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When freundin gain control des Joel, feel free to approach Tess and engage in an Optional Conversation. After ~ talking through your partner in crime, squeeze through ns hole an the wall und fire up ns generator, climate take in elevator journey down.

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Head along the only feasible path until you spot a patrol, then climb up and head toward the tractor trailer a brief distance ahead. Happen through the trailer zu trigger a cut scene that möchte reveal a wenig bit much more about why ellie is deswegen important to die Fireflies.

When the scene ends and backup has actually arrived, to crawl under the structure in front of you, climate take startseite from the searchlight von the vehicle up ahead. This part zu sein fairly simple. Since Tess zu sein leading the way, just mimic produziert movements and do your best kommen sie avoid die spotlights from ns military.


As shortly as you hit a wall and Tess tells ellie to follow you, head along ns wall, preventing at the far end and taking note of the soldier stand on die edge des the cliff. Wie his searchlight moves away, sneak up deshalb you"re directly underneath him, then move forward, continuing zu hug ns left wall surface as sie go.

When sie emerge at ns ground level und hear that there space soldiers nach oben ahead, do your means through die broken building, waiting kommen sie progress until die lone guard move away. When ns coast is clear, head forward and raise the garage door zu reach ns next area.


The best means through this portion von the chapter ist to relocate along die right wall. First, head up and take startseite behind the alt police car, then the armored car a few feet away. Head more right and into die broken building, then when a soldier approaches, throw a brick zurück the way sie came kommen sie distract him. Wie he moves to investigate, sneak forward just a little bit more.

You need to be fairly safe native here, deshalb move forward, only concerning yourself through one guard who is bei the middle of the street. When you kommen sie to a melted out bus, rise up and use it to sneak with to die other side. Continue zu move forward until freundin drop down and enter a drainpipe pipe.

You"re safe from prying eyes zum the moment, dafür move forward, making sure kommen sie check ns room for any items von interest. When you emerge, stick to the left wall and sneak forward zu avoid much more searchlights. The path sie want to take zu sein on ns right, however there zu sein a room to ns left which freundin need zu loot before freundin go.


With ns room cleaned out, enter the drain pipe und follow it until there ist a steel grate overhead. You"ll gain a scare, yet it"s nur that; nobody will see you down here. Continue zu move forward till you have to offen a metal gate. Once freundin emerge, over there won"t be any an ext soldiers kommen sie worry about.


Head directly forward until you spot ns capitol building, then turn to your right und make your method through ns rubble und to a nearby door. When you"re in the building, search every nook und cranny, but nur continue along the only route you tun können until you oase to rip a dead Clicker the blocks a door.

Once you get through ns door, continue zu search die rooms weil das supplies, then acquire Tess zu help sie bust down one more door. On die other side you"ll have your zuerst encounter through a direkt Clicker, deshalb follow die on-screen prompts to fend it off before sie continue on your way.

Tip: You can"t go toe-to-toe with a Clicker. The augenblicke they get their hand on you, you"re dead. Make sure freundin always usage stealth, or long ranged weapons zu take lock out.


Continue to scavenge zum supplies in the next couple of rooms, then wie you discover one v a ledge and some yellow caution band near it, rise Tess up, climate jump trost yourself. As soon as you reach ns top you"ll be confronted with your second direkte Clicker, und this doesn"t kommen sie with any handy on-screen prompts. Wait zum Tess zu throw a Bottle, then relocate to the left, continuing to be behind hülle as you go. Keep moving clockwise around the room, then when you get zu another ledge, toss a Brick or Bottle back the way freundin came to distract your adversary one more time. Use ns opportunity kommen sie climb up and get out of the room.

Now that you"re for sure -- zum a augenblicke -- hop over ns railing und then drag a submit cabinet back toward you. Hop down, climate head the end through ns broken window to some scaffolding und around die building. Wie man you get back inside, continue to descend until you hear die sound von some Infected below you.

Before you drop down, do sure to pick up a melee weapon that ist nearby, and the revolver that lays on die ground. Take these as signs des the problem you"re about to encounter, yet don"t be afraid, we"ve gott your back.


After a few deep breaths, hop down through the floor and go straight, transforming left und choking out ns Runner that has his rückseitig to you. When he"s down, backtrack the way freundin came, happen under ns hole sie dropped through und turning left punkt the first door freundin can. Make sure zu check die area von focusing Joel"s hearing.

At the very least one or two von the Infected will patrol inside the room, deshalb use ns counters for cover, then choke lock out wie man you get the opportunity. If ns Clicker comes in the room, make sure you schutz a Shiv crafted zu take that out. If sie want to continue to draw ns Infected kommen sie you, use Bricks und Bottles zu create noise, climate take castle out wie man they come to investigate.

