Test mazda cx 5 automatik

A mighty Mazda logo characterizes die equally mighty radiator grille. Weil das a Japanese, ns CX-5 zu sein pretty dominant on ns road. Kodo has christened Mazda the entwurf language von the existing models und with die facelift of the CX-5, die Japanese SUV is once again gaining an chic und prestige. Sie can"t prevent getting bei before boarding for the zuerst time "Hui, he looks good ...

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”To flute. But the test car came kommen sie the prüfung with a gasoline engine. In bei SUV? die German prefers to use diesel. Die focus was quickly on the question: What tun können the CX-5 perform with that is “Skyactiv petrol engine”? und doesn"t he swallow a last of fuel?

Economical handsome?

Mazda CX-5 Skyactiv- G 160 AWD an the test

1.450 kilograms! It zu sein no secret. Ns lighter a car, the more economically you tun können be on ns road. Or ns other method around, every kilogram of weight has bei impact on the CO2 balance. Ns CX-5 zu sein one des the “lightweights” in its class. An conjunction with die light, all-aluminum petrol engine, this lays the foundation for efficiency. Without any kind of diesel. Without any kind of battery technology. And yet v all-wheel drive. Mazda zu sein taking a fully different course than that competitors.

The G-160 petrol engine we drive zu sein just one of many engines. Mazda has actually brought hoch a vivid program des it. However, die selection zu sein partly linked kommen sie equipment lines und the question von front or all-wheel drive. Ns two most powerful engines, a 192 hp petrol engine or ns 175 hp diesel, space only easily accessible with all-wheel drive and only in the “Sports Line” version. And an the basic “Prime-Line” tools there is neither all-wheel drive nor in automatic transmission and only 2 engines: Either ns 165 HP petrol engine (a little brother kommen sie our engine, however with all-wheel drive the engine loser a in the name “5 hp”, for the sake von exhaust emissions), or ns 150 PS Diesel. (More onSkyactiv-Diesel is here / click)


Get an and drive

That"s what sie buy in SUV for. Because you kann get on und off dafür comfortably. And because freundin sit deswegen wonderfully over things. Die CX-5 ist no exception. Great space and a spacious, adjustable workplace. Ns steering wheel und seats tun können be easily changed to the respective driver. Ns comfort function “Keyless-Go” zu sein part of our test car. In any case, it zu sein practical.

The fairly lang wheelbase von 2.70 meters ensures in interior with great space conditions both in front and in row two. With ns facelift last year, die choice von materials in the interior has actually once again shed some of the Japanese pragmatism des the 80 years and, thanks kommen sie its many soft surfaces, aussehen pleasantly valuable.


Long distances in a petrol SUV?

Our prüfung car was allowed to scrub a gewächs of kilometers this time. And all without a diesel engine. There to be some schon fast stretches von the Autobahn und many hours in daily traffic jams. In this case, the prüfen program des the CX-5 v its petrol engine was ideally chosen kommen sie scrutinize ns consumption behavior von this combination.

Skyactiv petrol engine G-160

The specialty des the gasoline engine an the CX-5 is the Skyactiv technology from Mazda. A combination von various measures zu sein hidden behind this technology in the gasoline engine. Extremely high compression (14: 1), direct petrol injection v six-hole nozzles and multiple injection. In engine who friction has actually been minimized, whose valve train has been optimized, with efficient oil and water pumps and, tonnage but notfall least, a really sensitive punch control, a ausgezeichnet thermal management und a “4 in 2 in 1 exhaust manifold” (similar kommen sie a manifold in motorsport). Ns result ist a gasoline engine v 160 hp und 208 Nm. However, die weakness des the CX-5 kann sein already be seen in the torque. Torque ist used in the classic way and only in a controllable dose.


Start-stop system

Switching off the engine wie man not an use, zum example hinweisen traffic lights, ist standard today. Hinweisen Mazda, however, a particularly clever and elegant solution zum the automatic start-stop has been found. The engines stop und the rotation von the crankshaft is controlled in such a means that one des the cylinders always occupies an ignitable functioning mixture. This not only ensures that die engine starts hoch again really quickly (within 0.35 seconds), but deshalb reduces any kind of stress ~ above peripheral components von the engine, such as die starter or die starter battery.

This Skyactiv engine is surprisingly economical

The CX-5 prüfung car was not spared zum us, its typical consumption des around 7.8 liters resulted in frowns. Ns petrol engine does notfall take offense also on fast highway stages. Everyone who continues to be within ns 160 km / h area quickly stays under die 10 liter mark. Und we"re blieb talking about in SUV v a good forehead area.

You can tell from die torque that die petrol engine does notfall need charging. If you want kommen sie get front quickly, keep ns four-cylinder engine busy. This drives up ns consumption level. If freundin check you yourself a little, you swing between 7 und 8.5 liters in everyday life. Depending on how much freeway part has zu be done. It was clear zu us beforehand that a petrol SUV would notfall set any kind of consumption records. Mazda specifies the standard intake with 6.7 liters. Ns 7-8 space a fair value in reality.

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The SUV replaces the station wagon

Compact SUVs are the new family station wagons. Heute dad drives ns SUV und leaves the station wagon to die agents. Sie don"t schutz to worry around luggage with die CX-5 either. With around 500 liters in normal condition und up to 1.620 liters with ns rear seats folded down, the CX-5 i do not care a spacious station wagon instead of car.

The truth that die CX-5 is deshalb easy kommen sie drive and hardly gives in to a next incline deshalb supports the feeling von sitting in a normal station wagon fairly than in SUV. Through 11.7 meters, the turning circle ist not an especially small, but die well-supported energie steering alleviates this belästigung at least zu some extent.

It need to be clean that you are ordering in SUV with all-wheel drive. What a shame sie would otherwise schutz to execute if you got stuck v spinning wheels on die slope in winter prefer your neighbors “standard terminal wagon”. The fact that in the case of the CX-5 the all-wheel journey cannot be perceived as a culprit bei terms of weight, lull or average consumption, supports the choice des the AWD-CX-5.

It"s nur not cheap anymore

The 160 hp petrol engine through 6-speed hand-operated transmission und all-wheel drive ist available from die Exclusive Line and costs € 31.390. The new i-Activsense aid system is already part von the basic equipment. This includes, amongst other things, a parking aid that monitors overcome traffic, a hill anfang assistant, the notfall brake assistant zum the city and a blinda spot warning. Cruise control and start-stop system are deshalb on board. And deshalb the 17.8 centimeter multimedia display with Bluetooth connection weil das the smartphone. Und full angeführt headlights v cornering light duty shine at die front. Nur as unusual in this class: even ns fog lamp are led versions. The führen zu light is so beyond all doubt!


At ns end...

Mazda does a lot differently with ns SUV. Yet nothing is wrong.

The Mazda CX-5 even convinces as a petrol engine. And so on the long haul. A control SUV with economical drive, ausgezeichnet technology solutions and a an excellent sense of space. Its entwurf saves extravagance and under the sheet metal it shines with new ideas.

SUV and petrol engine? Fits.

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Alternative to:Nissan Qashqai, Kia Sportage, Ford Kuga Match with:People that don"t prefer diesel That convinces:The design and processing.


CX-5 G-160 AWD

EngineFour-cylinder, petrol, naturally aspirated, DI
Capacity1.998 cc
Performance160 PS