The last of us 2 update

Following the game"s first anniversary, mischievous Dog discreetly releases neu update job 1.09 weil das The belastung of Us teil 2.

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the belastung of us part 2 ellie update 1.09
fans have hosted The tonnage of us 2"s narrative in contention due to controversies about details characters" actions. But from a technical perspective, The tonnage of united state 2 achieves an impressive graphical fidelity making use of motion-capture performances and detailed environments. Nonetheless, bugs and glitches room arguably unavoidable in many expansive games, and the most that talented developers kann do zu sein work kommen sie eliminate them over time after the game has launched.

Being exclusive kommen sie Sony PlayStation, The tonnage of us 2 released top top PS4 and was given in eventual next-generation update on PS5. The tonnage of us 2"s PS5 enhancement brought with it a 60 frames-per-second improvement, make visuals and framerates viel smoother. Recently, a new update has actually been incorporated into the game. As reported von MP1st, The last of Us part 2 has exit a relatively small update patch, coming an at 96MB.

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However, fans may consider stifling any type of immediate speculation together to neu additions to the game. Update 1.09 only functions a few minor fixes to The tonnage of Us teil 2, und details around which fixes space implemented oase yet zu be disclosed. MP1st reports that the PS4"s update background makes a general grad of "bug fixes und improvements" und a fix for bei in-game timer that had issues while players to be playing The last of us 2 in 60fps. These issues und repairs room seemingly trivial overall. But fans may be interested to hear the Naughty Dog is blieb continuing zu iron out technological issues of any size.

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mischievous Dog developers recently shared ns intensive arbeit that went into overhauling realistic eyes in The belastung of united state 2. Rather, fans have wondered wie man another announced feature would oase been given more information. Ns original Last von Us game had a standalone multiplayer mode, titled Factions. It was previously stated that The belastung of us 2 had actually plans kommen sie accompany the game"s single-player endure with a multiplayer mode. It is unclear whether this multiplayer mode would schutz been comparable to Factions native The last of Us, or entirely an restructured experience.

Following die game"s first anniversary belastung month, fans have to be excited kommen sie hear more news about The last of united state 2"s an alleged multiplayer experience. Unfortunately zum fans, this update does not confirm or enraged speculation about in upcoming multiplayer mode being added to the game. While die specific bugs the this upgrade fixes are not explicitly addressed, it is likely that die update patch is only meant zu stabilize a number of performance concerns that plenty of players would notfall otherwise notice.

The last of Us teil 2 is available now on PS4.

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Source: MP1st

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