Tip: As lang as freundin take out ns Clicker, die rest von the Runners must be no trouble und can be easily neutralized through a melee weapon, or also a solid attack utilizing Joel"s fists.


When the area zu sein finally clear von threats, Joel möchte shout zum Tess und Ellie zu join him. Before freundin proceed, make sure kommen sie check the area zum anything of importance, climate pull ns cart far from ns door deshalb that Tess can pass through and prop it open.

Continue to descend into ns bottom des the building, making sure kommen sie pick hoch anything you see along ns way. Wie Tess points out a tot Firefly, pick up ns Molotov und add it zu your inventory prior to passing with a crawl an are where you"ll find a room full des Infected.

Tip: usage Joel"s focused hearing to locate von enemies as freundin go. Keep an mind, however, that this hearing go have bei effective range, und just because freundin can"t lakers someone doesn"t mean they aren"t there.


Stay behind the hülle that you"re provided as sie enter ns area, then do sure kommen sie check the lockers zu your left zum some supplies. If you kann sein craft a Molotov or Shiv, now would it is in a great time to do so. Wie you"re ready, toss a bottle or Brick in front of you, i m sorry should attract some Infected right into what we"ll contact the death zone. When they obtain near, hit them through a Molotov. The bonus here zu sein that die Clickers respond zu sound, and will actually operation into ns fire und burn themselves alive. Periodically this tactic works great, and other times it might take in extra Molotov. Either way, this will significantly reduce their numbers und allow you zu collect loads von valuable items.

Tip: If freundin can"t it is in bothered and don"t care about Parts des crafting items, you tun können sneak v here und just exit die area, however you"ll fehlschlagen out top top a last of an excellent stuff.

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When you"ve bring away out the bulk des your adversaries from your beginning point, head inside and start functioning your way around the room in a clockwise fashion. The zuerst room on your left will contain a klasse inside a drawer called, Note kommen sie Derek. If sie read the note you"ll be offered a combination to a safe, keep that an mind.


After dropping down into ns subway tunnel, make your method up ns rubble till you see a structure with a blue rooftop. Fairly than go directly inside, sneak roughly to the left und use die side door. As soon as you"re inside, feeling free zu choke out ns three Runners that occupy it. They"re fairly passive deswegen you shouldn"t oase any troubles clearing them out. When you"re done, check ns room weil das supplies and then drag ns dumpster outside, placing it against die tractor trailer as a way to climb up.

As soon as sie drop down, rotate around und check ns trailer weil das supplies, then walk forward und raise the garage door using die provided chain. You"ll acquire quite a scare, but just keep working ns door und let ns short cut scene take it over.

Tip: Inside this room you"ll discover a workbench that will allow you to upgrade miscellaneous items. This time out, you"ll just be able zu upgrade her Weapon Holsters, 9MM Pistol und Revolver, but bei the future sie will oase more options. The Parts that you have been collecting room what freundin use kommen sie upgrade, which ist why experimenting every inch of the bereich is certain vital.


With that scare behind you, it"s time kommen sie loot this room before freundin hit the workbench. You"ll need hinweisen least 15 Parts to upgrade anything, und there can be a few in the rückseitig of the trailer. Wie you"re done gaining yourself every decked out, head through die only door freundin can and into the next room.

You should be safe zum the next couple of moments, deshalb be sure zu explore each room on die ground level und then every one on die upper level. Wie man you"re satisfied you"ve got everything, make your method through a crawl an are that ist just fallen rubble. This möchte cause one more cut scene and separate you from Ellie and Tess.

Tip: No matter what freundin do to eliminate the Clickers in this area, do sure to save hinweisen least one Shiv, or make certain you kann sein craft one. You"ll need it to offen a door when ns area zu sein clear.


While Ellie and Tess space scrambling kommen sie safety, sie need zu take down ns three Clickers that room now an the very same area together you. Zu do this, use a Shiv or two and sneak trost behind them. If that"s not in option, back yourself right into a corner und use her Revolver. Even if you can take one out v a Shiv, this wollen make shooting ns other two viel easier. Des course, you kann sein always search ns area zum supplies as freundin systematically eliminate the three threats, und if sachen go badly, nur bash them over die head with a melee weapon, but notfall your fists.

When die area zu sein clear, make sure sie visit the offen kitchen area before you move on. Not only wollen you likely find some offers laying around, you will deshalb find what is referred kommen sie as a Shiv Door. Together the benennen suggests, you must have a Shiv to offen them, but die reward on the inside zu sein usually fine worth it.

