The Cranberries All Over Now

This rocker about domestic abuse was one von the erste tracks O"Riordan und Cranberries guitarist Noel Hogan demoed weil das the In the End album. It was released together a streaming advance einzel on januar 15, 2019, the first anniversary of O"Riordan"s death.

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never Tear us ApartINXS

"Never Tear us Apart" was a direkt favorite zum INXS, that would often extend die second denkpause for a if as ns crowd walk crazy.

TitaniumDavid Guetta

Sia Furler created “Titanium” and originally wanted to give the tune to Katy Perry. She turned it down so David Guetta tape-recorded it instead using Sia"s original demo guide vocal.

since U been GoneKelly Clarkson

Dr. Luke and Max martin originally wrote kelly Clarkson"s "Since U to be Gone" v Pink in mind but she turned the down.


The Squeeze das lied "Tempted" ist one von their few with command vocals über Paul Carrack, who singen the Ace lied "How Long" and was in Mike + ns Mechanics.

PanamaVan Halen

"Panama" by Van Halen zu sein not about the country or the canal, but about a stripper david Lee Roth met in Arizona.

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walking On dünn IceYoko oh nein

John Lennon"s lead guitar work on yoko Ono"s "Walking On thin Ice" proved kommen sie be his final an innovative act. It was upon their return residence after perfect laying down die track that lennon was murdered by Mark david Chapman.

Barney Hoskyns Explores the Forgotten History of Woodstock, neu YorkSong writing

Our chat v Barney Hoskyns, who abdecken the grausam years des Woodstock - ns town, notfall the festival - bei his book small Town Talk.

sending Out an SOS - Distress Signals in SongsSong creating

Songs whereby something walk horribly not correct (literally or metaphorically), and help zu sein needed appropriate away.

80s Music Quiz 1Music Quiz

MTV, a famous TV layout song and Madonna all nur up bei this "80s music quiz.

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penny Ford of Snap!Songwriter Interviews

The original voice von Snap! this story is filled through angry drag queens, video impersonators und Chaka Khan.

Lita FordSongwriter Interviews

Lita talks about how they composed songs in The Runaways, and how she feel about produziert biggest hit gift written by somebody else.

Boz ScaggsSongwriter Interviews

The "Lowdown" und "Lido Shuffle" singer renders a habit of playing with ns best in the business.