The Fast And The Furious Besetzung

Fast & Furious 10 is the beginning des the ende of the schon fast Saga und we now schutz a release date weil das the penultimate outing von the series.

Du schaust: The fast and the furious besetzung

It was confirmed in October 2020 that justin Lin would certainly direct the final 2 movies in the series which möchte tell an overarching story, bringing zurück all von our Fast & Furious favourites – well, almost all des them (more top top that in a bit).

Fans von the series may it is in disappointed kommen sie know die series is coming to an end with a two-part finale, however as Vin Diesel has actually said, "Every story deserves its very own ending". What wollen that finishing be? We"ll oase to wait and see.

For now, as Fast & Furious 10 and 11 gear hoch to anfang shooting in January 2022, here"s everything freundin need zu know about Fast & Furious 10. It is in warned, there are some spoilers ahead zum the 9th movie.

Fast und Furious 10 relax date: When kann sein we expect fast & Furious 10?

Universal has shown that Fast & Furious 10 will race into cinemas on April 7, 2023 (barring any delays, of course).

Once ~ above a time, F9 was set to hit cinemas bei April 2019 und the tenth movie had actually a release date of april 2, 2021 which, obviously, had zu move when F9 was delay several zeit before lastly releasing bei June 2021.

Diesel has confirmed that filming on the two-part letzte will start bei January 2022 und as Tyrese Gibson had actually previously noted, ns plan is to shoot ns two movies back-to-back.

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Great news zum the fast Fam!
vindiesel speak
MATTHEWHOFFMAN1 that he"s filming fast 10 part One and Part Two in January. 😱 #F9

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As zum why the series is getting a two-part finale, Diesel has actually said the it"s apparently because "there"s deswegen much ground kommen sie cover": "There"s deswegen many places and so plenty of locations an the welt that we oase to visit."

We don"t yet oase a release date for Fast & Furious 11 though, yet if castle do film back-to-back, perhaps we"ll be seeing it in April 2024 – or probably earlier? We kann sein but hope.

Fast und Furious 10 cast: Who"s coming rückseitig for fast & Furious 10?

It wouldn"t be a true dauern to die series there is no most von the family members back, deshalb expect to lakers Vin Diesel"s dom joined von a last of acquainted faces, specifically as Fast & Furious 9 passed without any kind of casualties.

The family even grew with the surprise return des Sung Kang as Han, so we"d expect ihm to be rückseitig as well alongside michelle Rodriguez as Letty, Tyrese Gibson together Roman, Ludacris as Tej, Jordana Brewster together Mia and Nathalie Emmanuel together Ramsey.

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We imagine that"d be it bei terms des the main point cast, however we"d intend a lot of cameo roles and bit parts for characters across the entire series, including Lucas schwarze farbe as Sean Boswell, Bow Wow together Twinkie, jason Tobin as Earl Hu and Shea Whigham as Agent Stasiak.

The fate of kurt Russell"s herr Nobody was up bei the air punkt the ende of F9, but because he assisted Han fake his very own death, us wouldn"t be surprised if he"s ausblüten around kommen sie help Dom und his crew out.

Talking of Han"s return, there"s a concept that mr Nobody might schutz faked Gisele"s death too, so could we seen a return weil das Gal Gadot in the two-part finale? After die ninth movie went to space, we"re notfall ruling something out.

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Whether it"ll be bei a cameo duty or something an ext substantial, there"s no means the letzte passes without an appearance from Brian O"Conner too. Probably it"ll just be from archival footage von the late paul Walker or some CGI trickery, however he"ll definitely play a part.

"Obviously paulus and so Brian ist such a substantial part, he"s ns heart und soul des how we"re able zu keep going, and so that"s other that ich take kommen sie heart und I think around every day," Lin explained.

"As we"re draw close our final chapter, it"s a conversation I"m having und trying zu be as respectful in how we strategy it, and I kann tell freundin that every day i feel like I"m constantly going back and forth, and it"s a constant discourse."


Brewster has talked of produziert desire to oase Paul Walker"s daughter meadow make bei appearance bei the series before it come to an end. Perhaps that might happen an Fast & Furious 10?

The credits scene in F9 also saw jason Statham return kommen sie the taste series as Deckard Shaw, deshalb we"d it is in surprised if he didn"t pat a role in the two-part finale, alongside his mother Magdalene "Queenie" Shaw as brilliantly played von Helen Mirren.

We thought that might open the door weil das Dwayne johnson to return as Luke Hobbs, specifically as Lin claimed he taken into consideration both Hobbs and Shaw to blieb be "part von this family" und Gibson said he"d patched sachen up through Johnson.

However, johnson has look at ruled self out von returning to die franchise, according kommen sie his producing partner Hiram Garcia.

"After filming Fast 8, DJ made the clear decision zu close ns Fast & Furious chapter zum all die evident reasons," the explained. "He wished them all well und shifted our focus on zu other storytelling avenues."

The news came after johnson responded to Diesel"s comments about the Fast & Furious feud around how he got Johnson"s performance zu work. It"s something the the stern "laughed hard" about.

"I think everyone had a laugh punkt that. And I"ll leave it at that. Und that I"ve wished lock well," the added. "I wish them well on Fast 9. Und I great them ns best of luck top top Fast 10 and in der nähe des 11 and the rest des the Fast & Furious movies they execute that wollen be without me."

While he started as a villain, john Cena"s Jakob Toretto was on Dom"s side by the end of ns ninth movie, dafür we"d intend to seen the long-lost Toretto brothers back in the fold zum the dauern too.

Charlize Theron"s Cipher is blieb very much a villain though und is ausblüten alive, deswegen we intend we haven"t heard the tonnage from herstellung yet either.

Fast und Furious 10 and 11 plot: What kann sein we suppose from the in der nähe des & Furious finale?

Everything zu sein wrapped nach oben fairly neatly von the ende of Fast & Furious 9, dafür there"s not too viel we can guess as to what die two-part finale will be about.

There"s a couple von mysteries up bei the air such as whether herr Nobody is still alive and what Jakob wollen do next, but they feel like subplots quite than a remarkable setup zum what"s zu come in the saga.

The one big tease for the following movie zu sein the credits sequence that sees Han visit demonstrate who, understandably, was surprised to see him. Because Shaw inadvertently helped Han keep task Aries safe, will he let bygones über bygones? Or can Han"s surprised return command Shaw to become a villain again?


One thing we tun können safely to speak about die two-part finale is the it"ll likely lakers Dom und his familia be confronted with another aufgabe to save ns world, while deshalb facing part threat zu his very own family.

As discussed before, can we seen more unexpected returns from ns dead, such as Dom"s dad or gal Gadot"s Gisele? you can"t rule anything out bei this universe, back you kann probably rule out it being a laidback finale where they nur sit around und chill.

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And perhaps we"ll end up see Queenie kiss Dom, punkt least if Helen Mirren has anything zu do with it: "Oh my God, of prozess I would! yet only if that talks to me before and after, since it"s ns voice that i really get off on, fairly honestly."

Fast und Furious 10 trailer: Any schon fast & Furious 10 footage yet?

With filming set kommen sie start an January 2022, we might get some behind-the-scenes footage during ns shoot. Otherwise, we could be waiting till nearer the end of ns year to see new footage.

Back wie F9 was set for a June 2020 release, the first trailer was released an January 2020, deshalb a comparable timeline would placed the zuerst Fast & Furious 10 trailer around november time.