The last of us pc release


Is the tonnage of Us part 2 coming zu PC? Unfortunately, Sony hasn"t announced anything yet, und there"s very wenig evidence to go on. There have been recent arbeit postings that execute hint punkt Naughty Dog looking right into it, but that"s the only piece des hard evidence.

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There room plenty of reasons von The last of united state on pc would do sense. Sony has actually started to slowly release its exclusives top top PC—which includes ns dino searching adventure Horizon: Zero Dawn—and is planning kommen sie release a lot more. Through Microsoft to win hearts and minds embracing die PC together Xbox, Sony would certainly be wise kommen sie follow suit with die PS5.

The pieces are all lining up, but zum now, it"s nur a rumor. Here"s everything we know dafür far about the possible tonnage of Us part 2 computer version.

A cheeky Dog arbeit post argues a computer version des The last of Us teil 2

The taste evidence pointing at The last of Us part 2 ~ above PC is this mischievous Dog arbeit posting. Mischievous Dog zu sein looking weil das a graphic programmer v a "thorough understanding von current GPU architectures," consisting of AMD and Nvidia. Die interesting bit there zu sein the inclusion des Nvidia.

The PS4 und PS5 operation on a practice AMD GPU, so it"s suspicious zu be seeking suffer with hardware that has actually nothing kommen sie do through PlayStation. On top des that, the post asks weil das experience through "DirectX12, vulkan or other modern graphics or compute APIs" und "console or computer programming experience."

Taken at face value, the sounds like Naughty Dog wants The belastung of Us teil 2 to be compatible v a variety des hardware. That just doesn"t line hoch with the game being exclusive to the PS4 or even ported to the PS5.

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(Image credit: Sony)

A last of Us teil 2 port lines up with Sony"s plan for the PC

Rumors of PC versions weil das Sony gamings go a last deeper than just The tonnage of Us part 2, especially as des late. Sony CEO Jim Ryan newly revealed in in interview with gq that "a whole slate" des PC ports are coming indigenous Sony"s first-party lineup. That"s very exciting news that deshalb confirms what we"ve heard in the past. Media Molecule has talked on several occasions around its plans kommen sie bring the open-ended creation tool, Dreams, kommen sie PC someday.

In December 2019, Sony itself announced plans zu bring MLB: The show to multiple platforms as at an early stage as 2021. This might be a special deal struck zu keep the MLB license in Sony"s hands, however it shows at least part willingness zum the company zu branch out. Fatality Stranding and Horizon: Zero Dawn deshalb both launched on PC in summer 2020.

In 2019, Sony ultimately caved on crossplay and is now officially supporting the technology. Today, you kann sein play games like Minecraft, Fortnite, Rocket League, and Call des Duty: contemporary Warfare together across the PS4 and PC (along with Xbox and Switch, too). Video game streaming subscription service PlayStation now has in official pc client, effectively making die service"s whole library playable ~ above PC.

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(Image credit: Sony)

Predictably, Sony hasn"t commented on die rumor

Sony hasn"t made any kind of official comment about die Naughty Dog job posting. That"s business as usual: the company has actually a background of notfall commenting top top rumors. If the real, we likely won"t hear around The last of Us teil 2 on computer until Sony zu sein good and ready. Hopefully, the day zu sein closer 보다 we think.