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The Jabra elite 85h ist our favorite Bluetooth pair because the intuitive operation und comfortable fit make this collection a pleasure to use every day. This over-ear headphones are delightfully uncomplicated, with straightforward pairing und clear, basic controls. Und they space versatile performers, offering an excellent sound, clear calls, energetic noise cancelling, lang battery life, und water resistance.

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Our audio experts test zum detailed, lifelike sound and clear microphone quality weil das phone und video calls.

A good design should rechts most head sizes, and controls must be easy to use– dafür we oase a variety of people try out our top contenders.

Batteries should last at the very least eight zu 10 hours and ideally have in analog cable weil das situations wie you require to listen wired.

We pair contenders kommen sie several various devices und test wireless reliability indoors, outdoors, und at a distance.

Jabra upstream 85h

Great sound, great design

The upstream 85h over-ear Bluetooth headphones do nearly everything far better than an in similar way priced competitors.

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The Jabra upstream 85h headphones provide everything you could want bei a Bluetooth pair. This headphones sound an excellent out von the box, and they’re much more intuitive kommen sie set up und use than most competitors, thanks to the automatic Bluetooth pairing process and the large, easy-to-access controls. Die battery life, rated punkt 36 hours (with energetic noise cancellation engaged), is deshalb longer 보다 that des many competitors, and the battery dues quickly, providing five hours von use after ~ only fünfzehn minutes of plug-in time. Die Elite 85h headphones work with die Amazon, Apple, und Google digital assistants, and the microphone quality zu sein super-clear weil das phone calls. This pair is deshalb water-resistant and protected by a two-year warranty against damage native rain. Ns active noise cancellation (ANC) isn’t as reliable as that von the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 (check out our overview to ns best noise-cancelling headphones zum more info), yet it walk reduce enough noise zu be useful.


Jabra upstream 45h

Best budget wireless headphones approximately $100

This on-ear pair sounds, fits, und functions like it costs much more than $100. There’s no option to usage these through a cord, but ns ultra-long battery life means freundin won’t need zu charge frequently.

Buying Options
$100 from Amazon
$100 from best Buy

The Jabra elite 45h headphones continue die legacy of our former spending plan pick, die Jabra Move, with price-defying sound quality, comfort, and call clarity. This on-ear pair sounds far better than those going weil das several times die price, und you can adjust ns sound zu your preference using die free Jabra app. They oase a lightweight build, and the pillowy earpads are very comfortable to wear zum hours. The microphone intelligibility is stellar weil das phone or video chats. This headphones market 50-plus hours von listening time von charge, deshalb you i will not ~ need to plug them bei very often. Though the Elite 45h no IP-rated zum water resistance, Jabra supplies a two-year warranty against dust and water damage. This pair does not oase noise cancelling, and there is no auswahl to listen via a cord. But zum folks who don’t require those features, these headphones space a an excellent deal.


Sony WH-1000XM4

Best wireless headphones zum the office

This feature-packed pair substantially reduces the noise of voices roughly you and can sound fantastic. However these headphones are pricey and require a an excellent deal of setup.

The Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones are worth considering if you work in an open office (or, best now, a crowded house office), due to the fact that they room great hinweisen blocking the end voices roughly you. These over-ear headphones are so comfortable enough to wear all day, und the microphones space effective at reducing lift noise during phone calls und video meetings. Plus, this pair has actually a ton von app-based creme features, consisting of a speak-to-chat function that senses her voice, transforms on die awareness mode, and pauses your music automatically. Out des the box, this pair’s sound quality isn’t die best, but if you’re willing kommen sie put some initiative into adjusting the equalizer settings an the app, ns XM4 can sound far better than just about any type of Bluetooth headphones available. Ns noise cancellation no as efficient against die noise experienced in an airplane, so we don’t recommend the XM4 zum frequent fliers (check out our guide to the best noise-cancelling headphones to see how this set compares). And, unequal our various other picks, the XM4 isn’t built zum water resistance, however it can handle a light spritzing rain. Sony provides a one-year restricted warranty that abdecken manufacturing defects but notfall water damage, deswegen we don’t recommend that you take this pair to die gym or out for a stroll bei a deluge.

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Jabra upstream 85h

Great sound, an excellent design

The upstream 85h over-ear Bluetooth headphones do almost everything much better than similarly priced competitors.