Test tolino vision 4 hd

Table of contents 1 The tonnage Tolino indigenous Telekom neu plug and old exterior 2 old display und new lighting 3 amendment software und still couple of settings Light und shadow while analysis 4 Conclusion

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modification software und still few settings

Tolino delivers the Vision 4 HD through firmware 1.82, which, however, immediately after the erste WLAN Connection zu sein updated kommen sie version 1.90.

an the area des ​​the display settings, there is hardly anything neu to report below Tolino blieb offers minimal fare: in addition to die publisher"s font, the user still has only sechs fonts available. These kann be following to ns knownPinch-to-zoom gesture can now so be set an nine various sizes using ns slider. The disadvantage, however, ist that ns size ist only changed by one size unit über gesture.

in addition, the text alignment too as ns distance to die edge of the page and the distance betwee the lines kann sein be set bei three stages. An contrast zu previous versions, you kann now download your very own fonts an TTF und OTF format by copying lock into the corresponding directory on the reader und your very own reading settings are retained also after changing die alignment. So Tolino remains far behind the competition consisting von Kindle and especially pocketbook in terms von influence on the text display.

new settings menu des the Tolino Vision 4 HD

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new menus weil das a much better overview

The system includes also a marking and note function, through which notes in the buchstabe are dark gray, normal markingshowever, are highlighted in light gray. Die notes tun können easily be entered using the integrated keyboard, which reacts quickly.

the user so has twelve dictionaries, some des which room bilingual, which kann sein be used to look up ns meaning of words or a translation. Nevertheless, the number des reference works should notfall be fooled - users bei this country will use combinations such as Italian-French or Dutch-Norwegian less.

Library overview of the Tolino Vision 4 HD NewSorting options for the Tolino Vision 4 HD neu sorting options weil das the Tolino Vision 4 HD

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Despite die numerous updates freshly released, Tolino is still lagging behind die Kindle readers. That is ausblüten not possible zu look up terms directly on Wikipedia und there are no offers of our own offers for the attributes that are famous with Kindle, such together X-Ray or page Flip - not to mention die vocabulary trainer und Freetime.

Light and shadow while reading

analysis with the Tolino Vision has been occurring sincealways pleasant, und the new auflage is no exception. Thanks to its compact design and low weight, ns e-book reader zu sein comfortable zu hold also after a lang reading time. However, die sensors top top the zurück for the tab2flip function can blieb cause problems, specifically if die page is accidentally turned when changing die hand. A selectable pressure intensity favor with die Kindle Voyage is not available bei the neu version either. Bei the test, tapping the display with the thumb turn out kommen sie be the more satisfied way to scroll through the pages. If the function ist not required, that can so be deactivated in the settings.

blieb unsuitable zum PDFs

With ns PDF display, freundin feel favor a user ofBut then Tolino was no much longer taken seriously. Even if die predecessor made it possible zu enlarge the text with a pinch-to-zoom gesture und the page structure and scrolling space faster, ns PDF reflow still does notfall deserve that is name. Ever due to the fact that the zuerst Tolino leader approximately four years ago and throughout die series, there has been criticism that the reader dispenses v line breaks and paragraphs when separating ns text. Zum four year now, Tolino has been claiming to support PDF reflow v its readers, und the practice ausblüten looks different today.

Ghosting got rid of

ns 4 HD it is intended a much better figure the display of books in EPUB format. As with the predecessor, texts are displayed clearly und clearly. TheHowever, ns render engine is ausblüten inferior zu that des Amazon, texts are ausblüten displayed a bit stronger und therefore much more readable with the competitor. In addition, Tolino has actually apparently finally gott the ghosting problems of its precursors under control, i.e. Text from ahead pages reflecting through early to not completely neutralized pixels. Weist least if die user choose a complete inversion after every turning die page, otherwise plainly visible fragments von the tonnage pages can be watched after a few pages.

individuals should so refrain from major free swimming adventures with die Vision. Return it endured all ns water prüfung unscathed, drops on the display blieb cause phantom input. This kann sein go deshalb farthat die font ist suddenly set to very large or that the user tun können find himself an the settings. Ns reader deshalb has troubles with wet fingers. For the sake des fairness, however, it have to be discussed that ns competition deshalb has zu struggle through these problems.