After cleaning out die room behind die Shiv Door, make her way nach oben to the next level, sneaking behind die Runner and taking er out. Kick ns door down to join Ellie und Tess, then conveniently pick nach oben any nearby supplies... Dinge are about zu get busy.


You"re going zu be charged von a hoard des Infected, dafür don"t be fear to anfang shooting. Aim weil das the head, but either way, make sure you drop your targets. Wie man you operation out von ammunition, swap zu your various other gun und continue popping caps. Wie that one runs out, usage your melee weapon or nur your fists. It doesn"t matte how sie do it, nur kill everything except Ellie and Tess.

Now the all ns evildoers room dead, heal yourself and then loot ns room to stock zurück up on whatever ammunition you used. Wie it"s time zu go, follow Tess and Ellie out ns window. Thankfully, it"s lastly daylight.


You"re clear des any Infected until freundin reach ns capitol building, but you still have a bit des walking and talking kommen sie do. Wie you reach the roof, grab die wooden plank and set it nach oben as a bridge to get to the other side, then continue along die only course that you can. Von course, make sure you are exploring every nook and cranny as freundin go. When you reach a door that you can"t acquire through, move ns dumpster bei front des it und climb up zu progress to die capitol building. After ~ doing any exploring that sie feel ist necessary outside, head through ns door to trigger a reduced scene.

When die cut scene ends, freundin may have bei inclination kommen sie sprint, but stop lang enough kommen sie search the area weil das supplies, climate head nach oben the stein stairwell to die top level. Crouch und head out onto die balcony, taking a watch at the results von the gun battle below. Head into the next room and then jump kommen sie another. Wie you land, method the tot body von the doors and snag die Hunting Rifle.


Make your way into ns next room und maintain startseite until sie get a review on ns soldiers ahead. One wollen move directly toward you, then reduced into die room on her left. Follow him bei and choke ihm out as easily as sie can. The faster freundin get him, die less wahrscheinlichkeit someone rather stumbles across his body.

Continue along, using ns series von rooms on die left side des the hall zu move forward, yet be aware, there space three more soldiers who block her path. If freundin are careful, you should it is in able to stealth kill them all, yet even if you"re discovered, her newfound hunting Rifle must take care of them bei very short order.

Tip: The folks weist Naughty Dog space a bunch of geniuses. Back she frequently runs insanity into die open, ellie cannot be spotted von enemies, und therefore is not a liability as sie try to maintain stealth. So long as Joel isn"t spotted, ellie will remain unseen as well.

Make your way to the stairwell, then descend it und drop to the level below. There space more bad guys to deal with, but there zu sein a path that wollen lead you past them if you"re careful.


Head into ns next room und take startseite behind the sofa. You"ll seen several soldiers at ns far end of the hall, deshalb sneak to your left and use the hülle that is in front des the room on the far side. Wait weil das a patrolling soldier kommen sie approach, climate sneak nach oben behind him und execute die stealth kill.

Keep heading forward, however stay bei the rooms on the left side of this area. Die soldiers will head for the room sie started in, und if you"re mindful you kann sneak right past them und out the front door. The sounds straightforward enough, however it"s easy zu be spotted together well. If that happens, take cover and start doing fight with your human counterparts. If castle bunch up, usage a Molotov kommen sie turn them into post apocalyptic barbecue.


Once you"re clear des the capitol building, just sprint as schon fast as you tun können to the blue structure across the street. Head down die stairs and away from ns military vehicle trying zu shoot you. Freundin won"t oase to go far to lose them, however there space two an ext soldiers patrolling an the subway kellers a little bit further ahead.

Stay bei the position that ellie drags sie to. When one des the soldiers approaches, seize him und choke him out. If his girlfriend spots the body, do ns same wie he investigates, otherwise sneak up behind him and choke him out as well.

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There"s an excellent news and bad news. Die good news is there room no much more soldiers or Infected that you need kommen sie deal with. The wanne news zu sein this area ist all kinds von creepy and you have to go zum a swim. Head forward, through die subway dare until freundin hit die water. Wie you can"t go any type of further, dive under und swim to the other side, climate emerge kommen sie find wooden pallet floating at the far end. Bring the pallet zu Ellie, then ferry herstellung across to the other side von the platform und a waiting ladder.

After climb out of the water yourself, head an the just direction the you kann possibly walk until freundin hit daylight. This möchte bring ns chapter to a close, deswegen why notfall keep top top going and read our walkthrough zum Chapter 4: Bill"s Town?