Test Xiaomi Mi Note 10

The Xiaomi note 10 ist a Swiss army knife for photographers. That offers more optical alternatives than practically any various other phone on the market, und has a huge battery zu keep you snapping every day.

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This device ist no longer widely available. ns Xiaomi Mi note 10 zu sein now unavailable zu buy from most retailers. If freundin are feather for in alternative device, inspect out our list von the best android phones you kann sein buy und the best xiaomi phones.
Xiaomi zu sein a firm that aims kommen sie offer incredibly high-value products hinweisen wildly compete prices. From its phones zu its suitcases, xiaomi pushes ns boundaries von price-to-performance ratios by pledging kommen sie a maximum of 5% benefit margin on hardware.

With the Xiaomi Mi klasse 10, the company ist once again pushing ns boundaries von what’s possible in a smartphone. Through a form factor similar to that des other devices, it supplies several surprising specs that sie won’t find in other smartphone today.

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Are these changes enough kommen sie earn xiaomi market share an the west? find out in Android Authority’s xiaomi Mi klasse 10 review.

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About this review: ich used a xiaomi Mi klasse 10 review unit supplied von the manufacturer end a period von six days. Ich used ns Midnight schwarze farbe model with 6GB des RAM and 128GB des storage, running MIUI version, based on android 9. Our official testing jahrgangsstufen are comes soon. Until then, gain our thoughts.


Xiaomi is angling ns Mi note 10 as a photography-focused device. This zu sein the zuerst smartphone to ship through a 108MP sensor, i m sorry can bin down to 27MP images zum more irradiate gathering. It also sports four other cameras on the rear, spanning a variety des focal lengths.

The other an essential feature von the Mi grad 10 ist its huge battery. Xiaomi was able zu maintain a footprint similar to other gadgets while including a enormous 5,260mAh battery in this device. This translates zu incredibly great battery life, especially when paired with die lower-powered Snapdragon 730G.

While Xiaomi’s software zu sein divisive zum many, its an effective hardware makes ns Mi grad 10 compelling, especially punkt its competitive price point.

What’s bei the box


30W charging brickUSB-A zu USB-C cableDark grey TPU caseQuick anfang guideThe xiaomi Mi klasse 10 comes with a 30W charger, so it möchte charge quickly, even with the huge battery.

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My schwarze farbe review unit came through a black TPU case. Die green version deshalb comes through a schwarze farbe case, but if freundin buy ns white modell you gain a hindurch case.