Test On Ear Kopfhörer 2014

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The ideal headphones are specifically what castle sound like. Des all the over-ear und compact earbuds you could buy, these wollen give you the most zum your money — though that doesn’t typical they need kommen sie be cheap. While we have included a few des our favorite cost-cutters, sometimes die best headphones oase the many features, the most effectiveness energetic noise cancellation or the most exquisite und comfortable design.

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With that bei mind, you kann read top top below to find out die headphones und earbuds that proved superlative an our testing. If sie want a details style, you can check out our best over-ear headphones, ideal wireless earbuds und best cheap earbuds rankings, but zum your finest options across the whole category, look no further.

The ideal headphones: News und recent publication (updated november 3)

Black Friday headphones deals

Black Friday dealsare coming soon, und if ahead years are a guide then you tun können expect huge discounts on every types of headphones.

In fact, we"re already seeing sales top top plenty of the products in this list und are round off them every up an our bestBlack Friday headphones dealshub. Deshalb bookmark it jetzt to do sure sie don"t fehlschlagen out on a bargain.

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What are the best headphones?

Sitting an the No. 1 spot on our ideal headphones list is the Sony WH-1000XM4, ns latest model bei the Sony unterschrift series. This headphones blend champion sound and elite active noise cancellation right into a luxe, comfy design. Sony’s companion apps opens die door zum plenty von customization (e.g. ,ambient listening, controls, sound) und the headphones are compatible through hi-res streaming dienstleistungen to enjoy the highest level von sound top quality possible.

Coming in a close second ist the Bose 700, which oase unrivalled ANC performance und intuitive technology features. Sound is kristall clear wie man listening kommen sie music and taking calls. We so love die svelte, contemporary entwurf with comforting ear pads and touch controls.

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The sich entschuldigen AirPods max come in third – they’re pricey, yet stellar sound quality und features typical they’re worth the investment, especially if you’re in iPhone user. Ns Jabra upstream 75t energetic currently gestanden as our favorite wireless earbuds, thanks zu their long lasting aesthetic, long battery life und energetic sound.