > settings > navigation > auto > nuRoute > myTrends. Ich did not lakers this take place with my test unit however then, mine schedule has actually been fairly erratic lately.

UPDATE: that has also recently end up being clear the myTrends does an ext than nur that. It actually learns your preferred routes.

New voice command interface

Garmin has actually dropped die awkward steering wheel remote discovered on the nuvi 8xx collection units, opting instead weil das a customizable wakeup phrase zu initiate voice command. Once sie say ns magic words, ns following screen appears.

If you say or tap “down,” you’ll so see options zum volume and brightness.

In part ways ich found die voice command setting easier kommen sie use 보다 on die 8xx series, with less delays while the unit processed the commands. However, many things seemed to work less well 보다 on 8xx collection units i’ve tested.

Some phrases to be more an overwhelming than others for the unit kommen sie understand – unfortunately zum me, one des those was the frequent response “yes.” die good news zu sein that after selecting a destination, you can say “navigate” instead. Ich found that ich often had zu repeat regulates a 2nd time zum the 3790T zu understand me.

On ns 8xx series, you kann sein use voice command weil das nearly any kind of menu item on any kind of screen. Your options are viel more restricted on the 3790T. I especially missed ns familiar near option, which permits you to search near your destination, follow me your route, etc.

Here’s a video showing ns mount und a fast look at die voice command interface:

New speaker / mount

This ist probably ns loudest nuvi I’ve ever heard. Viel of the reason for this zu sein the powered mount which has actually a 2nd speaker incorporated into it. Ich generally kept ns unit weist 80% in my noisy truck und 50% an my rather quieter car. This despite me usually having music or a audiodatei going and the reality that mine hearing isn’t die greatest.

New menus

The menus oase changed a bit, and share a similar interface zu those uncovered on Garmin-Asus phones. Bei the sample where To? screenshot below, on the left side are icons zum menu, up, down and back. As with other nuvis, you tun können hold down the zurück icon kommen sie return to the hauptsächlich screen.


The neu menus might take some getting used to. Zum example, take into consideration this path zum navigation preferences: devices > settings > hyperplasie > vehicle > nuRoute > Calculation setting > turn off Road.

More street labels

It appears that Garmin has lastly listened kommen sie years des complaints über nuvi owners und started showing much more surrounding straße names. You kann see this bei the screenshot below; the top one zu sein the nuvi 3790T, die bottom, a nuvi 765T.

3D terrain

The 3D bereich imagery, discovered only on die 3790T model, ist quite beautiful. Ich especially enjoy it bei the mountainous topographisch where i live und work. The doesn’t schutz that viel functionality, but ich like it!


Features from previous generation nuvis

In enhancement to die above, you’ll deshalb find:

Customizable säule fields – Tap die left data field to see the options; these are different relying on whether or notfall you space navigating. Only die left säule field kann be changed.

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Additional säule fields (shown below) – switch the data fields to die right side of the screen and get two added fields which tun können be customized; you kann do this from Tools. Settings > hyperplasia > automobile > Map säule layout > more data.

Lane Assist and Junction View – These features (respectively) are shown bei the two images below; coverage seems to oase expanded somewhat too.

Speed border display and warning – in the bild below you can see the posted speed limit und the fact that your existing speed field turns red when exceeding ns posted limit. Bei my testing, Garmin has had higher speed limit coverage zum secondary roadways than TomTom, though they deshalb tend to be less accurate as to ns posted rate limit.


3D buildings (see below) – These nur up an major city areas.

Navigating with die nuvi 3790T

When keying a stadt or street name previously entered, you’ll lakers it pop nach oben on the screen (shown below) after ~ entering a couple of characters. Gone ist the document icon kommen sie locate previously entered names.

The 3790T performed reasonably well in all mine tests. Ns historical road speed database, trafficTrends, normally resulted in superior routing, though it would oase sent me top top a slower route on hinweisen least one occasion. Still, that did so much much better that ich would certainly prefer it zu a unit there is no this feature.

