Netflix royal drama The Crown season 5 ist filming v a new cast consisting of Imelda Staunton, Dominic West and Lesley Manville.

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Season 4 of The Crown, Netflix"s dramatisch about the reign of Queen elisabeth II, come on ns streaming service bei 2020, taking us through die 1980s and introducing us zu two characters who made a far-reaching impact on die decade - lady Diana Spencer and Margaret Thatcher. 

The new episodes won crucial acclaim and were among the most talked around TV shows von the year together Gillian Anderson"s Thatcher und Emma Corrin"s Diana captured die imagination of viewers.

If you"ve made you"ve currently made your method through season 4, you might it is in wondering wie man you kann sein expect season 5 und with another complete actors change, what lays ahead zum the imperial soap opera...

Will there be a season 5 of The Crown?

The award-winning Netflix series will return zum season 5.

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It wollen be spanning the john Major federal government years, ns turmoil of Diana und Prince Charles" marital relationship breakdown und the tragic death of Diana in 1997.

How many seasons des The Crown wollen there be?

While the drama was originally planned to run over sechs 10-episode seasons, when writing the fifth season, The Crown creator peter Morgan determined that it was "the perfect time und place kommen sie stop".

Then, bei July 2020, it emerged that Morgan had readjusted his mind and Netflix confirmed on social media that a sixth season would certainly be bei the functions after all.

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So now we know that ns fifth series von The Crown ist going to be the penultimate series, spring at ns time period an question - die turbulent at an early stage 90s - in greater detail. It so gives new cast members consisting of Imelda Staunton and Lesley Manville double ns time kommen sie appear ~ above screen.

So from supposed release date des The Crown season 5 zu the neu cast members that room replacing olivia Colman, helena Bonham Carter und Tobias Menzies on screen - what carry out we know about the series deshalb far?

When ist The Crown season 5 on Netflix?

Filming began in June 2021, and an a distinct announcement at die Netflix TUDUM event, Imelda Staunton revealed the the new series would premiere in November 2022: