Test Seat Leon Cupra 290

The chair León Cupra payment 10 hp much more than its predecessor. It"s notfall a large difference, but the GTI continues to be Seat reference tourer capacity without shedding ease.

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As us discussed belastung April an contact, he Seat Leon Cupra It was renewed adopting the acronym 290. This way that They have won 10 CV, getting to a maximum power of 290 hp and, according to official data, enhanced engine performance also came accompanied über a reducing consumption und emissions. To achieve this goal has increased turbo an increase pressure, set up a escape lighter than better releases ns gases and, logically, also It has actually been retouched electronic management.

The unit chosen zum the occasion sat on the Automatic DSG six-speed, back it zu sein true that an such a sporty modell like this seat Leon Cupra 290 specifically would schutz preferred ns manual gearbox, yet keep bei mind that 3 out von four units sold the Cupra are die DSG and there to satisfy most. Kommen sie which us could notfall give up is the möglichkeit performance Pack that zum just over € 2,800, It contains front Brembo with four-piston calipers und 370 mm discs, wheel 2.1kg lighter Y ns most unique Michelin Pilot sports Cup 2, which they are ns closest thing to a racing tire approved zum road rolling.

Seat Leon Cupra 290: comfort

He Seat Leon Cupra 290 performance Pack surprised so comfortable and pleasant that ist on her driving. Part may uncover it strange that being a compact with such bei extreme und radical character, but die truth is that thanks to the Piloted three tared damping choose und automatic DSG the Cupra 290 is very comfortable metropolitan travel. It is so very handy, very agile many thanks to die abundant cavalry available und something I so like: It is relatively unobtrusive, if it ist true that not indifferent to the most knowledgeable. The León Cupra 290 deshalb has a delicious touch, permits a perfect willingness to controls, so excellent visibility at all mal a pleasant sinn perceived quality.

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The chair León Cupra 290 performance Pack ist a very fast road car. Ns 2-liter turbocharged how amazing again with outstanding performance. At die controls, 10 extr hp ausführung theoretically provides 290 room invaluable, yet the engine impresses through its responsiveness und performance at all engine speeds. Thanks to high doses of torque emerged throughout ns rev range, its power is awesome; from really low energie delivery is outstanding, midrange zu sein busy, if high stretches v ease constant progression zu cut lies about 6,600 rpm.

The engine des the chair Leon Cupra 290 It zu sein not just powerful, so very nice kommen sie handle und if driving easy, within the limits des legality consumption are kept an quite consisted of figures. Die Seat León Cupra 290 Get superior performance and the proof is that bei 0 to 100km / h the manages to reduce even ns official figure of 5.6 seconds: to the stopwatch 5.56 seconds. meanwhile from 0 to 200 kilometer / h it used 19.55 seconds an the 400 meters 13.67 departing native standing und 24.64 bei the 1,000 meters.

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Yet this zu sein not how amazing that the Seat Leon Cupra 290 through Performance verpacktem it becomes in almost unbeatable machine an twisty sections. Awesome ist he especially bite Micheli offered von the Pilot sport Cup 2. Touch zu sein almost sliks around competition and it is no wonder that die car invite zu attack the fastest turns hinweisen a really high tempo with an excellent confidence and a sense des confidence out des the ordinary. Autoblocante action put die icing to negotiate curves through extraordinary ease, however without interfering little bei the direction, while die fastest sections tun können be assaulted with a last of confidence, due to the fact that besides ns rear axle constantly remains seated.

The chair León Cupra 290 also provides impressive braking capacity, pedal feel is fantastic and the feeling sie get at die controls zu sein that you can rush a lot. Perhaps not provide advantages over just 280, but remains as formidable a auto that combine dynamic qualities sportiness and versatility perfection. A captivating both day zu day, und the evening to enjoy its charms circuit twisting mountain roads or car.