As a result des trafficTrends though, ns 37xx collection must crunch a last more dünn to create a route. This does result in a time delay. It was only a 2nd or two zum local destinations, but an ext distant people took almost 10 seconds zum the frühen zeitpunkt route calculate (compared to nur a 2nd or deswegen for mine 765T). Recalculations take it up zu 7 seconds weil das long routes.

In regional testing ich expected to see missed turns wie man recalculating together a result of these delays, however didn’t suffer any an ext than i did v my 765T.


The 3790T paired v my Motorola Droid with wenig trouble. There are different volume controls available zum your phone and navigation once you make a Bluetooth link — use die menu (three line/equalizer) taste on die volume control screen.

The sound quality zum the person on die other ende of die line was disappointing though – fuzzy, tunnel-like and distant, and not as good as i would oase expected on this unit. It ist definitely inferior to my 765T, which has two microphone holes bei the housing, probably weil das noise cancellation.

Multi-destination routing

The 3790T permits you to add multiple via points from wherein To?, there is no going into ns Trip Planner, but there zu sein no route optimization option if you do the this way.

Alternatively, you kann select tools > pilgrimage Planner kommen sie create a route. When a route zu sein created through a beginning, end und at the very least two über points, you can access the Menu for the options shown below.


You can tap a durch point zu select in item und specify in arrival time or duration of stop. This zu sein quite ns useful feature. Ich plugged bei the duration of several stops, the time ich wanted zu arrive weist my final destination, und was able zu easily identify when ich needed to start my trip.

I oase seen rather a few message forum comments about problems v multi-destination routing on die 37xx series though, and there do appear kommen sie be part bugs. Weil das one thing, sie can’t import routes from MapSource. For another, ns handles on die right listed below are a wenig tricky. That hard to drag in item up in the list without starting to drag it down first. Route optimization also appears to not work very well. Hope Garmin wollen address this issues in a firmware update in the near future.


Nuvi 3790T hardware notes

A couple of things space worth discussing here. First, sie may think the power button is non-responsive. I had no belästigt powering die unit top top or turn off once ich started pressing the right side of it. Startup zu sein nearly instantaneous, von the way, on ns order des a couple von seconds.

To carry ns earlier iphone analogy a little bit further, there show up to schutz been some compromises made bei the general practitioners antenna bei the 37xx series. Ich did an alert it gift a few seconds slower kommen sie lock on occasion. This could cause problems if say, freundin fire it trost in an urban canyon v expired ephemeris data, because freundin hadn’t used die unit in the past couple of days. The did notfall however, reason any significant problems an my testing.

Lifetime Traffic

I carry out not direkte in bei area with fm traffic coverage, though ich did get zu fringe reception locations while testing ns 3790T. Traffic functions appear identical to recent nuvis and, similar to all Garmin lifetime traffic units, ns subscription is ad-supported, as you kann see below.

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Garmin nuvi 3790T pros

Very thinGorgeous, bright screenThe loudest nuvi yetTerrain viewtrafficTrends historical road speed result an improved routingMore highways are labeled than on recent nuvisImproved junction view und lane help coverageVoice command eliminates 8xx collection remote

Garmin nuvi 3790T cons

Voice command performance und options weaker than expectedDisappointing Bluetooth performancetrafficTrends results in increased course calculation timeSlightly weaker general practitioners receiver performance than other recent nuvi seriesMulti-destination routing demands improvement

Conclusion und recommendations

Highly recommended — die best nuvi yet. Die 3790T feels like a work von art; ns screen ist drop tot gorgeous. Routing has been considerably improved with die addition des historical road speed charme (trafficTrends). I expect that a couple von my complaints (the missing Near option zum voice commands and multi-destination routing bugs) tun können be resolved with firmware updates, but die core functionality ist very good.

For the past year or so, it’s to be hard zu point to a top von the heat nuvi, with ns 765T, 885T and 1690 every being able to lay insurance claim to die mantle. No much more though – when a few features might be missing, the pretty clear that ns 3790T is now ns top dog. If i could only convince ns minister of finance des the need zu buy one!

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